Ariana Grande Cloud Intense Review

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Cloud intense Ariana Grande was launched in 2021 following the success of Cloud. It’s an Amber Vanilla fragrance designed for women. Clouds fame saw it win the fragrance of the year award by the Fragrance Foundations. It is also the top-selling fragrance on Ulta. It’s no wonder Ariana gifted her fans with Cloud intense.

Cloud intense narrowly smells like Cloud. They open the same way with lavender, pear, and bergamot but in Cloud Intense the lavender seems to be sleeker and the pear is quite subtle. Intermediately we have the whipped cream, vanilla orchid, and coconut, which are more prominent than in the Cloud perfume so it is creamier. The Ambroxan is a noticeable extension as it adds thickness and warmth just like amber does. 
Ariana Grande Cloud Intense

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Lavender, Bergamot, and Pear; middle notes are Praline, Vanilla orchid, whipped cream, Coconut and; base notes are, Musk, Ambroxan, Cashmeran and Woody Notes

Longevity: 6-7 hours on skin

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Packaging: Cloud Intense comes in a round-shaped white bottle, with a clear cloud-shaped cap. It sits in a case that mimics dark clouds.

Why you should buy Cloud Intense by Ariana Grande

As custom with Ariana’s fragrance, the price points are attractive. She has placed a beautiful scent in the hands of her fans without stretching their pockets thin. This fragrance is also versatile favoring all occasions. It’s better suited for the fall and winter seasons. It lingers longer than Cloud does on the skin and even though projection and sillage are moderate they are higher in Cloud Intense. The scent also covers a wide female demographic not limiting it to younger women.

Frequently asked questions

What does cloud intense smell like?

Cloud intense smells sweet, it opens with lavender pear and bergamot ( the pear being very subtle), then it steers into coconut, whipped cream, and vanilla orchid, and here they are concentrated making the scent quite creamy. The scent closes with woody notes, musk, and special additions of Cashmeran and Ambroxan.

What is the difference between Cloud and Cloud Intense? 

The difference between Cloud and Cloud Intense is majorly the additional notes of Ambroxan and Cashmeran in the Cloud Intense. The Cloud Intense is stronger than the Cloud perfume.

Is cloud intense limited edition?

Cloud intense is a limited edition, to the Cloud perfume by Ariana Grande.

What does cloud 2.0 smell like?

The smell has been compared to Cloud and is said to be similar but with an edge. It's stronger and deeper than Cloud. The notes are similar with the exception of Ambroxan and cashmere but the impact of the other similar notes are different. Like lavender comes in later, pear is less obvious and the middles notes have more gumption.

In summary

New is always better, but not in this case. With Cloud Intense Ariana Grande is a compliment, an addition to your collection. This fragrance is enhanced and inspires you to do the same once you spray it on, it’s like a charger that electricity you and peaks every experience in your day.

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