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Jasmine are flowering plants, mostly shrubs and vibes, in the genus Jasminum. They have delicate flowers that are very fragrant. These plants can be deciduous while some are evergreen. They are mostly found in the Asian parts of the world with few being naturalized in Europe. Jasmine has many cultural and religious importance. They are used in some worships of certain idols in some countries.

Jasmine flowers can be white, yellow and sometimes slightly reddish. They are worn in the hair by women. It can be woven together to make flower wreaths. Jasmine is used in weddings, religious rites and some festivals. The flowers can be used to make jasmine tea.

Jasmine is also commonly used in the perfume industry, from soaps to creams, to perfumes, candles and air fresheners. These jasmine scent is popularly used because of its various therapeutic uses. The scent of jasmine helps in relieving stress and clearing of mind. It can be used to focus as it enhances the mind and improves concentration. It could be used as a calming fragrance to induce sleep or elevate moods. It is an uplifting and cheerful fragrance.

Best Jasmine Candles

Jasmine scented candles are pleasant to smell and have a delicate and intense fragrance. These are some of the best Jasmine scented candles from various top perfume houses.

La Jolie Muse Jasmine Blossom Candle
Pure Integrity Jasmine Soy Candle
Candle Monster Jasmine Scented Candle
Diptyque Candles Jasmin
Kahani Candles Sonnet 43
Mark and Spencer Jasmine Scented Candle
Lively Jasmine Sea Sun Candle
Self Made Jasmine Candle
Candlefish Candles No. 53
Bow & Arrow Candles Co. Jasmine

  • La Jolie Muse Jasmine Blossom Candle

La Jolie Muse Jasmine Blossom Candle

Jasmine Blossom is a natural soy wax candle with a lead free 100% cotton wick. The fragrance oil is an highly refined perfume grade oil. The candle comes in a stylish glass jar that burns for a relatively long period.

This jasmine Scented candles gives off a soft but captivating scent that relax the mind and soul. This candle gives off a flickering flame resembling that of a lantern. This makes for a very romantic ambience.

  • Pure Integrity Jasmine Soy Candle

Pure Integrity Jasmine Soy Candle

A 2 wick embedded candle, it has an even and slow burn. Jasmine Soy Candle is the pure essence of jasmine with precise accuracy. It uses a natural soy wax blend that is eco friendly. It also comes with a lid to preserve the candle and protect the fragrance.

It is a warm and passionate fragrance with sweet and floral notes. One of the appealing things about Pure Integrity is their handwritten thank you notes that makes you feel connected and appreciated by the company.

  • Candle Monster Jasmine Scented Candle

Jasmine Scented Candle by Candle Monster is a strong and intense jasmine candle. It permeates well in any room and has a great jasmine scent. It has a clean and slow burn that can last for about 80 hours.

This luxurious jasmine scented candle has an exotic fragrance. This Candle Monster Jasmine candle uses a natural soy wax base. The scented candle has a subtle and fragrant note.

  • Diptyque Candles Jasmin

Diptyque Candles Jasmin


From the house of Diptyque candles, Jasmin evokes a floral fragrance. The candle has a very fragrant and subtle scent. The jasmine scented candle lasts for about 60 hours for the 190g glass jar.

It has a captivating fragrance that attracts a lot of attention. It has a fresh and fruity that is persistent even after the candle has been snuffed out. The candle even without being lit, the candle still gives off a good jasmine scent.

  • Kahani Candles Sonnet 43

Kahani Candles Sonnet 43

This jasmine candle has an 100% natural soy wax that lasts for about 50 to 60 hours for the 7 oz glass jar. It has a soft floral and sweet scent that captures people's attention. It is an handcrafted candle that could last for 50 to 60 hours.

This signature collection candle have an opening notes of lemon and ginger. The heart notes consists of jasmine and honeysuckle with the base notes of violet, amyris, wood and powder.

  • Mark and Spencer Jasmine Scented Candle

Mark and Spencer Jasmine Scented Candle

This Mark and Spencer jasmine candle has a floral and fragrant scent. It is packaged in a glass jar with a cork lid. This jasmine scented candle in 410g glass jar burns for about 75 hours.

Jasmine Scented candle is a great jasmine candle with rose, freesia and Lily of the valley notes. This emanates a sweet fragrance that sets well with almost everyone. This is a favourite among jasmine lovers.

  • Lively Jasmine Sea Sun Candle

Lively Jasmine Sea Sun Candle

This Lively fragrances candle has a strong but not overpowering floral fragrance. It smells fresh and natural like the breeze off a sandy beach. It brings about feeling of outdoor activities and pool party.

Jasmine Sea Sun has notes of jasmine sambac, pear, sea salt, and sandalwood. It is a parrafin and soy wax blend and has a slow but even burn. The 5 oz glass jar can burn for approximately 35 hours.

  • Self Made Jasmine Candle

An all natural, environment conscious company, Self Made uses eco friendly materials. Their wax is made from soy beans and the use a natural essential oil. The candle wax is carefully handpoured by professionals.

Jasmine is a vegan candle that soothes stress and enhance better functioning of the mind. It improves one's mood with its fragrant scent. The discernible notes are jasmine, orange flower and patchouli.

  • Candlefish Candles No. 53

No. 53 is a 100% natural soy wax candle, handpoured carefully into a glass jar. It has a floral and fresh fragrance that pleases the senses. It gives an airy and clean aura to the room while being warm and comforting.

One of the best Jasmine scented candle, it has powdery, jasmine and honeysuckle notes. Its natural cotton wick embedded in the soy wax allows for a clean and pure burn without any harm to the environment.


  • Bow & Arrow Candles Co. Jasmine

Bow & Arrow Candles Co. Jasmine

This Bow & Arrow candle is a spring season scented candle with the essence of jasmine. It is a sweet floral candle that comes in a glass jar that can be reused for different purpose such as flower jar. 

It is a natural soy wax candle that has a cotton wick embedded in it for a pure burn without black residue. Its 4 oz glass jar can last for about 20 to 30 hours. This jasmine candle is handpoured in small batches for better quality.



These jasmine scented candles are some of the best Jasmine Candles. They are popularly used and they have plenty of good reviews. Jasmine scented candles are soft and floral, inducing positive feelings and calling back happy memories. Jasmine candles have a warm, passionate and cheerful fragrance that erases the difficulties of a busy day. They are popularly used in Perfumery to make different soaps, candles and perfumes. Jasmine is commonly combined with honeysuckle note.



Is jasmine candles therapeutic?

Jasmine scented candles are therapeutic because of their healing properties. They reduces the level of stress of an individual and helps in giving positive feelings to a depressed fellow. They are used to induce sleep and allows the mind to take a break. When under pressure, jasmine scent can calm you down and improves concentration so as to focus on what needs to be done without much difficulty.

Are jasmine scented candles long lasting?

Generally, jasmine is a strong and intense fragrance that persists for some time even after it has been put off. Depending on the type of fragrance material used, the longevity of scented candles varies. A natural essential oil permeates well and persists longer than artificial essence.

Can jasmine candles be used in the office space?

Jasmine scented candles can be used anywhere. The scent is a subtle and soft one that permeates well but doesn't overpower the room. It is a sweet floral fragrance that is easy on the nose and doesn't irritate most allergies. Scented jasmine candles can even be placed unlit in the office and the warmth of the office would release some of the fragrance for a lighter scent.

Does jasmine scented candles have an attractive fragrance?

Jasmine scented candles have a floral and fragrant scent that is warm and appealing. It is a flower that evokes passion and romance. Jasmine scented candles are a crowd pleaser and as such are loved by most people.

Does jasmine scented candles actually smell like jasmine?

Most jasmine scented candles actually do smell like jasmine. The above listed jasmine candles are some of the best Jasmine scented candles. Some of them are jasmine only candles while some combines other notes with jasmine. Jasmine scented candles are candles that have notes of jasmine as the top, middle or base notes. Depending on the position of the jasmine note, the jasmine scent can be fleeting or persistent. If the jasmine notes is in the base or middle notes, it lasts for a longer time than the top notes.

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