Ariana Grande Cloud Review

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A floral fruity gourmand, Cloud by Ariana Grande is a women's fragrance launched in 2018. Ariana's affiliation with the cloud symbol is everywhere on her social media platforms and she even has a cloud tattoo on her knuckle. She once described her sound to vogue as, a 90 child caught in a cloud of pop dust with millions of different personalities singing harmonies together. For Ariana Grande's Cloud, it is only fitting that she has used a cloud as an insignia that not only resonates with her but is easily recognized by her fans.

On spraying it you are welcomed by the sweet, fresh, and clear notes of lavender, pear, and bergamot, as it mellows into the skin we are introduced to whiffs of cozy vanilla orchids and milky coconut then closes with Musk.


Clement Gavarry

Fragrance Notes: Top notes of lavender, pear, and Bergamot. Middle notes, whipped cream, praline, coconut, vanilla orchid. Base notes musk and woody notes.

Longevity: 5-8 hours.

Sillage: Moderate.

Projection: Moderate.

Packaging: The bottle is round-shaped with a rainbow effect, a cap that imitates a cloud, then placed in a case shaped like puffy white clouds.


Ariana Grande's Cloud has been heavily compared to the famous Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540. It is claimed that they have similar scent qualities. In protest, Cloud is a unique scent that removes the stigma associated with celebrity perfumes. Its additional creamy coconut accent sets it apart. It is safe to say that other perfumes are now mimicking Ariana's Cloud.

Why indulge and buy Ariana Grande Cloud

Cloud's scent is clear like a breeze after the rain and warm at the same time. It's a scent that will get you noticed because it has a unique signature. Cloud by Ariana Grande is suitable for all ages. It can be worn all year round but, it's best worn in fall and winter. It also has a versatile tone to be worn for all occasions whether formal or just for fun.  Cloud also lingers on the skin for hours.


What does Ariana Grande Cloud smell like?

Ariana Grande Cloud smells like sweetness. It also features notes of bergamot, lavender, warm vanilla, coconut accords and musk.

Does cloud by Ariana Grande smell like Vanilla?

Cloud by Ariana Grande does smell like vanilla. This is because vanilla orchid is a center note of the fragrance.

Is Ariana Grande Cloud perfume long-lasting?

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume is long-lasting; it has the reputation for it. Depending on the skin's skin chemistry it lasts between 5 to 12 hours on the skin but on average 8 hours.

What is Ariana Cloud dupe for?

Ariana Cloud is claimed to be a dupe for the famous BR 540. It costs way less than the other fragrances alternatives with similar qualifications of sweetness, floral-fruity, and warmth.

Does Ariana Grande Cloud perfume smell good?

Ariana Grande Cloud perfume smells good. Its scent is clear like a faint breeze yet warm and cozy because of the vanilla, its creamy and coconut scents make it dynamic.

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