Creed Love in Black Review

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Creed Love in Black

Creed Love in black is a floral fragrance for women. It is a reflection of iconic women, dark and mysterious,  steadfast and strong at the same time. It is rumored that one of the iconic women the fragrance bounces off is Jacky Kennedy. This combined with the stage of the 1930’s Creed purple runway phase completes the inspiration behind the fragrance.

The fragrance opens with a sweet violet note, it is followed by a strong clove that gives it an earthy aura, the scent is balanced in a way that the floral notes of Violet and Iris are prominent throughout the scent. The rose notes tend to appear depending on skin chemistry. The musk and blackcurrant collaborate at the dry down to keep the sweetness persistent. The fragrance additional has a powdery essence. Get Your Creed Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed.

Year launched: 2008

Scent Accord: Floral Oriental Fragrance.

Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Virgina Cedar, Violet. Middle notes are Florentine Iris, Clove, Tonkin Musk. Base notes are Violet from Greece, Burgundy Blackcurrant, Rose.

Season: Autumn and Winter

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Sillage: Strong

Projection: Strong

Packaging: Creed Love in Black is packaged in a shiny black bottle with a black cap and a black ribbon adorned on its neck. The words are written in white giving off an exquisite finish.

Strong Points of Creed Love in Black Perfume

The ideal translation of the daring color purple into a fragrance is Love in Black by Creed. This fragrance exudes a powerful personality that goes for what it wants without permission and takes the day. At the same time, Love in black oozes sultry and mystery. Get Your Creed Sample, Decant & Full Bottle for a personal acquaintance with the fragrance.

Creed's Love in Black is suitable for the fall and winter seasons because of its heavy, deep and dark nature and could be underwhelming in the warm and hot seasons. Love in black has a maturity to it credited to the clove and Musk. The depth of the scent makes for a perfect night scent, albeit it can be worn in the day just not as well. This fragrance can be worn by men particularly well when layered with another Creed fragrance.

Frequently asked questions

What does Love in Black smell like?

Love in Black smells like a sweet floral scent. It opens with sweet floral notes, blended flowers of violet iris and rose. The clove note and Tonkin musk are also evident in the opening and middle. The Base notes enhance the sweetness and prolong the violet notes.

In a Nutshell.

Love in black by Creed is a versatile fragrance for women of all ages to tap into their sultry, mystic selves while being audacious and bold at the same time. Once you wear it and make a literal statement, it is a gateway to a confidence booster and for days when you want to say what you want and be heard. Get Your Creed Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

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