Burberry Brit Men Perfume Review

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Burberry Brit Men Perfume

Burberry is a brand that has been synonymous with style, sophistication, and luxury for over 150 years. The brand's signature trench coat is a staple that's known around the world, and its iconic check pattern has become a symbol of high-couture fashion. In this article, we will take a closer look at Burberry Brit Men perfume, exploring what makes it such a unique and compelling fragrance for men. Whether you're a longtime fan of the brand or a newcomer to the world of fragrance, this review is sure to provide valuable insights into one of the most beloved perfumes on the market.

  • Perfumer: Antoine Maisondieu
  • Year launched: 2004
  • Scent Accord:  Amer Woody
  • Perfume Gender: Masculine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Bergamot, Green Mandarin, Cardamomo, and Ginger
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Spices, Cedar, Nutmeg, and Wild Rose
  • Base notes: At the base Patchouli, Oriental Woods, Cedar, Gray Musk, and Tonka Bean


  • Longevity: 7 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Moderate


The packaging of Burberry Brit Men is simple and elegant. The bottle is gray in color and has the signature Burberry print on it, giving it its signature look. The overall design of the packaging is very minimalist, with a focus on the beauty of the fragrance. The gray color of the bottle gives it a masculine and sophisticated look, while the signature Burberry print adds a touch of luxury. 


Burberry Brit Men is a fragrance that exudes a mild yet captivating aura, making it an inoffensive and powdery scent dominated by rose and tonka bean notes. While it may not be a must-buy for everyone, it certainly has its merits and appeals to those seeking a versatile fragrance option.

This fragrance finds its stride during the daytime in the fall season, offering a warm and inviting presence. It strikes a delicate balance, as it may lack the intensity required for the winter months and may feel a bit too cozy for hot weather. An ideal occasion to wear Burberry Brit Men would be a coffee date or a business meeting, particularly during the fall and early spring. Its subtle nature and unisex appeal contribute to its versatility, while its seasonal character adds a touch of exclusivity.

As the scent progresses, the dry down offers a pleasant experience, although it may pale in comparison to the intoxicating opening. The linear nature of Burberry Brit Men contributes to this perception, as it lacks the dynamic evolution typically expected in fragrances. It's like witnessing the grand finale of a fireworks show at the beginning rather than the end.

Final Thoughts

Described as a mild warm spice fragrance, Burberry Brit Men embodies a sense of simplicity and cleanliness. Its soft-spoken demeanor presents a lovely compromise, appealing to those who seek a fragrance with a more understated personality. The scent opens boldly, with a vibrant combination of ginger and citrus that demands attention. Enveloped by a cloud of powdery rose, this bouquet, although on the verge of being overpowering, commands admiration due to its sheer impact. The opening stage of the fragrance stands out as the most intriguing and captivating.

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