Parfums de Marly Meliora Review

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Parfums de Marly Meliora

Parfums De Marly designed this floral green fragrance for women as a symbol of femininity. Just as the consistency of breeding horses, Parfums De Marly has once again embodied this practice and shown sophistication and quality assurance with the creation of Meliora. The dedication put into the meticulous process of formulating fragrances is evident in this beautiful scent.

Meliora opens with fruity juicy notes  of berries, by the tenth minute the floral scents have kicked in with prominent rose and Ylang, Ylang, and depending on skin chemistry the Jasmine may pop up, it dries down to musky vanilla that elongates the scent. Get Your Meliora Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

Nathalie Lorson.

Year launched: 2013

Scent Accord: Floral Green fragrance

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Raspberry, Red Berries, and Lemon essence ; middle notes are Rose, Jasmine tea , and Ylang-Ylang; base notes are Cedar wood Musk and Vanilla.

Longevity: 6 to 8 hours

Sillage: Moderate

Projection: Moderate

Packaging: The perfume is presented in a cream-colored bottle and a golden cap. Not forgetting the beautiful cream-colored tassels around the neck of the bottle.

Parfums de Marly Meliora Strong Points 

Meliora by Parfums De Marly is a clean, airy scent with a creamy element, it is a perfect dress-up fragrance. It is not very formal because it's such a happy scent so it suits casual occasions and events. Owning to its juicy fruity signature it is great for warm seasons, summer and spring, maybe fall. Its sillage and projection will get you some compliments as you get to enjoy it with those around you. Its versatile nature allows for a diverse generation use, so it can be worn by women of all ages. Get Your Meliora Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

Meliora has tremendous longevity so once you apply it you are good for the day or night. It's an ultra-feminine scent so it's suitable for any day you would like to let out and embrace your inner goddess. Fair warning though, this fragrance has a sourness to it, this can be blamed on the raspberries, so if you are not comfortable with sourness in a scent, just pick another floral scent by Parfums De Marly.

Frequently asked questions

What does Parfums de Marly Meliora smell like?

Parfums De Marly Meliora smells like sweet juicy fruits combined with fresh flowers and creamy vanilla. It opened with the fruit notes of raspberry and red berries,  fresh floral scents follow, and finally creamy vanilla with musk.

How long does Meliora Parfums de Marly last?

Meliora Parfums de Marly lasts between 6 to 8 hours on the skin. The sillage is moderate as it leaves a sensational scent trail behind. The projection is moderate as well it's a scent you should be ready to share with those around you.

In conclusion

In the fragrance industry, there is no scarcity of fruity floral fragrances, as matter of fact, it had been claimed that Meliora by Parfums De Marly scent is similar to other perfumes. The opposite of that is true, Meliora boasts of hailing from a luxurious brand rooted in the history of the hay days of perfumes. It’s a brand of luxury and warrants the best version of your feminine self. Get Your Meliora Sample, Decant & Full Bottle

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