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When strawberry is mentioned, passion is immediately thought of. Its deliciously sweet and slightly tangy taste combined with the exotic smell makes it a favorite with young people. It is a fruit that could be taken as snacks either alone or paired with other treats like ice cream or jam.

Strawberry is a tropical fruit from the genus Fragaria. It is very red in color and have tiny seeds embedded all over the fleshy part of the fruit. It grows in bunches and it is known as an aggregate fruit and is often used in foods, cosmetics and drinks. This article is going to explore perfumes that smell like strawberry.

Strawberry perfumes in Perfumery

Strawberry perfumes are made from the natural extract, essential oil or from artificial ingredients. In Perfumery, original perfumes are made from natural plant parts or essential oils. 

When it comes to perfumes that smell sweet and fruity but arouses passion and desire, then strawberry perfumes are your surest bet. They give a fun but sensual aura to the wearer. Strawberry perfumes have a sensual and passion provoking fragrance and it symbolises romance.

Strawberry has been one of the commonly used tones in all leading perfume houses. It can be incorporated in almost anything, beauty soaps, body mists, body creams, Cologne, air freshners, and so on. Strawberry notes are usually paired with peach, champagne or vanilla because of their harmony in perfumes.

Strawberry perfumes for Women

These are some of the perfumes that have strawberry as one of the main fragrance notes for women. These perfumes are some of the top feminine strawberry perfumes that can bring about a sensual awakening in women.

  • Burberry Her by Burberry


Burberry Her by Burberry

This Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance launched in 2018 was made by Francis Kurkdjian. With its long lasting scent, strong sillage and projection, Burberry Her is an autumnal fragrance. Top notes are strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, tangerine and lemon. Violet and Jasmine are the middle notes and the base notes are vanilla, Amber and oakmoss.

  • Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent


Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Launched in 2016, Mon Paris is a perfume in the Cyprus Fruity family. The Perfumer behind this particular fragrance is Olivier Creep. Mon Paris is a summer perfume with moderate trail and long lasting scent. Prominent notes are strawberry, raspberry, pear, orange, peony, jasmine, cedar and moss.

  • Ocean Lounge by Escada (2008)


Ocean Lounge by Escada (2008)

This fragance is a Floral Fruity perfume with an heavy trail and short longevity. Top notes are strawberry and pear. Middle notes are violet, jasmine and mimosa while Amber and wood stays as the base notes. This perfume is not a favourite one during sunny weathers.

  • Valentina Pink by Valentino

Valentina Pink by Valentino

    In 2015, Valentino created this fragrance with strawberry, blackberry and musk as its top notes. It is a Floral Fruity fragrance with long lasting scent and moderate trail. It is best worn on the spring.

    • Strawberries and Champagne Victoria's Secret

    Strawberries and Champagne Victoria's Secret

    This Victoria's Secret perfume combines strawberry and champagne accords to give a very unique and sensual. It is an Aromatic Fruity fragrance. The addition of champagne probably account for its poor longevity and sillage. Discernable notes are strawberry, champagne, aloe vera, cassis, black currant and chamomile.

    • Liberty Luxury Dusk

    Liberty Luxury Dusk

    A fragrance that could be worn both in the summer and spring. Top notes are strawberry, raspberry, pear, bergamot, orange and tangerine. Jasmine, orange, peony and datura are the heart notes. The base notes are cedar, patchouli, musk, vanilla and moss. It has an average projection and sillage and its scent can lasts for about 4 hours.

    • Aquolina Pink Sugar Red Velvet

    Aquolina Pink Sugar Red Velvet

    One of the latest fragrances from Aquolina, Pink Sugar Red Velvet has a sweet, vanilla, Amber, fruity and musky accords. It is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance with a great longevity and heavy sillage. Top notes are strawberry and bergamot and in the heart are orange, violet and Lily and has ambrettolide, vanilla and whipped cream as base notes.

    • Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume

    Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume
    Flash perfume is categorized in the Floral Fruity class. Its main accords are pink pepper and strawberry. Notes like jasmine, tuberose and Lily can be identified in the dry down also.

    • Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs

    Daisy Sunshine by Marc Jacobs
    Alberto Morillas created this fragrance in 2019. Grouped in the Floral Fruity category, Daisy Sunshine has a lot of fruity and flowery notes. Top notes are strawberry and violet and calendula can be perceived in the heart. Wood and wild berries are the base notes. It is an autumnal fragrance with long lasting scent and soft trail.

    • Katy Perry Mad Love

    Katy Perry Mad Love

    This fragrance has strawberry, coconut, musk, cream, wood and apple accords. It is a sweet and fruity fragrance that is best worn in a warm weather.

    Strawberry perfumes for Men

    Though strawberry perfumes are mainly worn by women, there are some that can be worn by men also. These perfumes are not too feminine and sometimes have some woody or musky accords to give it a masculine feel.

    1. Inessance Identity Code

    2. Zara Florence Piazza Della Signora City Center

    3. Montane Mukhallat

    4. Ava Luxe Strawberry

    5. Be Layered Luscious Strawberry

    6. Ganache Parfums Strawberry Panna Cora

    7. The Body Shop Strawberry

    8. e-Suitcase Party Amo

    9. Matthew Decker Everlasting List

    10. Abdul Karim Al Faransi Juwayriya 


    If you are new to the strawberry note and want to know more about it, these are the answers to some possible questions you might have.

    Can strawberry perfumes be worn by men?

    Strawberry perfumes can be worn by men. To create a more masculine appeal, men strawberry perfumes usually contain woody or musk accords, while the strawberry adds a layer of sweetness.

    How do I choose the best strawberry perfume?

    To choose the best strawberry perfumes, check for perfumes made from natural sources and not from artificial ingredients. For any strawberry perfume, check the ingredient list and ascertain that it's from natural extracts or essential oils. Those made from artificial ingredients or flavors are not very good.

    What other notes can be combined with strawberry?

    Other notes combined with strawberry include vanilla, champagne and peaches, this is because they harmonize well with it. For masculine fragrances notes such as woods and musk are combined with strawberry to give it a masculine edge.

    How long does strawberry perfumes last?

    The longevity of strawberry perfumes depends on whether it is a top note, middle note or base note. The top note fades quite easily but the middle and base notes last for a longer duration.

    Is strawberry perfumes very intense?

    The intensity of strawberry perfumes  depends on the kind of perfume that you buy. If you buy a body mist, then the intensity might not be strong. Perfumes on the other hand have stronger intensity as it is more concentrated than the body mist.

    Final Words

    Strawberry perfumes are one of the best fragrances for women. The fruity aroma and sweet smelling fragrance makes it a good choice for almost any occasion. Strawberry perfumes can be used in any season, especially summer and spring. The listed strawberry perfumes are some of the best strawberry perfumes in Perfumery and they have so many good reviews.

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