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Caramel is a liquid confectionery made from the removal of water from sugar by heating the sugar slowly. Caramel has a dark, golden, buterry brown or orange brown, sweet liquid with some bitter taste. Caramel gives a sweet, creamy, buttery, roasted and slightly burnt smell. It has a rich, delicious and strong taste that dominates other fragrances.

Caramel is widely used in confectioneries and the cosmetics industry. Caramel can be used as a filler, topping or to flavour or colour foods or sauces. Caramel can be heated with butter, milk, cream, vanilla and glucose. There are a lot of caramel flavored foods such as caramel popcorn, caramel candy, caramelized milk, toffee, creme caramel and caramel topped ice creams.

Best Caramel Scented Candles

Caramel being one of the most loved fragrances, it has been used in many candles to give the aroma of caramel without actually consuming sugar. For caramel scented candles lovers, selecting the best kind of candles can be quite tasking. These are the top 10 caramel candles that are best for use based on the type of wax, wick, essential oil and the packaging.

  • A Tahaa Affair Christmas bauble
  • Yankee Candle Salted Caramel
  • Woodwick Trilogy Heartwick Cafe Sweets
  • Be Enlightened Cafe Caramel Triple Scented Candle
  • Pure Integrity Caramel Vanilla Soy Candle
  • A Tahaa Affair Triple Scented Soy Candle
  • Better Homes and Gardens Caramel & Cayenne
  • Hartco Home and Body Salted Caramel
  • Craft & Kin Whiskey Caramel Scented Candle
  • Classic Cylinders Collection Salted Caramel Candle
    •  A Tahaa Affair Christmas bauble

    Christmas bauble candle was made by Glasshouse fragrances. This caramel candle evokes the memory of a jolly Christmas with its vanilla bean, frackinscense, coconut and vanilla notes. This Vanilla Caramel candle is made with 100% natural soy wax. The wick is a lead free natural cotton wicks.

    Poured in a foiled bauble, Christmas bauble has a dazzling glitter that makes it so appealing to the eyes. The flame flicker gives a comforting and relaxed ambience that makes you think of evergreen firs and snow topped trees. It has pineapple as the opening note, fruity coconut at his heart and sits on a base of caramel and vanilla.

    • Yankee Candle Salted Caramel

    A beige colored candle poured into a glass jar that is 100% recyclable, Yankee Candle Salted Caramel candle comes as one of the top caramel candles. It has 2 natural fiber wicks for a uniform burn and these wicks are hand straightened to give a clear burn.

    Yankee Candle Salted Caramel candle can burn for 110-150 hours and gives off notes of caramel, burnt sugar, sea salt and vanilla. The sweet notes of caramel and vanilla is balanced with the burnt and salty notes. The wax is made from a premium grade paraffin wax blend.

    • Woodwick Trilogy Heartwick Cafe Sweets

    When you think of caramel, Woodwick has a perfect caramel candle for you. This caramel scented candle has different notes of vanilla bean, cookie doughnut, brown sugar, vanilla cream, biscotti and topped with an icing of vanilla.

    Heartwick Cafe Sweets is infused in a wax of soy and paraffin blend. Its wick is an handcrafted, exclusive one specially made from wood for Heartwick flame. This caramel candle has been carefully designed and packaged for the best interest of the users with its ellipse vessel design.

    • Be Enlightened Cafe Caramel Triple Scented Candle

    A perfect blend of maple, coffee latte, French vanilla, malt and anise, Cafe Caramel Triple Scented candle can burn for up to 200 hours. Infused in a paraffin soy blend wax, it is a non-toxic wax.

    Cafe Caramel is hand poured into a glass jar for a better appeal and uses a lead free natural cotton wick. This caramel scented candle has an attractive look and a relaxing flame.

    • Pure Integrity Caramel Vanilla Soy Candle

    True to the reputation of Pure Integrity, all the ingredients used in this caramel candle are natural. The natural soy wax blend gives a soot free burn that last for 75 to 85 hours. Its main note accords are caramel and vanilla.

    The double wick used in this Caramel Vanilla candle is made from a lead free natural cooton and hand straightened. The candle was hand poured into a double grade, high density glass jar with a frosted look and 100% recyclable.

    • A Tahaa Affair Triple Scented Soy Candle

    Reminiscent of the Christmas bauble candle, this Triple Scented Soy candle is a Vanilla Caramel candle. It has a natural, lead free cotton wick that is embedded in 100% natural soy wax blend.

    When this caramel candle is lit, notes of ambrosia, caramel and coconut can be perceived. It infuses the room with a warm and fruity fragrance. The top note has an opening of pineapple. The fruity coconut notes from the heart of the candle sits on a base of caramel and vanilla.

    • Better Homes and Gardens Caramel & Cayenne

    This scented candle has caramel and cayenne as its main accords as the name implies. Better Homes and Gardens has made use of the best quality ingredients in making this candle. From the carefully hand poured premium soy wax blend to the single natural cotton wick, this candle is a unique design.

    The glass jar filled with the scented wax has an attractive and beautiful look. The candle gives out accords of caramel, cayenne, cream, vanilla bean, clove, almond and molasses. 

    • Hartco Home and Body Salted Caramel

    This salted caramel candle has a sweet, buttery fragrance with caramel, vanilla, cream, coconut and condensed milk as its main note accords. Hartco Home and Body Salted Caramel candle has a burn longevity of 80 hours.

    It uses an eco friendly, natural soy wax blend that prevent a soot emitting flame and dark particles settling in the surface. The top notes for this candle are Sea salt and hazelnut. The heart is infused with candied pecan, caramel and creme. It finally ends with notes of Tonka bean and condensed milk.

    • Craft & Kin Whiskey Caramel Scented Candles

    From the house of Craft & Kin, this hand poured candle was produced with whiskey and caramel as the main accords. This candle is carefully hand poured for a better set and appeal. Craft & Kin makes use of natural soy wax and the fragrance is carefully infused to give a strong scent.

    The gold amber glass can be reused and the wick is a natural cotton wick. The candle can burn for almost 45 hours. The discernable notes are whiskey and caramel.

    • Classic Cylinders Collection Salted Caramel Candle

    Salted Caramel candle from Colonial Candles has a sweet, creamy and aromatic accords. The caramel gives the candle a creamy note which is complemented by the sweet notes of came sugar. Butterscotch and toffee introduce a golden, aromatic accords which is enriched by the vanilla fragrance.

    This salted caramel candle has natural essential oils poured into natural soy wax. It has two premium cotton wicks embedded in the caramel scented candle for uniform burn. Top notes are sweet and caramel and the middle notes are caramel, sea salt and toffee. The caramel note makes its way to the base with butterscotch and vanilla.

    Caramel scented candles are one of the most sought after candles. They give out a sweet, candy like fragrance that is both rich and warm. Depending on the intensity and amount of fragrance used, they can fill up a large room. Caramel candles are the to go kind of candles for people with a sweet tooth and deep character. Candles that have caramel notes are universal candles and can not go wrong in any setting. Caramel complements and blends well with a lot of fragrances.


    What does caramel candle smell like?

    Caramel candle smell like burnt sugar with a hint of bitter and roasted aroma. It has a sweet, nutty and gourmand accord notes.

    What other scents are compatible with caramel fragrance?

    Caramel scents goes well with vanilla, cream, butter, milk, chocolate, coffee and hazelnut.

    When can caramel scented candles be used?

    Caramel scented candles can be used for a gathering among friends, a pool party or for everyday use. Due to its sweet smelling fragrance, it can be used for most of the seasons. It gives a fun and adventurous feel to a wintery day and a rich, nutty aura for the spring and autumn.

    How long does caramel candles scent last?

    Depending on the type of wax used and type of fragrance involved, caramel scented candles have a long lasting fragrance. Artificial fragrance in candles or powdered fragrance doesn't dissolve well with the wax. Scented candles produced with essential oils have their fragrance well integrated into the wax.

    Is caramel candle suitable for indoor use?

    Caramel scented candles are safe for indoor and outdoor use. Caramel candles with softer tones and lesser intensity can be lit inside the house. The intensity of the caramel candle to be chosen is dependent on the size of the room it would be used. Caramel candles with strong and dominating scents can be used outdoors like pools or balconies.

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