Ysl Libre Perfume Review

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Ysl Libre Perfume

YSL Libre is a fragrance that has been designed to be a bold floral scent for women. Launched by Yves Saint Laurent in 2019, this scent has become a favorite among women who want to feel confident and empowered. In this article, we will take a closer look at YSL Libre perfume, exploring what makes it such a unique and compelling fragrance for women. 

  • Perfumer: Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaim
  • Year launched: 2019
  • Scent Accord: Amber Fougere
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Petitgrain, Black Currant, Mandarin Orange, and Lavender
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Lavender
  • Base notes: At the base, Ambergris, Cedar, Musk, and Madagascar Vanilla


  • Longevity: All day
  • Sillage: Strong
  • Projection: Wide


YSL Libre has a packaging that looks very fancy and luxurious. The YSL emblem is wrapped around the clear glass bottle, which has a black and gold theme. The black cap has gold chains wrapped around it, adding a touch of luxury to the overall design. The sleek, asymmetrical black cap is decorated with textured gold chains, while a golden YSL logo adorns the base of the bottle. The packaging is chic and elegant, with a unique design that sets it apart from other perfume bottles. 


YSL Libre is a fragrance that beautifully combines sweetness and florals, while still asserting its presence with confidence. It opens with an abundance of vanilla, evoking nostalgic memories of orange creamsicles during the dry down. The longevity and sillage of Libre are impressive, ensuring that its warm and feminine aura lasts for hours, making it a perfect choice for the winter season.

Despite these mixed opinions, Libre possesses a unique character that sets it apart. The white florals in Libre are not overtly sexy or innocent, but rather fresh and inviting, yet assertive. These florals are grounded by herbaceous lavender, which adds a touch of strength and boldness to the fragrance, creating a sense of professional femininity. The marine-vanilla base brings to mind the allure of the seaside during the cooler months, a nostalgic connection for those who have experienced coastal winters.

The opening of Libre showcases an interplay of white flowers and citrus, infusing the fragrance with brightness and elegance. As it warms up on the skin, the lavender becomes more prominent, further enhancing the fragrance's maturity. The combination of florals and lavender creates a unisex quality, representing both classic femininity and masculine strength, ultimately painting a picture of a strong and empowered woman.

Final Thoughts

Wearing Libre is like being enveloped in a cocoon of decorum. It exudes an air of propriety, making it an ideal choice for important moments and being in the presence of significant individuals in your life. In a way, it serves as a replacement for the beloved Chanel Allure, providing a sense of refinement and sophistication. While Libre may not offer the same level of artistic expression or moments of beauty as Mon Guerlain Intense, it fulfills the need for a reliable and dignified fragrance in one's collection.

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