Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review

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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

Lady Gaga Fame is both seductive and enigmatic. This floral perfume is bright and fluffy, unlike the traditional rose/jasmine fragrance. With its unique and memorable scent, Lady Gaga's Fame has become an iconic part of the celebrity fragrance world. In this review, we take a closer look at Lady Gaga's Fame perfume to see if it lives up to its reputation. We will discuss the perfume's scent and overall performance, helping you decide if this is the right scent for you.

  • Perfumer: N/A
  • Year launched: 2012
  • Scent Accord: Amber Floral 
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Notes: Saffron, Jasmine Sambac, Belladonna, Orchid, Incense, Apricot and Honey


  • Longevity: 5-6 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Moderate


The packaging of Lady Gaga Fame perfume is as unique and innovative as the fragrance itself. The glass bottle has a golden cap, and the juice itself is black, which gives the overall appearance a dark and mysterious look. The bottle is egg-shaped, with a claw-like cap, which adds a touch of edginess to the design. The black liquid sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne, which is a unique feature of this perfume. The packaging misrepresentation of the fragrance, which is light, sweet, and fruity, despite its dark hue. The perfume references the allure of fame and fortune with its sweet scent and gold crown, a theme that Lady Gaga has often explored in her career. 


Lady Gaga Fame is a fragrance that impresses with its concept and visuals. The black liquid is a unique feature that captures attention, reflecting Lady Gaga's originality and creativity. The fragrance works best during the cooler seasons of fall and winter, as it exudes a sweet and opulent scent that can be both classy and sexy.

Here, the combination of apricot, incense, and honey creates a blend that is both intense and cheerful, making it suitable for both young and old. The fragrance starts with a heavy floral scent of jasmine and orchid, which quickly gives way to honeyed apricots with saffron and orchid. The dry-down is a delicious blend of incense and belladonna that is both decadent and enticing.

Despite the positive aspects of this fragrance, it has some flaws. The scent does not maintain its sweetness, drying down to a more manly aqua scent that some may find disappointing. The fragrance lacks oomph and character, with everything being tame, timid, and subdued, which may not satisfy those who prefer a bolder scent.

While the aroma is pleasant and enticing, it does not last long and does not project well. The fragrance's well-blended and balanced notes include softly sweet fruity notes, creamy florals, and a hint of incense, but everything feels abstract and subdued.

Final Thoughts

Lady Gaga Fame is a unique and interesting fragrance that captures attention with its visuals and concept. Despite its flaws, those who appreciate a more subdued fragrance with a touch of sweetness may find this to be a very pleasing addition to their collection.

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