Best Orange Blossom Candles

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Orange blossom is the flower of a Citrus sinensis tree. It is has fragrant flowers that infuse its scents all around the orange tree. The flower is usually used in weddings as a bridal bouquet or an head wreath worn by women. Orange blossom has a cheerful and carefree note that brings back the spring spirit in people.

Orange blossoms are used for a varieties of things in the food and perfume industry. Orange flower water is used in baking orange blossom marshmallows and scones. Orange blossom honey, an expensive kind of honey is gotten by raising bees in the orange groove. Orange blossoms can also be dried and used to make orange blossom tea.

Orange blossom has aromatherapeutic uses. Oranges are natural mild sedatives that can be used to calm down an agitated mind. It is also used in the treatment of cold and influenza. Orange blossom can be used to reduce anxiety and frustration. Orange blossom is used in Perfumery to give a sense of happiness and joy to the people around the fragrance.

Best Orange Blossom Candles

 These are the list of the top ten orange blossom scented candles. They are collated due to the intensity of the fragrance, the longevity and the projection. These orange blossom candles are fragrant, luxurious and has good value for their price.

  • Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle
  • Lapule Orange Blossom Candle
  • La Jolie Orange Blossom Candle
  • Paddywax Orange Blossom Candle
  • NEST Orange Blossom Candle
  • Vila Hermanos Orange Blossom Candle
  • Memento Orange Blossom Candle
  • Just Make Scents Orange Blossom Candle
  • Self Made Orange Blossom Candle
  • Bow & Arrow Candle Co. Orange Blossom


  • Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Candle

Orange blossom is the fragrance that brings the spring season to mind. Standing under an orange tree in full bloom can be one of the amazing feelings to have. Jo Malone captured this exact scent in the Orange Blossom Candle.

This orange blossom scented candle has notes of orange blossom as the main accords, accompanied with accords of water lily and clementine leaves. Packaged in a glass jar that burns for about 45 hours. It comes in a giftable signature box with a tied ribbon for better presentability.

  • Lapule Orange Blossom Candle

Lapule Orange Blossom Candle

Definitely one of the best orange blossom candles, it is packed into a handblowned glass with decorative designs. Natural soy wax was handpoured inside the glass vessel and natural essential oil is incorporated into the soy wax blend. The cotton wicks are made from 100% cotton with absence of metals or lead.

It opens with the accords of orange and citrus and then the middle note from the candle is white lilac. This all sits on top of a base of Iris Wood. It is hand poured and has a pleasant fragrance that burns for almost 60 hours.

  • La Jolie Orange Blossom Candle

La Jolie Orange Blossom Candle

An orange blossom scented candle by La Jolie, it is one of the best orange blossom candles. The 184g candle has an exceptionally long burn time of 35 to 45 hours. It is a vegan candle poured into a leaf patterned tin. Cotton wicks for clean and even burn, a natural soy wax blend for a easy incorporation of fragrance and slow burn.

La Jolie's Orange Blossom Candle has orange flower, Mandarin, grapefruit, lemon and musk. Sweet with a bit of tanginess, this rose candle gives a fun and playful atmosphere. All of these ensemble comes in a package that can be given as a gift in many location.

  • Paddywax Orange Blossom Candle

Paddywax Orange Blossom Candle

A spring time candle with orange blossom as the main fragrance accord. Sweet and bubbly, Paddywax Orange Blossom Candle has a fruity aroma. It permeates well and has a clean and smooth burn. Natural soy blend wax and 100% cotton wool eliminates the environmental risks.

It is a rose scented candle with a blend of orange blossom, muguet and lilac. It is carefully poured into a handblown glass jar. It makes for an attractive package for the fruity rose scented candle.

  • NEST Orange Blossom Candle

NEST Orange Blossom Candle

One of the best rose scented candles with a rich and luxurious taste, Paddywax Orange Blossom uses a cosmetic grade wax. The wax is highly refined to reduce environmental hazards. It can burn up to 50 to 60 hours due to its slow and even burn.

Orange blossom, tiare flowers, lemon, freesia, orchid, tangerine and musk combines perfectly togther without creating an offensive fragrance. Presented in a glass jar, it permeates the room well and uplifts the mood of the house.

  • Vila Hermanos Orange Blossom Candle

Vila Hermanos Orange Blossom Candle

Opening notes of cedar wood, white musk and white moss introduces the candle as a sophisticated candle. The heart notes are strawberry, rosewood and Jasmine. The base notes then take over the other accords with its orange blossom, mandarin and Neroli leaves accords.

The orange blossom scented candle has an 100% natural vegetable wax with pure cotton wicks that is braided for better appeal. This scented candle gives off a fresh, floral tuberose scent with jasmine combined with orange blossom. It is a summer and autumnal fragrance.

  • Memento Orange Blossom Candle

Memento Orange Blossom Candle

An orange blossom scented candles with double wicks for even burn, this candle is a top choice for use. It uses a coconut soy blend that integrate well with the fragrance. It is a citrusy and warm candle with a lot of floral notes.

The wicks are 100% cotton and are double for a clean and even burn that reaches the edges of the candles. A blend of mandarin orange, Neroli and labdanum, the orange candle is an amazing candle that can be presented as a gift.

  • Just Make Scents Orange Blossom Candle

Just Make Scents Orange Blossom Candle

Just Makes Scents uses mostly naturally sourced materials. The wax is a soy wax that has a metal free wick embedded in the wax. The essential oil used is a premiumfragrance oil that gives off the original fragrance of orange blossom.

The wicks of the orange blossom candles are made from a cotton and paper fiber that burns slow and clean for about 40 hours. It gives off a floral spring accords and it is specially hand poured for better set.

  • Self Made Orange Blossom Candle


Vegan and eco friendly, Self Made make use of natural soy wax for the candle base. The oil used are the best quality essential oil that releases a good dose of orange blossom to the atmosphere. It is hand poured by specialist in small batches.

The orange blossom scented candle has notes of bitter orange, Neroli oil and the petit grain oil from the leaves of the tree. This candle has a bitter yet sweet fragrance with a hint of tartness.

  • Bow & Arrow Candle Co. Orange Blossom

Bow & Arrow Candle Co. Orange Blossom

Bow and Arrow Candle Co. made good use of soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks for an all round clean burn. This makes it non toxic to the environment and reduces the risk of allergies to this fragrance.

The opening notes are bergamot and petitgrain on a heart of Neroli. The final note at the base is the sandalwood. 


Orange Blossom Candles are very pleasant and uplifting. They are spring time candles that enhance and invigorates the mind and body. It evokes memory of a walk in a citrus groove with the orange petals scattered all around you. The citrusy smell of sweet with a little hint of bitter helps reduce anxiety and stress.


What orange blossom candles can be used in the winter?

Orange blossom candles can be used in the winter, summer and especially in spring season. Orange blossom candles gives out a sweet and floral fragrance that is welcomed in any season. The citrusy scent brings warmth and sunshine to a cold winter day. It also gives out a fun and playful atmosphere for the spring season.

How does Orange Blossom Candle smell like?

Orange blossom scented candles smell like the flowering season in spring. It has a sweet, fruity, fragrance with an hint of bitter that balances each other. It has a fresh, tangy notes that clears the mind and increase vitality.

Is Orange Blossom a natural fragrance?

Orange Blossom is a natural fragrance gotten from the flowers of orange trees. They are extracted directly from the plants' flowers. The flowers are very intense and fragrant and therefore makes it easier to extract fragrance from the flowers. Natural essential oils are the best type of fragrance that can be used for a scented candle.

Is Orange Blossom Candle feminine or masculine?

Orange Blossom Candle can be used by all genders. It is a unisex fragrance that can be worn alone or mixed with other fragrances with more feminine or masculine inclination.

What are the common notes accords that can be paired with Orange Blossom?

Neroli, Mandarin orange, lilac, lemon and sandalwood are common notes that are usually blended with orange blossom. Notes of lilac and Neroli enhance the sweetness of the orange blossom. Lemon and mandarin orange gives it a more citrusy and tangy fragrance. Sandalwood promotes a woodsy ambience for the scented candle.

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