Ariana Grande Frankie Review

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Grande Frankie

Frankie by Ariana Grande is a gender-neutral, floral-fruity Gourmand fragrance. This fragrance was created as a result of the collaboration between Ariana and her older brother Frankie, whom the perfume is named after. The perfume is the only fragrance by Ariana Grande that is not designed for women.

The scent has a fresh fruity scent of its opening accords of pear and apricot are what hit the nose first, with traces of the pink pepper. The sugar crystals also make the scent sweet and are prominent as the scent progresses.

Year it was launched: 2016.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are apricot, pear, and pink pepper. Middle notes of wild orchid and Cedar. Base notes are Sugar crystals, Sandalwood, and Musk.

Longevity: 7-10 hours on the skin.

Sillage: Weak/Poor

Projection: Poor/skin scent.

Packaging: The perfume is in a silver-metallic bottle with a pyramid embedded design and a black puffy pom-pom.

Ariana Grande’s Frankie Perfume Strong Points.

The most attractive quality of Ariana Grande Frankie is it’s not meant for any gender. This notion is agreeable to perfume lovers who believe that perfumes should not be restricted to gender. The bottle is not only eye-catching it is small and can be carried around in a purse, bag, or car for a refresher anytime. It can be worn anytime and in all seasons and yet still it is a great nighttime scent. The intimate quality of the perfume makes it perfect for dates.

Frequently asked questions

What does Ariana Grande Frankie smell like?

Ariana Grande Frankie smells fruity and sweet with a little edge. With pear and apricot being prominent notes, its heart notes are orchid and cedar. But as it dries there is a Sugary base with musk, but the delicious fruity notes maintain. 

Does Ariana Grande have a perfume called Frankie?

Ariana Grande does have a perfume called Frankie. This is her second fragrance, a limited edition named after her brother Frankie Grande. The older brother Frankie is a YouTube personality and a T.V host and collaborated with Ariana in creating this gender-neutral fragrance.

Does Frankie smell?

Frankie smells fruity fresh and sweet. Its opening notes are apricot, pear, and pink pepper. Its center notes are orchid and Cedarwood finishing with sugar crystals sandalwood and Musk.

What Ariana Grande perfume is unisex?

Frankie. This fragrance has been marketed as gender neutral which means it’s not for any specific gender. 

In a nutshell

The non-gender-specific concept has made this fragrance popular. In essence, perfumes should not be assigned to gender because if they like men can wear women’s perfumes and women can wear men’s perfumes. And in this age where gender fluidness is increasing becoming a whole thing, these kinds of fragrances will be seen more in the future of the perfume industry. Ariana Grande’s Frankie is a scent worn by those who do not want to be defined by just one thing, it’s a versatile scent that cements the feeling of diversity in personality. It’s also a none offensive scent that blends into your lifestyle all day every day.

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