Best Cinnamon Candles

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Cinnamon is a sweet aromatic spice gotten from the plant genus, Cinnamomum. Cinnamon is extracted from the bark of trees in this genus. Cinnamon is a very popular scent that brings out the memory of winter and Christmas. Cinnamon is used in many ways and forms such as soaps, perfumes, creams, air freshener, diffusers, candles and exterminators.

It is used in the baking of various snacks like apple pie, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon doughnuts, French toast, cinnamon bread, and so on. Even wines are made with this special spice infused in them and other dinks like the cinnamon infused chocolate, cinnamon flavored latte and apple cider. As well as making of cinnamon candles and perfume.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best spices around as it has many health benefits and less side effects. Cinnamon helps in relaxing the mind, it reduces stress and improve mental health. It has proved to be antiviral, antiseptic and even relieves pains.

It can be used to improve appetite, invigorate the body and as an aphrodisiac. It is also used to treat rheumatism, menstrual pains and muscle cramps and it improves concentration and focus.

The Cinnamon Fragrance

Cinnamon has a sweet, spicy and aromatic scent that brings out happy vibes in people. It sets off a joyful and relaxing mood. It calls to mind a vision of a warm kitchen stuffed with the scent of roasted turkey and cinnamon rolls overlooking a vista of trees covered in snow. Cinnamon invokes the feeling of home and family, joy and laughter, peace and calmness, love and romance.

This amazing cinnamon scent, even without baking or cooking anything, can be recreated by lightning a cinnamon candle. For a romantic dinner or a date with a book in the library, cinnamon candles are perfect. A get together party can be made more relaxing with the scent of cinnamon by lightning a few jars of cinnamon scented candles to make visitors feel more comfortable.

Cinnamon goes with a lot of other fragrances such as apple, vanilla, citrus, clove, rose, ylang ylang, ginger, nutmeg and chocolate.

Best Cinnamon Candles

There are a lot of cinnamon candles out there but not all of them are really advisable for use. These are the top 10 cinnamon candles based on different criteria like the type of wax, nature of wick, origin of fragrance and even the burn of the candle.

  • Sweet Water Decor Hello Fall
  • Homesick's Grandma's Kitchen Candle
  • Crackling Wick Cinnamon Bun Candle
  • Jackpot Candles Cinnamon Bun
  • Village Candle Red Hot Cinnamon Candle
  • Homemory Cinnamon and Apple Scented Candle
  • Woodwick Candles Cinnamon Chai
  • Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon
  • Colonial Candles Cinnamon Bark by M. Baker
  • Nature's Wick Cinnamon & Apple Scented Candles

    Sweet water decor really got it right with this fall cinnamon scented candle. Giving off a spicy, sweet and tangy aroma that warms up the house and invigorates the mind, this is a perfect fall candle. It made use of premium fragrance oil that easily diffuse into the room.

    It is based in a premium soy wax blend embedded with a lead and zinc free 100% cotton wick. The candle opens with an hot cider note and the heart notes are cinnamon and cloves. The base has notes accord of apple and nutmeg.

    Just like the name implies, Grandma's Kitchen candle, replicates the aroma of a kitchen filled with the heavenly scents of cinnamon rolls, cinnamon buns and cinnamon glazed turkey. It has a warm apple pie mixed with ice cream, sugar, snickerdoodles and spice.

    This Homesick's cinnamon scented candle make use of natural soy wax mixed with custom fragrance oils and a lead free, cotton wicks. The top notes are butter, cream and apple. The heart notes are cinnamon and clove while the base notes are vanilla and sugar cookies.

    Made with natural essential oils, Crackling Wick Cinnamon Bun Candle is among the best cinnamon scented candles. It has a cinnamon bun aroma that makes you think of a freshly baked cinnamon bun.

    This cinnamon bun candle makes use of a natural soy wax blend that is hand poured for perfect set. The main accords are cinnamon buns and cream frosting.

    This is an hand poured, hand mixed mix of cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. It is a natural oriented candle with its 100% natural soy wax and wood wick. It gives off a buttery, sweet and nutty flavor reminiscent of cinnamon rolls.

    The top notes are coconut, caramel and ginger while the heart notes include cinnamon and cloves. Right at the base of the notes are vanilla, buttercream frosting and sugar. Jackpot Candles have a special surprise element with its hidden ring. When the candle has burned low, right at the bottom, you would find a ring that can be worth between 15-5,000 dollars.

    This cinnamon scented candles brings spices together to create a rich and vibrant fragrance. The wick is a unique village candle dual technology that gives a rounded burn and minimal soot.

    The cinnamon bark gives a sweet but tangy scent combined with the allspice and sweetened by the presence of vanilla. This aroma is perfectly embedded in a pure red food grade paraffin wax blend.

    This Homemory's cinnamon and Apple scented candle is made from a blend of natural beeswax and pure soy wax. The wick are made from natural cotton and the essential oils are extracted from plant for an all round natural candle.

    It is packaged in a frosted glass jar that gives off a natural fruity and woody cinnamon accord. The opening notes are cinnamon and Apple and the heart notes are coconut and clove.

    Cinnamon Chai has spicy cinnamon and rich vanilla accords. It make use of a a special Pluswick Innovation wooden wick from organic wood. This wooden wick coupled with the paraffin and soy wax blend reduces the amount of soot.

    The glass container has a flared hourglass design that makes the flame have a cosy aura just like a crackling fireplace. 

    This cinnamon scented candle make use of natural fiber wicks embedded in a premium quality paraffin wax presented in customized glass jar. Expressed accord of cinnamon and cloves can be detected even from unlit candles. 

    Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon Candle opens with notes of cinnamon sticks. Right at the heart are notes of cardamom and cloves. Sitting right at the base are bayleaf and cedarwood accords.

    Mabel Baker's cinnamon candles are packaged in a red custom apothecary jar with two premium cotton wicks. M. Baker cinnamon candles have notes of allspice, orange zest and cinnamon bark.

    Pure essential oils are integrated into natural soy wax blend for maximum notes expression. Top notes are orange, cardamom and lemon while the heart notes are cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. The closing notes are cedarwood oil, musk and eucalyptus.

    Nothing beats a natural wooden wick with its crackling flame just like that of a fireplace. Nature's Wick Cinnamon & Apple scented candles are poured into 100% recyclable glass jars that have a great longevity.

    This cinnamon and Apple scented candle uses paraffin wax blend with minimal soot. It gives a tart but sweet taste due to the presence of apple, maple, cinnamon and cider.


    What kind of cinnamon candles are the best?

    The best cinnamon candles are the kind that have natural wax, natural sources of fragrance and natural cotton wicks. These ensures that the candle burns without smoke and therefore makes it safe for use. These are the best cinnamon scented candles as it is environment friendly and the safest kind of candles.

    What cinnamon essential oil is best for candles?

    There are basically three main types of cinnamon essential oils. They are the cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf and cassia essential oils. The type of essential oil to choose depends on your personal preference. Cinnamon leaf has a light and sweet scent, cinnamon bark essential oil gives more luxurious fragrance while the cassia essential oil has a strong cinnamon scent. The best cinnamon candle of your choice should be made based on the kind of scent you like.

    When can I use cinnamon scented candles?

    Cinnamon Candles can be used in any time of the day. In the morning, it can be used to awaken and invigorate the body. Cinnamon candles can be useful in the afternoon during work to relax the mind and improve concentration. In the evening cinnamon scented candles helps to unwind from the stress of the day and created a welcoming environment. Cinnamon scented candles can be used at night for a warm and loving ambience.

    What season is best suited for cinnamon candles?

    Cinnamon scented candles can be used in any season be it summer, winter, autumn or even spring. But cinnamon candles are more frequently used during the winter as it is a warm fragrance. It is the perfect kind of candles to light while laying in front of the fireplace or in the library while cosying up on the sofa with a book. Cinnamon Scented candles are used popularly during Halloween and Christmas to bring out a jolly mood that invoke a sense of family and togetherness.

    What is the best location for cinnamon scented candles?

    The beauty of cinnamon scented candles is that they can be used almost anywhere. Depending on the room or location, cinnamon scented candles gives off different ambience. In the living room, it makes a welcoming and comforting fragrance. If lit in the dining room, it improves the palette and aids digestion. Cinnamon candles creates a romantic and seductive glow in the bedroom due to its aphrodisiac properties. They can even be lighted in the bathroom to create a sensual and relaxing aura. The library or office would infused with cinnamon scent which makes for a relaxed but focused atmosphere.

    The best cinnamon scented candles are uplifting, relaxing and therapeutic. They make for a nostalgic feeling that makes you think of home and family. Cinnamon scented candles gives out spicy, sweet, earthy and aromatic notes and has a woody look and feel. Cinnamon candles are one of the best kind of gifts that is suitable for any occasion and at any time of the year.

    Final Words

    Cinnamon candles are a favorite of many people and comes in different attractive and appealing packaging. It can be given as a birthday, wedding or even a thank you gift. Reminiscent of Christmas feast and grandmother's baking, both the old and young, male or female naturally fall in love with cinnamon scented candles.


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