Mancera Instant Crush Review

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Mancera Instant Crush

Instant crush is a phenomenon from the House of Mancera. Mancera was founded by Pierre Montale a Master perfumer with adventures around the world garnering experience in perfumery. He has created this fragrance ready to leave a mark in the fragrance world. 

Mancera Instant crush opens with a sweet candy-like scent with juicy citruses, and saffron that brings a leather-like essence. A woody amber is present in the fragrance from the opening despite being a heart note. The floral notes are evident in the background at the heart and towards the base. The dry dorm offers a creamy woody base from sandalwood, vanilla, and Musk.

Pierre Montale.

Year launched: 2019

Scent Accord: Oriental Floral fragrance.

Gender: Women and Men.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes are Saffron, Ginger, Sicilian Mandarin, and Sicilian Bergamot; middle notes are Amber wood, Moroccan Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, and Indonesian Patchouli Leaf; base notes are Madagascar Vanilla, Sandalwood, White Musk, and Oakmoss.

Season: Autumn and Winter.

Longevity: 10 to 12 hours

Sillage: Strong

Projection: Strong

Packaging: Instant crush is contained in a Mancera-style bottle with a gradient color from transparent to solid gold. The name is written in gold on a white sticker. The cap is a screw-on so it keeps secure reducing the chance of spillage.

Mancera Instant Crush Perfume Strong Points

Mancera is a mesmerizing fragrance, one of those all-time favorites that are accepted by a great number of people. With high complexity, the fragrance evolves and welcomes a new experience with each level.

Instant Crush has warmth from the base notes that make it a perfect Autumn and Winter scent. The fragrance’s strong and dense quality makes it tough to wear when it’s hot so to avoid being overwhelmed it’s reasonable to wear in the evening during warmer seasons. The setting sillage leaves a good impression on the wearer and anyone else getting a whiff. The fact that the fragrance is unisex draws both men and women without prejudice. Anyone above the age of twenty can pull it off, teenagers might find this fragrance too serious. 

Frequently asked questions

What does instant crush by Mancera smell like?

Instant Crush by Mancera smells like a perfect combination of amber and saffron. It opened up sweet, with citrus notes from the mandarin and bergamot, saffron adds a masculine touch and eatery texture and its combination with amber makes a divine entrance to the scent. The middle floral notes then appear but hang around at the back of the fragrance. The base notes finish strong with vanilla bringing back the sweetness, with sandalwood and Musk encompassing the fragrance with creamy musk.

Is Mancera’s instant crush feminine?

Mancera’s  Instant crush is feminine and masculine at the same time. One of the best unisex fragrances around.

To Wrap it up.

Mancera Instant Crush stands up to its name and you instantly have an unimaginable dire desire to have and smell it. It is a universal elixir that performs without fail, as it has little to no drawbacks. Pick one up for an alluring adventure full of compliments.

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