Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume Review

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Jimmy Choo Exotic Perfume

Jimmy Choo Exotic is a fragrance that exudes femininity and sensuality. Launched in 2013, this floral fruity scent is perfect for women who want to feel confident and alluring. It features a unique blend of notes that create a sparkling and spicy aroma with a hint of musk. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Jimmy Choo Exotic perfume and explore what makes it so special. We'll also discuss its notes, longevity, and sillage, as well as when and where to wear it.

  • Perfumer: Olivier Polge, Veronique Nyberg, and Domitille Michalon Bertier 
  • Year launched: 2013
  • Scent Accord: Floral Fruity
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Pink Grapefruit and Black Currant
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Floral Notes, Orchid and Passion Flower
  • Base notes: At the base, Patchouli and Raspberry


  • Longevity: 8 hours
  • Sillage: Strong
  • Projection: Moderate


The Jimmy Choo Exotic perfume is contained in a bottle that could be described as a pink diamond coated in clear water. The bottle is curved, and the juice is a deep pink color.The cap is matchbox-shaped and elegantly closes off the bottle. The overall design of the bottle is simple yet fancy..


Jimmy Choo Exotic is a captivating fragrance that offers a juicier and fruitier interpretation of the original composition while taming down the prominent patchouli note. This delightful scent opens with a burst of sweetness, reminiscent of candy, thanks to the vibrant presence of raspberries, passion flower/fruit, and a touch of grapefruit. As the fragrance evolves and settles, the fruity accords continue to linger, now accompanied by the alluring embrace of patchouli, creating a truly divine combination.

Jimmy Choo Exotic captivates with its pleasant complexity, as the aroma of ripe raspberries unfolds through a veil of zesty lemon and the earthiness of patchouli. The drydown reveals a pronounced raspberry note that dominates the composition, delivering a sweet and irresistible allure. Despite its fruity character, this fragrance avoids any synthetic qualities, resulting in a truly delectable experience.

The opening of Jimmy Choo Exotic is bright and vibrant, with a burst of fruitiness that combines the tanginess of grapefruit and the succulent allure of various berries. However, what sets this fragrance apart is the subtle interplay of patchouli, infusing a unique earthiness that distinguishes it from other berry-based fragrances. It harkens back to the original Jimmy Choo fragrance, where the patchouli note played a prominent role. While less pronounced in Exotic, it still adds a touch of richness and depth to the fruity ensemble, ensuring a captivating olfactory experience from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

Jimmy Choo Exotic showcases a perfect harmony between bright and fruity top notes and the grounding earthiness of patchouli. This delightful fusion provides a unique and alluring twist to the fruity fragrance category. While the patchouli is less pronounced in Exotic compared to the original scent, its presence adds depth and richness, elevating the fruity notes and giving them a mesmerizing allure.

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