Perfumes That Smell Like Sunscreen

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We all have those dreamy days when all we want to do is relax by the beach and soak in the day. A much needed vacation to a stowaway on some tropical island and resort. It feels close to reach but somehow it does not quite happen. Well, lucky you, there are fragrances that can bring the dreamy beach and suntan kissed skin to you. This article is going to look at some of the great offerings available on the market.

Perfumes That Smell Like Sunscreen

  • Demeter Fragrance Suntan Lotion

  • Tommy Bahamas Island Life

  • Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

  • Ellen Tracy Bronze

  • AEO Surf

  • Bobbi Brown Beach

  • Bond no 9 Jones Beach

  • Mancera holiday

  • CB I Hate Perfumes At the Beach 1966



Demeter as we know is a specialist in creating very affordable single scent perfumes. Their suntan lotion is no exception. It is an easy daily wear with good projection and sillage. It's floral notes especially orange blossoms wraps you with the feeling of sunshine, warmth and happy feelings. It is a great compliment getter and worth the dime.


This is another sunscreen inspired perfume that wont damage your wallet. It features the notes of star anise, peach and vanilla. Other notes of bergamot, nutmeg and cedar can be noticed. It is a light floral summer perfume with a dash of sunscreen. For those who are not fans of coconut, this one is for you.


Ellen Tracy Bronze is more on the citrusy side of sunscreen fragrances. The top notes are lemonade, bergamot, green apple, then you have the notes of orange blossom, honey suckle, violet leaf and lily of the valley. The base notes are coumarin, heliotrope, vanilla, amber and cedar. It is an amber floral sunscreen perfume with a beautiful scent.


Bobbi brown beach encapsulates the coppertone suntan lotion. It is a beautiful clean scent with notes of jasmine, seawater, mandarin orange and sand. It is floral, pleasing and refreshing with a youthful glow. Making it the perfect addition to your holidays.


Eau de cologne Surf by the famous American clothing brand, American Eagle is a jasmine sunscreen perfume reminiscent of the ocean's air. It is very affordable and can be worn by people of all age groups.


Mancera holidays as fast become one of the signature scents from the mancera line. This sunscreen niche perfume has the notes of bergamot and coconut as it starts out, then ylang ylang, tierra and sea notes. The base notes are sandalwood, vanilla and white musk.



A coppertone suntain lotion perfume. It is easy to wear, a crowd pleaser and fun. The notes include sea water, sand, woody notes and sea shells. It reminds you of a time and place where things are as simple as it gets.

Final WOrds

Sunscreen perfumes are a fun addition to your collection. They also hold memories of holidays and time spent with our loved ones. Which sunscreen perfume is your favorite? Let us know.

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