Perfume vs Body Mist

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Fragrances are some of the essential commodities that must be have in a wardrobe. From your body wash to body cream down to your perfume, they are all containing fragrances. The common mistakes that we make however is is in taking perfumes and body mists as the same. I mean, are they not both liquid fragrances that we spray on our body to make us smell nice and good? Yes, they are. But there are certain things that differentiate perfumes from body mist.

Perfumes have mostly strong notes in its composition while body mists are an airy concoction of light fragrances. Their scent intensity and concentration differs and these reflects in their price and packaging. They are also lasts for different time duration as the rate at which their scent is released and dissipates varies.

What is Perfume?



Perfumes are fragrances with a high concentration of fragrance oil of about 20% 40%. They have a very strong and longlasting scent that could last for 10 hours to a whole day. They are very costly and not commonly used except for special occasions.

What is Body Mist?

Body Mist

Body mists are fragrances that have a very low concentration of fragrance oil in a water base solvent. They have a light and airy scent which dissipates quickly enough in a short time. Body mists are very cheap and comes in large bottles.

Difference between Perfume and Body Mist

The differences between perfumes and body manifests in many aspects. They differ in their concentration with perfumes having a very high concentration and body mists having a very weak concentration. The difference in concentration is responsible for how readily available body mists are as they don't need much fragrance oil in their composition.

Their intensity is another aspect where they differ. Due to the higher concentration of fragrance oil in perfumes, they have a more intense scent that overpowers. These differences can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on the way you view it and personal preferences.


The concentration of fragrance oil differs in different types of fragrances. Pure perfumes have the highest possible concentration of fragrance oil. Perfumes contains 20% to 40% of fragrance oil in a base of alcohol. They are the most concentrated type of fragrance with reduced amount of alcohol.

Body mists do not contain much fragrance oil, they only have about 1% to 3% of fragrance oil. They are mostly made of water, their water base is made into a gaseous form. Therefore body mists are among the least concentrated fragrances.


The scent of perfume are always deep and heavy in the air and they longer for a while. They are usually bold and dense after a few spritz on the clothes. Perfumes have an intense scent that sometimes can choke the people who perceive it even the wearer especially in closed spaces.

Body mists are the kind or fragrances that you can apply in copious amounts and it will still not cause any irritations. Their intensity is usually poor and they don't permeate well. Their trail is weak and sillage is poor. They are often sprayed all over the body to get a respectable intensity and this fades quite easily after some time.


Perfumes and body mists have contrasting longevity, their staying power differs greatly. Perfumes have a much slower rate of evaporation as the oil would make it adhere longer to the wearer. It would therefore take a long time before it starts to evaporate.

Body mists are a different story altogether. Body mists just take around 1 to 2 hours before the scent is completely gone. It has a very poor staying property as it evaporates very quickly due to its gaseous nature. Body mists needs regular touch-ups every hour or so to maintain its scent all day long.


Perfumes and body mists are applied in different ways and to different places on the wearer. Perfumes are usually applied after getting dressed and therefore could be applied on clothes to make it lasts longer. It could also be applied on pulse points on the skin.

Body mists are generally applied to the skin directly as it is designed to be compatible with the skin. They can be used immediately after taking your bath and rubbing body lotion. This makes the body to be hydrated and makes the scent to stick longer on the skin. The skin therefore smells great for up to 2 hours before it fades away.


Perfumes and body mists are suited for different occasions and this differences must be observed. Perfumes are usually applied when going out on a prolonged outing. If you are going out for the whole day and want to wear your scent once and for all, perfume is your best option.

Body mists are more likely to be used when you are going out on a short lunch date, a trip down the street, a book reading meeting or you are going on a shopping errand. These quick and short duration events really need perfume, a body mists is okay and would serve its purpose.

Difference between Perfume and Body Mist (Table)

Perfumes and body mists are as different as day and night, they can not possibly be mistaken for each other. These are the various differences between the classic perfume and a regular body mist.


Body Mist

1. Perfumes have about 20%-40% fragrance oil in their composition.

Body mists have only about 1%-3% fragrance oil in its make-up.

2. The scent of perfumes are usually heavy and strong.

The scent is very light and airy in body mists.

3. Perfumes are much oily and dense in nature.

Body mists are gaseous in nature.

4. They are expensive and not commonly used.

They are very cheap and common in the cosmetic section.

5. Perfumes are more suited for elegant parties as they smell more luxurious.

Body mists are perfect for a quick coffee date or a shopping trip.

6. Perfumes has a great projection and sillage.

Body mists have poor projection and sillage.

7. Perfumes are usually applied on clothes and skin.

Body mists are applied directly to the body or skin.

8. Perfumes can be used by male and females alike.

Body mists are generally mostly used by females.

9. It has more fragrance oil mixed with the alcohol base.

Body mists usually have a water base with little fragrance oil.

10. Perfumes are used once and lasts for the whole day.

Body mists are usually reapplied every now and then as it fades after 1-2 hours.


Now, we know more about the differences between perfumes and body mists and can choose which one would be perfect for different reasons. Body mists though have poor longevity have a lot of advantage and uses. They are cheaper and less concentrated so they are suitable for sensitive skin even more than the perfume. Perfumes are more elegant and bold with strong accords. The choice between perfumes and body mists all depends on the type of skin, price and occasion.


What is body mist used for?

Body mists can be used for a variety of purpose such as air freshener, sleep enhancer and body fragrance. Body mists can be spritzed all around the house to freshen the atmosphere. Stuffy clothes that have been in the wardrobe for some time can be sprayed with body mists and aired out to get rid of the stuffiness. Due to their fresh and clean scent, body mists can be sprayed on pillows at night to enhance sleep.

Can I spray body mists on hair?

Body mists can be sprayed on hair as they have a lot of water that tempers the effect of any harzadous chemical component. The hair can be hydrated and sprayed from a distance to give it a more pleasant smell. Though some body mists can be harsh to some hair type.

Can I use body mist and perfume together?

Body mists can be used together with perfume to increase its intensity as d make it last longer. When using body mists and perfumes together, they should be of the same scent accord or close to each other so that they would not be contrasting each other. 

How can I make my body mist last longer?

Body mists can be made to last longer by layering the fragrance. Fragrance layering is when you use various cosmetic products together to intensify the fragrance. A scented body wash can be used for showering. After shower, you can then use a body cream or lotion of the same scent, spray the body mists to make it adhere to the hydrated skin. Showering opens the pore on the skin which makes it easier for it to absorb the scent.

Which takes longer to expire between perfumes and body mists?

Body mists takes longer to expire than perfumes as it mainly has a water base and little fragrance oil. Perfumes on the other hand has a lot of oil in its composition and this makes it age faster than other fragrances.

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