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Rose are shrubs from the flowering plants genus Rosa. This plants have erect of climbing stems with sharp prickles all around the club. The roses are very colourful and fragrant. Their colour ranges from white to yellow to red. They have an attractive appearance and are mostly used as ornamental plants.

Roses are usually common in Asia. Some species of rose produce an aggregate fruit that has a berry like appearance called rose hip. Roses are used as both indoor and outdoor decorations. It has cultural implications in some places and is an important flower in arts and history.

Rose is used in cosmetics, food, and perfume industry. It is also important in some ceremonial functions, religious practices and in medicine. The rose oil or attar of rose is commonly used in Perfumery as it has a fragrant scent. Rose water is used in making sweets and drugs.

Rose can be used to make tea, syrup, rose jam, soup, jelly, flavour, marmalade, ice cream and also extracting seed oil from the rose hip. Rose has been useful in the treatment of depression, headache, anxiety, menstrual and menopausal pian. It can also be used in skin treatment and as food supplements since it contains a large quantity of Vitamin C.

Best Rose Scented Candles

Rose being one of the most fragrant and beautiful flowers is commonly used in Perfumery. It is usually related to feelings of love and romance. These are some of the best rose scented candles.

Diptyque Candles Roses
Yankee Candles Fresh Cut Roses
Jo Malone Red Roses
Lulu Candles Amber, Roses & Sheer Musk II
Byredo Burning Rose
Nature Therapy Rose Soy Candle
The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Love In Paris
Molton Brown Rosa Absolute
Homesick's Love Letter
Wicks & Stones Infinity Candle in Rose Quartz
  • Diptyque Candles Roses

Diptyque Candles Roses

Roses as one of the more sophisticated Diptyque candles is the perfect rose scented candle. It has a light and powdery rose base that makes it an easy fragrance that doesn't over impose. The rose scented candle gives off a luxurious rosy scent that permeate the room very well.

Just like walking in a Rose garden, Diptyque Roses gives off a luxurious fragrance that is pure and fresh. A floral garden feeling without the added work of actually keeping the garden, it makes your room smell nice and clean for a long time.

  • Yankee Candles Fresh Cut Roses

Yankee Candles Fresh Cut Roses

Yankee Candles large jar Fresh Cut Roses is an intoxicating fragrance that smells sweet and floral. It is a strong scent that brings light and fun into a house without being too overpowering. The perfect English Rose garden in a jar, with accords of heirloom rose.

Fresh Cut Roses is a scented candle that is affordable and lasts for about 100-150 hours. It has a base of soft powder and the scent of greenery is easily noticeable. It is one of the rose scented candles that has the floral scent discernible even before it is lit.

  • Jo Malone Red Roses

Jo Malone Red Roses

A blend of seven different roses, Red Roses has a rich and fresh scent. It was made using fresh cut roses, violet and a dash of lemon to give a citrusy accord. This rose scented candle is packaged in a glass jar and can burn for up to 45 hours.

Jo Malone Red Roses has a subtle scent that permeates well in the house in a short amount of time after being lit. It is one of the more luxurious smelling rose scented candles.

  • Lulu Candles Amber, Roses & Sheer Musk II

Lulu Candles Amber, Roses & Sheer Musk II


An all natural rose scented candle with pizzazz, Lulu Candles made this candle with 100% cotton wick with no lead material. This ensures that the candles don't have black soot when lit as it gives a clean slow burn.

Amber, Roses & Sheer Musk II is a rose scented candle with the added notes of woody Amber and musk to temper the sweetness of rose. This evokes a velvety and sensual accord which give a sultry feel to any setting. It was hand poured by experts in small batches to give much attention to details.

  • Byredo Burning Rose

Byredo Burning Rose

Burning Rose opens with a sweet, floral scent with a woodsy dark accord. It is not the typical rose scented candle, this particular rose candle has a mysterious touch that makes it more intriguing and appealing. It has a sweet floral fragrance that sets the mood for romance.

After being lit, the candle opens with the sweet scent of rose petals, gradually proceeding to the heart with rose absolute, leather and violet. All these accords sits on a base of woodsy birch and ebony that gives the rose candle a more solid fragrance.

  • Nature Therapy Rose Soy Candle


An all in all eco-friendly, vegan rose scented candle, this candle is made with rose essential oil. It is handpoured carefully into a glass jar to give it an appealing look and even set. The candle burns with a clean burn without any black residue.

Nature Therapy use environment friendly materials from the wick, to the wax and even the essential oil. This rose scented candle even has a box of white splint match stocks that comes with the candle.

  • The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Love In Paris

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Love In Paris

A unique rose scented candle that really got what rose is about. Love In Paris, try to its name evokes memory of a romantic dinner under the stars with candles burning and a bouquet of rose flowers to decorate the table.

This rose candle incorporates the calming effect of chamomile to create a candle that permeates the room with warmth and calm. This candle have a sultry and sexy fragrance that sets a romantic ambience for couples. It relax the mind and makes it easier for people to get comfortable and converse easily.

  • Molton Brown Rosa Absolute

Molton Brown Rosa Absolute

One of the best enaction of a rose scent, this scented candle have the perfect floral scents. Rose being a signature flower for passion, Rosa Absolute completes any romantic occasion. Dinner dates, romantic outings and even weddings can not be completely perfect without a rose or a rose scented candle.

With notes of raspberry, rose and black currant, Rosa Absolute is the go to candle when you are looking for love in a glass. It has a floral and fruity fragrance that has a bit of tangy accord.

  • Homesick's Love Letter

Homesick's Love Letter

A romantic rose scented candle, Love Letter is very efficient in projecting a nostalgic feeling. A flowery fragrance with rose petals as the main scent accords. Joined by jasmine and peony to give a fun and sweet support. Red plum is also noticeable in this candle as well as lemon for a tangy layer.

Sandalwood gives the whole fragrance a solid body and completes the whole charming package. Love letters though having a flowery accords has a citrusy layer for enhanced an fragrance.

  • Wicks & Stones Infinity Candle in Rose Quartz

Wicks & Stones Infinity Candle in Rose Quartz

This is an handpoured rose candle with a great attention to details. It is a therapeutic candle with healing abilities. It relaxed the mind and reduces stress. It uses a coconut soy wax for a cleaner and even burn without any harm to the environment.

African violet, rose, peony are the most discernable scent accords in Rose Quartz. They result in a combination of sweet, romantic and luxurious fragrance. The special packaging of rose in quartz crystals gives it a very unique look.


Rose scented candles are romantic candles that are perfect for a date night or a birthday gift. It projects the feelings of love and care to people and gives a positive feeling to them. Rose has always been a covered flower associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. A perfect Valentine's day present instead of the classic rose bouquet. Rose Scented candles makes you feel loved and treasured all day long.


Are rose scented candles attractive?

Rose scented candles are one of the most attractive fragrance in the world. It is used for every joyful occasion. They are bold and passionate with sweet and floral notes.

Can rose scented candles be used outdoors?

Yes, rose scented candles are perfect for outdoorsy activities. A romantic dinner at the patio under the moon, a fun and carefree picnic trip, a cozy small gathering of friends and even weddings.

Is rose an intense fragrance?

Rose is a very dominating and at the same time, light and subtle. It doesn't overpower but it permeates very well and lasts for a long time.

What time of the day is best suited for rose candles?

Rose scented candles are suited for every time of the day. Their sweet and bubbly accords makes it liven up the day and infuse some energy into any space. Also they are rich, luxurious and intoxicating which is a great ambience for a romantic night.

Is rose eco friendly?

Rose scents are not harmful to the environment especially if natural products are used. The use of natural wax, essential oils and cotton wicks eliminates any risk to the environment.

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