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Cinnamon is a beloved spice associated with the Christmas season. The cinnamon tree itself is profoundly useful as its leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots along with its bark have been utilized as traditional medicine for years.

Cinnamon is used in different dishes and recipes because of its popular flavor. Back in time cinnamon was valued as high as gold as its one-of-a-kind rich flavor could not be rivaled. Cinnamon is as well popular in the perfume industry owing to its unique scent.

Cinnamon in perfumery

Cinnamon perfume is created from cinnamon oil essential extract, although, because of its allergenic components sometimes synthesized cinnamon is used. It is its sweet and distinct scent that adds a special warm touch to any composition. Cinnamon in perfumes produces a very sweet note despite its spicy and dry origins. The sweetness balances out and harmonizes gourmand notes. Cinnamon blends well with floral and woody notes and makes Orientals have a spicy edge. Some exceptional cinnamon perfumes found are listed below.

Best Cinnamon Perfumes

  • Liquid Gold Euphoria - Calvin Klein.
  • Poison - Dior
  • Dolce Vita - Dior
  • Plum Japonais - Tom Ford
  • Organza Indecence - Givenchy
  • Amouage Epic Woman - Amouage
  • 1 million - Paco Rabanne
  • Spice Bomb Extreme - Viktor & Rolf
  • Zara Homme - Zara
  • Original Sandal - Creed
  • Tobacco Oud - Tom Ford

Best Cinnamon perfumes for women

  • Liquid Gold Euphoria - Calvin Klein

It is arguably the strongest fragrance here and can also be described as mysterious and sensual. Cinnamon is its the top note, the back orchid is at the heart of the perfume as the middle note with woody sandalwood as it's a base note.
Scent accord- Oriental, Amber woody fragrance.
Year launched- 2014

  • Poison - Dior

Dark and elegant and mysterious, poison is an old fragrance going strong oblivious of time. Its composition is yet to meet its match. Its top notes are plum, wild berries, coriander, Brazilian rosewood, and anise. At its core, cinnamon, tuberose, incense and white honey among others. Crown top notes are plum and Brazilian wood and wild berries.
Scent accord- Amber floral fragrance.
Year launched- 1985

  • Dolce Vita - Dior

A true epitome of Dior, this is a delicious scent. It's a complete feminine scent given an edge by magnolia and cinnamon accords that were usually used for masculine fragrances.
Scent Accord- Amber woody fragrance
Year of launch-1994.

  • Plum Japonais - Tom Ford

This is a fruity spicy perfume albeit not an ordinary one. The combination of plum, cinnamon, vanilla, and benzoin make a perfect blend where they trap each other to make the scent powerful and linger for longer.
Scent accord- Floral fruity fragrance
Year launched- 2013

  • Organza Indecence - Givenchy

A bewitching scent made for women who aim to seduce. It is said that the alchemist was paying homage to women who understand the power of seduction. Its top notes are patchouli, and Brazilian rosewood, with cinnamon, plum, and Ceylon as middle notes and base notes of musk, vanilla, and amber.
Scent accord- Amber woody.
Year launched- 1999.

  • Amouage epic woman - Amouage

Aged over time like fine wine, this perfume is epic and exceptional. With cinnamon as a top note along with caraway and pink pepper, Damask rose, geranium jasmine, and tea as the center notes, while base notes include Agarwood, amber, vanilla orris root, incense, and patchouli.
Scent accord- Amber floral fragrance.
Year launched- 2009

Best Cinnamon Colognes for Men

  • 1 million - Paco Rabanne

A bold fragrance, a true emblem for a man on a mission. It's salty and best described as a sun-drenched leather accord making it a very daring fragrance.
Scent accord-woody spicy fragrance.
Year launched- 2008.

  • Spice bomb Extreme - Viktor & Rolf

A true masculine shade with hot spices that make the scent explosive. Black pepper combined with tobacco is the culprits with added lavender to make it unique. It's warmth and spicy touch drawn from Cinnamon.
Scent Accord-Amber spicy fragrance
Year launched -2015

  • Zara Homme - Zara

It's a combination of bitter and sweet, described as warm, spicy, and sweet. It opens with citrus bergamia, orange blossom water, and sweet orange as top notes, center notes are cinnamon and cardamom, finishing with intense base notes of amber, tokan bean, vanilla, and sandalwood. The elegant bottle design deserves a mention, a plus for the perfume.
Scent Accord- Woody spicy fragrance.
Year launched- 2003

  • Original sandal - Creed

A scent that embodies the spirit of India. It's a long-lasting scent guaranteed to imprint in your subconscious, it is said to have a spiritual effect leaving the wearer infatuated. The top notes are sandalwood (from the trees of India), cinnamon, coriander, and juniper berries, the center notes are rosemary, ginger, lavender, and petitgrain, and tanks bean and vanilla are the base notes.
Scent Accord- Amber woody fragrance.
Year launched- 2005.

  • Tobacco OUD - Tom ford

Inspired by the secrets of Arabia, it's a private blend drawn from previous blends of oud and Arabic tobacco. This masculine scent can also be worn by women because of its sultry effect. It has one top note whisky, spicy heart notes cinnamon, and coriander, with a variety of base notes including agarwood (OUD), sandalwood, patchouli, incense vanilla, cedar, and benzoin.
Scent Accord- woody-spicy fragrance.
Year launched- 2013.

Final Words

Cinnamon scented perfumes remains a favorite for a lot of people. It is an excellent decision to add a cinnamon based perfume to your collection.

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