Pissara Umavijani 

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Pissara Umavijani 

Name: Pissara Umavijani 

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: September 3

Home Country: Thailand

Status: Alive

Residence: Paris, France

Employment: Perfumer and Founder of Parfums Dusita perfume house. She is the President of the company and the only in-house Perfumer.


Pissara Umavijani was born in Bangkok, Thailand. She is from an old Siamese house that is very traditional. She lived with her grandma,aunts and parents. Her dad, Montri Umavijani,was a poet from Thailand. He wrote contemporary poems about humanity in the postmodern world. Her mom, Chutatip, is a philosophy professor.

Growing up, Pissara was given the freedom to choose what she wanted to do with her life. Her parents taught her to follow her heart. The place she lived with nature. They had tropical fruits like mangos and coconuts. They also had a lotus pond and a grove. She loved playing with grasses and leaves of fruit trees growing.

She was surrounded by people who loved wearing fragrances. Her mother wore Shalimar and Mitsuko while her father wore fidji by Guy La Roche and Bergamot perfumes. Her maternal grandmother wore Lavande by Guerlain and fill eau de cologne while her paternal grandmother wore tiger balm. Growing up she learnt to identify members of her family by their different scents, therefore she was introduced to the perfume world at an early age.


Pissara joined Chulalongkorn university where she studied communication and social psychology. She later graduated with honors. She then furthered her studies and got her master's degree in the same university. She participated in different beauty pageants and she won the Miss congeniality title. She was later discovered by someone from the movie industry and ended up acting in four Thailand movies.

She later met a friend who shared the same perfume interest with her, more so the vintage ones. They joined hands together and studied the composition of various perfumes. They disassembled perfumes to try and discover the raw materials that make it up. They studied perfumes like; Fracas 1958, Joy 1928, Narcisse Noir 1911. They took time investigating and reading different books and experimenting with different raw materials. They learnt how different flowers smell like. They developed a nose for raw materials and gradually learnt how to mix them.

After her father's death, she went to Paris and fell in love with the place. After she went to Bangkok,she decided to do something to honor her father's memory. One day while she was experimenting with various raw materials, she came up with a fragrance called Issara with her friends. Issara which meant freedom just like her name which meant freedom in Thai.

She later returned to Paris,where she enrolled in EDMOD to study design as it was one of the schools that accepted foreign students. She continued pursuing her passion in making perfumes and was lucky to meet Chavalier. He convinced her that she could make a brand out of her fragrances. She happily took the offer and went ahead to work on different other fragrances. And that is how Parfums Dusita brand was created.

Her fragrances have a natural scent since she tries as much as possible to avoid using synthetic materials. She keeps saying "I believe as humans all need to stay connected to nature,these are our roots"


Pissara Umavijani is a self taught Perfumer. She has made a lot of ripples in the Perfume world with her fresh and natural fragrances. Her perfumes have character, story and evoke feelings. 

Her Melodie de l'Amour consists of a blend of 150 white flowers, it is a party of scents that lifts one's spirit. She has fragrances that have gained multiple awards and recognitions. They are,

  • The Parfums Dusita Brand: Adjiumi Brand of the Year Award in 2016at Esxence Milano.
  • Melodie de L'Amour: Won the Arts and Olfaction Award for Excellence in Perfumery .
  • Erawan: 1st prize at FIFI Awards Breakthrough Fragrance of the Year in 2018.
  • Le Pavillon d'Or: selected by CaFluereBon as one of the Best Scent in 2019.
  • Splendiris: Among the top ten Best Niche Perfume 2019 of Fragrantica Reader's Choices.
  • Le Pavillon d'Or and Splendiris: Fragrantica's Editors Best Perfumes of 2019.
  • Le Pavilion d'Or: FIFI Award Category Niche Customer Choice in 2019.

List of Perfumes

Being a modern day rising Perfumer, Pissara has made many fragrances. Among the outstanding ones are:

  • Issara
  • Le Pavillon d'Or
  • Moonlight in Chiangmai
  • La Douceur de Siam
  • Oudh Infini
  • Melodie de L'Amour
  • Splendiris
  • Erawan
  • Fleur de Lalita
  • Le Sillage Blanc

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