Ariana Grande Thank U Next Review

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Ariana Grande Thank U Next


Ariana Grande Thank U next is the Seventh perfume by Ariana. It is a floral fruity gourmand designed for women.

For this fragrance, Ariana intended to revisit Ari her original perfume and use it as a base to make this fragrance. The packaging however depicts that it’s an homage to her Thank u next hit single which the perfume is named after.  

The scent is clean and fresh, opening with the fruity scents of raspberry and pear, the floral note of rose is mild with the creamy coconut accord present throughout the fragrance, the musk softens the sweetness of macaron and leaves a quiet lasting trail.

Jerome Epinette 

Year launched: 2019

Scent Accord: Floral Fruity Gourmand

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Raspberry and Pear; middle notes are Coconut and Pink Rose; base notes are Macarons and Musk. 

Longevity:  4 - 6 hours on skin and longer on clothes

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Packaging: The perfume comes in a pink transparent round bottle that sits in a plastic case that is shaped like a broken heart.

Ariana Grande Thank U Next Strong Points

Thank u next is a young and vibrant fragrance that is not very intense so it's very suitable as an everyday scent. With good projection and sillage and longevity, there is no need to spritz it again in the day. It’s a fragrance that would best appeal to younger ladies because of its youthful and sassy vibe, but because it's easy to wear, age should not be a barrier. The fun aspect of the perfume makes it a better day scent. It’s perfect for summer and good for spring too.

Frequently asked questions

What does Ariana Grande Thank U Next perfume smell like?

Ariana Grande Thank U Next perfume smells fruity when it opens with raspberry and pear, the delicate rose petal scent is very mild, with the creamy coconut which is a predominant note in this fragrance, a sugary edge from the macarons which is mellowed down by the musk that gives longevity.

How long does Ariana Grande Thank U, Next last?

Ariana Grande Thank U Next lasts 4-6 hours on skin and remains on clothes for much longer sometimes even after a wash.

Does the Thank U Next perfume smell good?

Thank U Next perfume smells very good. The fruity scent has a domineering creamy coconut and a sassy sugary edge. So it is clean and fresh while being warm and cozy making it more sophisticated.

What does Thank U Next 2.0 smell like?

Thank U Next smells like Berries with a mix of roasted marshmallow and musk. The top notes are Apple juice, Wild Strawberry, and Pomegranate; the middle notes are White Orchid and Jasmine; the base notes are Marshmallow, Musk, and Sandalwood.

In Summation

Comfort with perfumes is essential especially when you need to wear them for your regular activities and feel confident and not overwhelmed by the fragrance. With Ariana Grande Thank U Next, that is what you are guaranteed to get. It's a fun, playful youthful scent that boosts confidence and is well rounded enough to be loved by many.

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