Creed Virgin Island Water Review

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Creed Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water by Creed is a unisex fragrance of citrus accord. It was inspired by a trip taken by father and son perfumers, Oliver and Erwin Creed to the tropical islands. They were enchanted by the fragrant air with scents of a charming tropical getaway and wanted to capture it in a bottle. They captured the essence by creating Virgin Island water to transport us to the tropical virgin islands.

Virgin Island water on spritzing opens with a note of coconut and lime and a touch of the classic bergamot, followed by the floral notes of Ylang Ylang and Indian jasmine. The coconut persists to the end as the musk sets in with a slight sweetness from the sugarcane. The base notes gives it the masculine aspect while the floral notes embraces the feminine aspect. Get Your Creed Sample, Decant & Full Bottle


Erwin Creed and Olivier Creed.

Year launched: 2007

Scent Accord: Citrus Fragrance

Fragrance Notes:
Top notes are Coconut, Lime, White Bergamot, and Sicilian Mandarin; middle notes are Ginger, Ylang-Ylang, Indian Jasmine, and Hibiscus; base notes are White Rum, Sugar Cane, and Musk.

Longevity:  6-9 hours

Sillage: moderate 

Projection: Moderate

Packaging: The house of creed has a classic signature bottle the differing factor is the label. The original bottle before 2019 had a blue cap and ocean-themed labeling of blue and green, but the bottles released after 2019 have a silver cap.

Strong Points of the Creed Virgin Island Water Perfume

Virgin Island Water by Creed is one of the best niche citrus perfumes you can find, it has a classic consistency that can’t be matched. The citrus combined with the creamy coconut gives a vibrant vibe, this makes the fragrance a perfect pick me up. The combination with the floral scents immediately boosts your mood. Overall the scent cheers you up while taking you on a vacation to a whiff of paradise. The scent of tropical theme and light sillage and projection makes it suitable for summertime and warm climates. This quality also makes it a comfortable day scent. 

Creed Virgin Water island gets a lot of compliments because of its unique combination of notes, especially the dominant coconut. The none offensive nature allows for all occasions, formal or informal settings. 

Frequently asked questions

What does Creed Virgin Island Water Smell like?

Creed Virgin Island Water Smells like coconut, lime, and bergamot at the opening, it eases into floral accords of Indian Jasmine, and Ylang Ylang, and the sweetness from the sugarcane at the base with a light musk complete the fragrance.

How long does Creed Virgin Island Water last?

Creed Virgin Island Water lasts from 6 to 9hours on the skin, with average sillage and projection.

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In a Nutshell

The house of creed is a renowned house of fragrance and has been resilient in the perfume industry for over a century. One of its niche fragrances is Virgin Island Water that is a fresh, tropical, clean, and vibrant fragrance that takes you on a journey to an exotic place and stimulates your mood right away. Get Your Creed Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

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