Perfume vs Deodorant

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Smelling good and beautiful has always been a confidence booster for humans. That's why we have different fragrance for different events. There are fragrances we wear to the office, those that makes us comfortable at the bar or club. These scents now has different form in which they are made.

Perfumes are one of the strongest fragrances you would ever see as they contain a very high concentration of fragrance essential oil. Have you ever hugged a person wearing perfume and you noticed that after the person left you can still perceive the scent in you. Perfumes are that strong and intense to the extent that they can be transferred from the wearer to another person or an object.

This propensity of humans to smell nice also make them more conscious of their body odour. You can sometimes catch yourself taking a whiff of your armpits to see if your body odour is good. That's why deodorants are manufactured, to give and enhance a better body odour. It is one of the basic essential that one must put on before leaving the house. It saves you from being too conscious of how people would perceive you, instead it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

What is a Perfume?


A perfume is a liquid mixture of various fragrance components and organic aromatic compounds to form a fragrant liquid that can be sprayed or dabbed to give out a pleasant scent. Pure perfumes infuses the wearer with a strong and intense scent that lasts for almost a day.

Perfumes contain about 20% to 40% fragrance oil in their composition. They have mostly heavy scent accords that perimeter well and stays around for a long time. They are costly and rarely used for casual events. They come in fancy looking designed bottles that are modeled and advertised by popular faces.

What is Deodorant?


Deodorant is a combination of fragrance oil, alcohol, chemicals and anti microbial compounds that neutralizes offensive body odour and controls the rate of sweating. Deodorants compose of only a minute amount of fragrance oil, 1% to 3%, and more of alcohol and anti microbial chemicals.

Deodorants are not made for its fragrance but have a more clinical value as it suppresses natural body odour. Deodorants reduces the amount of sweat, thereby reducing the probability of microorganisms growing on the armpit. Its anti microbial elements then combats the microbes that have settled on the sweat and causing the body odour. Deodorizers suppresses the natural body odour and enhance a better body odour.

Difference between Perfume and Deodorant

As perfumes are more of a fragrance bestowing cosmetic, they have lots of fragrance oil. Deodorants, however, are more of an anti microbial mixture that offsets the activities of microbes that gives off bad body odour. The factors that make perfumes and deodorants differs are extensive and significant. The intensity of perfume and deodorant differs as they have different scent strength. Perfumes have more intense scents that permeate the air quickly and lingers for some time. Their prices, concentration, genetic makeup and application are also not the same.


The major difference between perfumes and deodorants lies in their composition and concentration of fragrance oil. Perfumes have a lot of fragrance oil fixed in a base of alcohol that bestows an amazing scent on the wearer. They have a more oilier composition than that of deodorants.

Deodorants are mostly manufactured with alcohol anti microbial compounds to kill bacteria and sterilize the skin. They also have deodorizers that conceal any unpleasant body odour. It contains just 1% to 3% of fragrance oul Rhat gives a brisk scent. Deodorants contain mostly chemicals and alcohol and a bit of fragrance oil.


The rate at which the scent evaporates and wanes on the wearer after application differs in perfumes and deodorants. Though these differences also differ from brand to brand. Generally, perfumes take much longer before it starts wearing off on the wearer. It could be around 10 to 24 hours before the scent begins to lessen after application.

Deodorant evaporates quicker than perfumes being that it doesn't have much fragrance oil in its composition. It starts to wear off after about 2 hours after use and therefore would need repeated application throughout the day. Deodorant is, therefore, ought to be carried around if you are going out for some hours.


The differences in the more of application of perfumes and that of deodorants are to be observed. Perfumes being a more prevailing and robust scent are preferably used on clothes and pulse points in smaller quantities. They are applied in small spurts or dabs so as not to be overwhelming.

Deodorants are applied to the armpit area as it covers the scent of sweat or any other body of our with it's fresher one. It is applied immediately after shower before sweating. It is rubbed or kneaded into the armpit area to cover the whole area. This should not be too much as it can cause a black residue when over applied.


Perfumes are the kind of fragrances that are good for fancy and elegant events to cive a flamboyant and exotic scent to the wearer. You can wear perfume as an office wear or to a gala or exhibition.

Deodorants, however, can be used to any occasion as its main function is to mask undesirable body odour. It can be used by active people to reduce the rate of sweating when they are exerted. Deodorants can be used anywhere at anytime, though it can be paired with perfumes or body sprays to give a more outdoorsy and stronger scent.

Difference between Perfume and Deodorant (Table)

Though it might be a common knowledge that deodorants are not the same as perfumes, but their differences might not be clear. These are their differences in summary.



1. Perfumes have about 20% to 40% concentration of fragrance oil.

Deodorant contains about 1% to 2% fragrance oil.

2. It is usually applied to clothing materials.

It is made especially for use on armpits.

3. It takes longer to dry because of the oil content.

It evaporates quickly as it has more alcoholic content.

4. It is produced mainly as a fragrance that gives a pleasant smell.

It is produced as a fragrance that masks an unpleasant smell.

5. Perfumes are worn for leisure or non-active events.

Deodorants are used by active people that engage in sporting activities.

6. The scent of perfumes can last for a whole day or more.

Deodorant loses its scent very quickly and has to be reapplied regularly.

7. Perfumes are mostly worn on special occasions.

Deodorants are an everyday essential.

8. Perfumes are expensive due to the higher concentration of fragrance oil.

Deodorants are cheap as they contain a low percentage of fragrance oil.

9. It has an intense and dominating scent usually woody and amber notes.

Deodorant gives a very light flowery or synthetic scent that masks any unpleasant body odour.

10. It usually comes in form of oils and sprays.

It can come in form of gel, spray, roll or solid stick applicator.


Perfumes and deodorants are both used to give a pleasant scent to the wearer. Perfumes are just stronger and long lasting than deodorants. Besides, deodorants are specifically used for the armpits to mask body odours. Depending on your own personal need and preferences, you might decide to buy deodorant instead of perfume or you can buy the two together. It all comes down to your own specific needs at the moment.


When is deodorant used?

    Deodorants are used when you have just had your bath. Deodorants are to be applied immediately after a shower, before sweating starts. The deodorants, therefore, reduce the amount of sweat and control the odour coming from the armpits.

    Does deodorants cause black armpits?

      Deodorants can cause black armpits depending on various factors. A lot of factors such as shaving method, body cream or deodorant can cause black armpits. Due to the chemical composition of some deodorants, they might cause a black residue on the armpits that can change their colour.

      Are deodorants harmful to the skin?

        Deodorants are sometimes harmful to the skin depending on their composition. Deodorants are naturally meant to be safe on the skin, especially the sensitive skin of the armpits. Some deodorants, however, have some harsh chemical compositions that can affect the skin and cause irritations or allergies.

        Can I put perfume on my armpits?

          Perfume is not advisable to be put on your armpit but sometimes it can be dabbed there to give a more satisfying result. It ensures that you smell pleasantly throughout the day. Some people prefer using perfume as it would last a longer time and project a stronger scent.

          Are deodorants for males only?

            Deodorants are not for males only, they can be used by both genders. Since deodorants are used to mask unpleasant, body odours and this is applicable for both male and female. It is a misconception that deodorant is for male only, females also have body odours and therefore, they cann use deodorant to mask it.

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