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Lily also known as lillium is a genus of herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs, which all has large prominent flowers. They bloom in cold temperate regions and in the summer or late spring. Lily is one of the most well-known flowers, with a height of 60-180cm. it has many uses and symbols attached to it, it comes in different colors usually orange, white, yellow, purple and red in color.

Lilies have bulbs that are eatable, usually eaten to reduce internal heat. The bulb can be dried to add some spice to soups and they taste like potatoes. Lilies can’t be ingested by cat because it can result in their death but totally harmless to human, so if you have a cat, you need to be careful.


Lilies are flowering plants with large fragrant flowers. They are planted to beautify an environment due to their beautifully patterned flowers. Lilies have been used to decorate houses and fill some sweet scent into the atmosphere, though some lilies have no scent at all.

Lilies like the the Madonna Lily, Casablanca Lily, the Stargazer Lily and the Easter Lily are popularly used in perfumery because they have a sweet and spicy fragrance that has a good longevity.

In ancient times the Madonna lily was used by the ancient Greek to create a perfume called Susinon.

In modern times, Lilies have also been used in a lot of popular perfumes. Perfume houses such as Victoria's Secret, Fragonard, Renee, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Frederick Maller has fuse some Lily notes in some of their perfumes.


  • Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranean


Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranean

A floral fragrance that was made in 2000 by Eduoard Flechier, it is designed to be worn by warm and dominant women. Top notes are sea water and ginger. The heart notes are Lily, Angelica, orange blosson and lotus. While the base notes, a musky note is combined with vanilla to give a very attractive dry down.

  • Ava Luxe Madonna Lily


Ava Luxe Madonna Lily

This Lily perfume is a combination of fresh, spicy, soft, sweet and green accords. It was created by Serena Ava Franco. Madonna Lily is a soft and sweet smelling fragrance that gives out a relaxing feeling. Notes of green leaves and lily musk are very dominant throughout to the dry down.

  • Fragonard Mon Lys


Fragonard Mon Lys is a fragrance that belongs to the Floral Woody Musk category and was launched in 2017. The perfumer for this fragrance is Celine Ellena. It opens with top notes of Clementine, pepper, pink and saffron. Right at the heart notes are ylang-ylang, Lily, and Neroli while For the base notes, cedar, musk and Virginian.

  • Estee Lauder Pleasures


Estee Lauder Pleasures

Pleasures is another notable Lily perfume created by Estee Lauder. A perfect summer fragrance, which is also classified under floral fragrance. Lily and peony notes are the most notable in this perfume with drops of pink pepper and jasmine. The fragrance has a moderate sillage and longevity.

  • Cartier Basier Vole


Cartier Basier Vole

Basier Vole is a Floral Green Fragrance by the house Cartier. It was launched in 2011, this fragrance was created by Perfumer Mathilde Laurent. Top notes are citrus and Lily. Lily can also be found in the heart notes and even down to the base notes. The base notes, green Lily and also some green notes.

  • Victoria's Secret Wild Scarlet


Victoria's Secret Wild Scarlet

This is a Fresh and sweet fragrance, Wild Scarlet is designed to bring out the adventurous side of a woman. A Floral Fruity fragrance that has a soft and spicy accord that is so green and yet so modern. Lily, Red apple, aloe vera and chamomile are the important notes in this classy and exuberant perfume.

  • Renee Mediterranean Lily


Pear, Lily and nectarine are the whiffs that you would get from this 2000s fragrance. Renee Mediterranean Lily is a floral arrangement of different fragrant flowers created by the talented Perfumer Renee Griffith. The notes that you would get from this fragrance are Lily, bergamot, jasmine, water Lily sandalwood and gardenia.

  • Bath and Body Works Midsummer Dream


Bath and Body Works Midsummer Dream

This is one of the latest perfumes launched in 2021, Midsummer Dream is a floral fruity fragrance by bath and body works. It is a mixture of many accords such as white floral, sweet, fruity soft and spicy. It emanates out an aquatic scent that has a moderate longevity and sillage.

  • Victoria's Secret Total Attraction


Victoria's Secret Total Attraction

Total Attraction is a floral fragrance for women with an alluring combo of Lily and orchid which gives meaning to its name. It was launched in 2014, it is one of the popular perfume from Victoria's Secret. It has a moderately long scent and also a moderate sillage.

  • Fragonard Fragonard


Fragonard Fragonard

This is a lily perfume that combines notes of Lily, jasmine, Amber, honeysuckle and Bergamot. It is a floral fragrance made for women.


  • Nautica Aqua Rush Gold

  • Gucci Made to Measure

  • Nautica Blue

  • Abercrombie and Fitch Summer Cologne

  • Zara Olfactive No.6 Elegantly Tokyo


What does Lily smells like?

How lily smells like varies depending on the type of liliy, some have a strong citrusy scent, while some have a very sweet and soft smell. However, they have a nice and appealing scent.

Is Lily the best flower for perfumes?

Lily are one of the most used flowers when it comes to perfume due to their nice and astounding scents, Lily is among the top 10 best flowers for perfumes.

Does Lily fragrances last long?

Lily has an average longevity, how long it last is depending on the type of perfume or the concentration, which can also be affected by some factors. It could be the time of the day or season, it is also affected by the skin type.

Is Lily really harmful?

Lily is totally harmless and no side effects, but this is not the same with cats. Lilies are highly poisonous to cats, which can lead to irritation or death.

Is Lily of the Valley also a Lily?

Lily of the valley are not true lilies because they do not belong to the same genus as true lilies, they are classified under the genus Convallaria which is not the same as genus Lilium of the true lilies.


Lily gives a soft and alluring combination, they demand attention which attract compliments. Lily is mainly used in perfumes, most especially for women but some can be worn by men. Lily perfumes are absolutely one of the best fragrance in the world.

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