Best Montale Perfumes

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No one does it better than Pierre Montale, the man behind the Montale perfume empire when it comes to defining perfume and fragrance. His experience concocting exotic fragrances for the nobility of the Middle East led him to launch his perfume line in 2003, which has since proven to be a world-class perfume house with a reputation for quality.

Montale In Perfumery

Montale perfumes are known for the long-lasting lingering effect they leave in their wake,  because of the high concentration of high-quality natural raw materials used.  His vast perfume collection is inspired by Arabian royal ingredients such as agarwood (oud), rose, incense, amber, cedar, and vetiver to create one-of-a-kind scents.

We have compiled a list of the best three women and best three men Montale perfumes to help you determine which of his scents are most suitable for you.

Top 5 Best Montale Perfumes For Men

Black Aoud

Black Aoud will work its magic on you if you're looking for a perfume that will boost your confidence and give you a powerful vibe while commanding respect without you having to say anything. 

Each spray of Black Aoud reveals notes of rose, agarwood, musk, labdanum, and patchouli, with a sleek jet-black bottle giving a hint to the complex and mysterious scent within. This perfume has become a favorite among alpha males who exude confidence thanks to its high sillage and longevity on fabric and skin. 

Consider wearing this scent on those hot summer days when you want to make an impression without saying anything during your next job interview or presentation.

Top notes; Oud

Heart notes; Red rose, labdanum, patchouli

Base notes:  Sandalwood, muskBuy Now

  • Aoud Cuir D'arabie

Aoud Cuir D'arabie

This is one of Montale's most bold, unapologetic, and deepest aromas. Aoud Cuir d'Arabie is a strong and heavy scent with leather, oud wood, tobacco, and birch notes that has a strong and heavy influence from the Arabian world.

The perfume is intense, dry, and strong when it first opens. As the notes dry down, the composition becomes softer, but it remains intense, dry, and strong.

The sillage and projection are moderate as most people are not comfortable about the strong attar, but those who do wear it rave about it.

This is a fragrance that you will love to wear at night and in cold weather due to its heavy and long-lasting attar.

Top notes: Leather, Oud

Middle notes: Tobacco

Base notes: BirchBuy Now

  • Black Musk

Black Musk


Black Musk is a dark scent with a smoky and musky scent that you can wear all year long. It swirls with masculine notes like smoky leather and spicy black pepper, and it has incredible projection and longevity.

It's a nice masculine scent that's more wearable, less complex, and less aggressive than Black Aoud and Cuir d'arabie. Montale Black Musk is an excellent all-day scent for those who prefer a classic scent with a twist.

Top notes: Leather, sandalwood, musk

Middle notes: black pepper, teak wood

Base notes; Nutmeg, patchouli ,and amberBuy Now

Honey aoud is a honey centered amber vanilla fragrance with a bot of oud. The honey in here gives it a very comforting feel and it is great for the winter months. This fragrance is pleasant to the wearer and a compliment getter. You get honey mixed in with spices, oud and some leather.

Notes: Honey, Oud, Vanilla, Flowers, Patchouli, Amber, Cinnamon and Leather

Longevity: About 12 hours with great projection and sillage.Buy Now

  • Santal Wood

    Santal Wood Montale Perfume


Santal Wood starts off with aquatic notes and spices that gives you a clean aftershave feel. It then warms up to the woody notes of sandalwood and cedar. It has a luxurious feel to the scent and makes for a great masculine fragrance. The projection and sillage are great and it is made of quality ingredients in the typical Montale fashion.

Top Notes: Sea Water, Cardamom, Juniper, nutmeg and black pepper

Heart Notes: Sandalwood, Cedar

End Note: Oakmoss

Longevity: 10 hours or moreBuy Now

Top 5 Best Montale Perfumes For Women

  • Dark Purple

Dark Purple

The Montale Dark Purple Fragrance exudes elegance, seduction, and a refined feminine aura.  It opens up to the fruity notes of orange and plums and as they die out the rose and geranium transform the fragrance into a seductive floral. It dries to a rose fragrance with a hint of cold fruity plum. 

This is a perfect signature scent for the cooler autumn and winter months. It's a seductive and intimate fragrance with an inviting aroma that'll turn heads and earn you compliments.

Top notes; plum, orange

Middle notes; rose, red berries, geranium, patchouli

Base notes; musk, teakwood, amber

Longevity; 8+ hours Buy Now

Chocolate Greedy

Chocolate Greedy is a gourmand fragrance that belongs in a sweet and cozy setting, such as a family reunion or holiday party. Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and bitter orange with a hint of tobacco create a very inviting, sultry, and sophisticated scent. 

The perfume's opening scent is reminiscent of freshly baked chocolate cookies. The scent of coffee quickly follows the opening scent to create a delightfully sweet aroma. This warm and inviting scent is ideal for the colder months of the year. 

Top notes; Vanilla, dried fruits, orange

Middle notes; Coffee, cacao

Base notes; Tonka beans

Longevity;  Lasts up to 12 hours Buy Now

Intense Rose Musk

Roses Musk is a love letter to all things feminine and womanly, right down to the stunning pink bottle. It's scented with rose, jasmine, and white musk, and only needs one spray to draw attention without overwhelming others. It's a powerful scent for women who don't settle for anything less than success. 

Roses Musk is a beautiful fragrance that goes well with sundresses, cool weather, and spring flowers. Anyone who wants to embrace their feminine side should check it out.

Top notes; jasmine

Heart notes; rose

Base notes; musk, amber

Longevity; 7 to 8 hoursBuy Now

Montale Intense Cafe

There's no denying that Montale has some of the most exotic, lush, and bold fragrances in the industry, and choosing just one can be difficult. However, if you had to pick one, Intense Cafe should be your go-to scent. 

This seductive, powerful coffee scent is sure to appeal to you thanks to the delicate floral notes at first spritz. These are quickly replaced by dreamy middle notes of rose, coffee, and vanilla, creating a perfect balance of femininity and masculinity that appeals to everyone.

From busy office presentations to black tie events to romantic dinners with your loved one, Intense Cafe is a mood lifter for all your day and night events.

Beginning notes; Coffee, red rose

Heart notes; coffee beans, woodsy, rose (French)

End notes; Vanilla, white musk, caramel, amber

Longevity;  lasts as long as 12 hoursBuy Now

Sensual instinct is a sweet amber vanilla fragrance. It is airy sensual, feminine and quite girly. It is a airy fragrance. However you might not want to overspray this as it is quite potent. It is a compliment magnet. 

Top Notes: Coffee beans (roasted)

Heart Notes: Roses and Praline

End Notes: Amber, Oakmoss and Cedar

Longevity: Lasts 8 hours or moreBuy Now

Best overall Montale fragrance

  • Oud Tobacco

Oud Tobacco Montale Perfume

The overall best Montale fragrance goes to Montale Oud Tobacco. It is the perfect unisex scent that can easily be pulled off by both men and women. Do not let the oud and tobacco combination drive you away, as the oud in this is subtle. You get the scent of the tobacco, subtle oud, spices and tonka which adds a sweetness to this fragrance. The opening is however quite citrusy.

Top Notes: Citruses, Sumac and Cumin

Heart Notes: Oud, Orange blossom and Incense

End Notes: Tonka Bean, Oud and Tobacco

Longevity: Lasts for hours on end. Two sprays can fill a room.Buy Now

Other notable Montale’s best-selling fragrances include Amber Musk, Sweet Peony, Pure Gold, Blue Amber, Sweet Vanilla ,and Crazy in Love. 

To Sum It Up

Montale fragrances are opulent and high-end, so picking the right one can be difficult. Our guide will undoubtedly assist you in selecting a fragrance that you will enjoy and that will keep you smelling good all day long.

FAQs about Montale perfumes

Are Montale perfumes good?

Montale perfumes are inspired by the Arabian world and made with the most exotic and oriental high-quality ingredients. The brand creates a fragrance for today's women and men while maintaining artistry and originality. Montale perfumes are, without a doubt, among the best on the market.

Do Montale perfumes last long?

The longevity of Montale perfumes is one of their main selling points. Montale's perfumes have a high concentration and composition of materials to ensure longevity and projection.

Is Montale perfume the best in the world?

Montale is one of the most prestigious perfume houses in the world. It has a large selection of different scents and fragrances to suit everyone's preferences. 

How much do Montale perfumes cost?

Montale fragrances are more in the expensive price range averaging at about $170.00 for a 100-ml bottle.

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