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Do you know that scents have the ability to reawaken your memories and trigger the feeling of déjà vu?  Also known as 'the Proust effect’, this fact is closely related to studies between the brain’s memory and the olfactory bulb which is the brain’s smell center. With beach-smelling fragrances, you can relive beautiful memories you have of summer.

The perfect fragrance for your day at the beach and other summer day and night outings is inspired by the season itself, fresh scents made for the hot summer, containing notes of vanilla, coconut, lemon and even scents with candid precision containing notes of salt, florals and bergamot. A good number of these perfumes have perfected their notes making sure that you smell like the beach whenever you feel like.

We have curated a list of memory-inciting perfumes that smell like the beach, erupting the feel of water waves splashing and the sea breeze on your face and body. They’ll also remind you of applying sunscreen and sunbathing in the shades. Let’s consider them below:   



Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz is a fresh-fruity fragrance with top notes of coconut nectar and bergamot, middle notes: water fruit and freesia and base notes: sandalwood and tonka bean. It is perfect for both men and women,        

Designed by Delphine Jelk in 2019, Coconut Fizz gives off the calm scent of coconut water, accentuated by citrus notes that give it an exquisite aura with tinges of woody notes, a perfect beach combo!

Unlike some coconut inspired fragrances, it’s coconut notes are not aggressive but soft and mixes well with the other notes with a refined floral note in it’s dry down.



Light blue intense is a fantastic upgrade from its original, “Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue”. This feminine fragrance opens up with top notes of lemon and granny smith apple, blending into heart notes of marigold and jasmine and melting into a blend of amber wood and musk.   

Created in 2017 by Oliver Cresp, it reduces the intensity of citruses in the original and enhances the floral notes of the composition, making it a perfect pick for the summer.



This is an amber floral fragrance for men and women. It captures the warm, sun-kissed aura of remote private islands, with key notes of sea coconut, ylang ylang, and bergamot flower.

In addition to it’s beach vibes, Soleil Blanc exudes the feeling of luxury and can become addictive as a year round endless summer invoking scent.



This would be any woman’s top pick. Bursting with the delicious notes of salted caramel, pistachio, jasmine petals and vanilla, this is an irresistible scent that will transport you to the sun-drenched beaches of Rio.

Spritz Cheirosa all over from head to toe and smell sexy and cool in the hot summer.



Bronze Goddess is a solar floral fragrance for women, a sensuous summery blend of creamy coconut, tiare flower, vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

Perfect for year-round usage, Bronze goddess will incite your memories of the beach smelling like sunscreen lotion/suntan oil infused beach air.



As the name implies, Fancy coconuts is a coconut scent that gives off a flirty tropical vibe in the summer. With notes of pure toasted coconut, a touch of fig, yellow orchid, vanilla flower, sandalwood, orris root, soft musk and a tiny hint of citrus zest, Fancy coconuts is a beachy, sunscreen-y fragrance distilled into a chic glass for anyone who would like to smell fresh.

Perfect for summer outings and occasions, the thick of the heat accentuates the coconut fragrance although it is not annoying or overbearing, just cool and refreshing.


Whether your summer holiday is very far from your reach or just around the corner, you can invoke the scent of summer and relive the delicious times you had at the seaside.

Our top picks above will instantly lift your mood and spirits with a burst of freshness.

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