Replica Beach Walk Perfume Review

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Replica Beach Walk

Replica Beach Walk perfume from Maison Margiela is an exciting and unique fragrance that captures the feeling of a seaside stroll. It has a light, airy scent that evokes feelings of summer and relaxation. In this review, we will take a closer look at this lovely scent and discuss its lasting power and unique notes. We will also look at how it compares to other fragrances in the same range. So, if you are looking for a light and airy scent that will transport you to the beach, then this might be the perfect fragrance for you.

  • Perfumer: Marie Salamagne and Jacques Cavallier 
  • Year launched: 2012
  • Scent Accord: Floral Fruity Gourmand
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Pink Pepper, Lemon and Bergamot
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Heliotrope, Ylang- Ylang and Coconut Milk
  • Base notes: At the base, Cedar, Benzoin and Musk


  • Longevity: 5 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Moderate


Replica Beach Walk is quite simplistic in its packaging, but it is elegant. The light brown liquid is contained in a cylindrical-shaped bottle with no cap covering the atomiser. The details of the perfume are clearly written on the front of the bottle, making it easy to read. Overall, the packaging is minimalistic and modern.


Maison Margiela's Replica line is known for its ability to capture fleeting moments in time and place through fragrance. One of the scents in this line is Beach Walk, a soft, powdery, warm, and comforting fragrance that lasts a long time. It transports the wearer to a beach boardwalk, evoking childhood memories of East Coast beach towns like Ocean City, Rehoboth, Cape May, and the Eastern Shore boardwalks.

The fragrance captures the essence of sunscreens, but in the best way possible, with a hint of classic coconut and banana accords. It has a slight lactonic quality that provides a natural musk effect, making it a perfect summer scent. Despite being labeled as a Mediterranean beach scent, Beach Walk is not limited to tropical vacations, making it a suitable fragrance for spring as well.

Like Lazy Sunday, another scent in the Replica line, Beach Walk is a gentle, intimate musky scent. However, it differs in that it transports the wearer to the boardwalk rather than the bedroom. The fragrance is reminiscent of a warm and inviting smell, perfect for summertime. The perfume’s ability to capture memories of East Coast beach towns is impressive, making it a nostalgic and comforting fragrance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Beach Walk by Maison Margiela is a warm, powdery, and comforting fragrance that transports the wearer to a boardwalk on the East Coast. Its ability to capture the essence of suntan lotion and the accompanying smells is impressive, and the lactonic quality gives it a "your skin but better" effect. While it may not be suitable for those who dislike the coconut sunscreen/baby powder vibe, it is perfect for those who want to relive their childhood memories of the beach. Overall, Beach Walk is an excellent addition to the Replica line and a must-try fragrance for those who love nostalgic and comforting scents.

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