Ariana Grande Moonlight Review

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Ariana Grande Moonlight

Ariana Grande Moonlight is a floral fruity fragrance made for women. The love Ariana has for her fans has inspired her to create this fragrance. She wanted to share her luminescent spirit like the moonlight to illuminate those that wear the perfume. Ariana Grande also has a beautiful song by the same name.

The Ariana Grande Moonlight scent is a fruity, sweet and warm gourmand, though not a very strong and sticky sweet. The plum note is the core of the scent as it’s what your first whiff, with notes of peony, and as it dries out the amber becomes more prominent with hints of sandalwood.

Ariana Grande

Year it was launched: 2017

Scent Accord: Floral Fruity

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Plum and Black Currant; middle notes are Marshmallow and Peony; base notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Amber. 

Longevity: 4+ hours

Sillage: Soft

Projection: Moderate 

Packaging: Moonlight comes in a cloudy light purple bottle with an iridescent and crystal finish. As with other perfumes bottles by Ariana, there is a pom-pom in lavender color. The cap is also purple.

Ariana Grande Moonlight Perfume Strong points

The Ariana Grande Moonlight perfume is suitable for a wide age range not just for young women, it is a more mature scent than its predecessors. The scent is light which makes it intimate and great for all occasions, especially as evening wear. It is great for spring and fall, though you can wear it in winter because it’s warm and cozy. For fans of Ariana Grande’s Ari, you can wear these two fragrances side by side because they blend well. Moonlight is a luxurious celebrity brand with friendly rates.

Frequently asked questions

Does Moonlight by Ariana smell good?

Moonlight by Ariana smells good. It has a fruity smell due to plum, a floral peony scent, and a warm amber scent at the base. A sweet sugary lingers owing to the mash mellow that is accented by the vanilla which acts as a buffer.

What does Ariana Grande Moonlight smell like?

Ariana Grande Moonlight smells like Plum when it opens with very subtle blackcurrant that fades off very fast. The Peony gives it its floral scent though it's not very strong in the overall scent. The marshmallow makes the fragrance sweet and when combined with plum a warm gourmand. The amber comes in with hints of sandalwood as the fragrance settles in.

How long does Moonlight Ariana Grande last?

Ariana Grande has a moderate projection and poor sillage. It lasts long on the skin for more than four hours and its scent is better on the skin than in the air.

To sum up

Ariana Grande Moonlight fragrance is a refreshing change of pace. It has strong notes but is light and intimate. Non-offensive fragrances like this make great signature perfumes. It's everyday wear that is not overwhelming on the nose. It's a perfume that brings out the outgoing positive vibe that will definitely affect anyone around you. As its name suggests it's a fragrance that radiates light and spreads positivity it was Ariana’s intent all along.

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