Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif Review

Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif

Delina exclusif by Parfums De Marly is a spin off of Delina. It is an amber fragrance for her, launched as a mature version of Delina. The perfume is the true epitome of the perfume house tradition of marrying the classic French fragrances from the golden age of perfumes, with the contemporary new age perfumery.

Delina Exclusif has litchi, Rose, and Vanilla opening,  it has a strong Oud and Musk dries out. The amber in the fragrance is present though mild. The pear also pales to the back of the fragrance. Get Your Delina Exclusif Sample, Decant & Full Bottle.

Quentin Bisch

Year launched:2018

Scent Accord: Amber fragrance

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Litchi, Pear, and Bergamot; center notes are Turkish Rose, Agarwood (Oud), and Incense; base notes are Vanilla, Amber, and Woody Notes

Longevity: 8+ hours

Sillage: Strong

Projection: Strong 

Packaging: The packaging is just is a Delina copycat. The same pink matte hourglass-shaped bottle with the silky pink tassels embellishing the neck. The distinction is the name Delina Exclusif at the front bottom end of the bottle.

Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif Perfume Strong Points

Delina Exclusif has a mouth-watering effect, either from the milky rose or from the delicious fruity accords. Whichever you detect, the elixir is a must-have because it is enticing and inviting and as a fragrance that is an extraordinary quality. Delina Exclusif has a richness and depth owing to the Oud, Vanilla, and Musk which has opened fragrance to men. It is an all-seasons fragrance but its richness can best endure the dark autumn and winter days. It is great day wear but suits the evening and night better. The strong projection and sillage depict high quality and value for coin fragrance. Get Your Delina Exclusif Sample, Decant & Full Bottle for the full experience.

Frequently asked questions

What does Delina Exclusif smell like?

Delina Exclusif smells like, Litchi, Rose with Vanilla initially, it’s has a commanding Oud and Musk, with her slight amber. The Vanilla, Oud, and Musk give the fragrance depth.

Which is better Delina and Delina Exclusif?

Between Delina and Delina Exclusif not any one of them is better. They are both equally strong scents with different strong points, Delina is a fresh, crisp, youthful delight while Delina Exclusif is warmer, mature, dark, deeper, and sultry. When it comes to the scent they both have dominant Rose albeit Delina has fruity and Rhubarb punch while Delina Exclusif has an Oud-vanilla musk, with a light Amber.

Is Delina Exclusif powdery?

The only way Delina Exclusif is powdery is in the powdery/dusty pink matte bottle. The fragrance can be described as warm, rich, deep, and sultry.  Not to dismiss the claim, skin chemistry can cause a fragrance to give off a baby powdery scent.

In a Nutshell

Delina Exclusif feels like the continuation of a good fragrance with a different twist. Get Your Delina Exclusif Sample, Decant & Full Bottle spray it on with two to three spritz and immediately you will feel the need to go out and have an experience. A fragrance that illustrates itself, brings out sensuality and sultriness.

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