Gorse Perfume Review

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Gorse Perfume
  • Perfumer: N/A
  • Year launched: 2012
  • Scent Accord:  Citrus Gourmand
  • Perfume Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Notes

  • Notes: 


  • Longevity: 6 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Wide


The packaging of Gorse by Laboratory is simple and elegant. The bottle is off-white in color and made of glass, giving it a clean and minimalist look. The simplicity of the packaging is designed to reflect the fragrance, which is also simple and clean. The off-white color of the bottle gives it a fresh and modern look, while the glass material adds to its simplicity.


Gorse, a fragrance that has gained attention for its performance and sillage, has been hailed as a worthy rival to Creed's Virgin Island Water. This unisex fragrance is particularly well-suited for the summer season and relaxing occasions. Its versatility makes it suitable for both genders, offering a refreshing option to fragrance enthusiasts.

One notable aspect of Gorse is its full-spectrum coconut notes, which have been praised for their quality and authenticity. Many have drawn comparisons to Creed's Virgin Island Water, noting the similarities between the two scents. However, Gorse presents itself as a more affordable alternative, delivering a comparable olfactory experience at a fraction of the price. In fact, Gorse has been commended for its craftsmanship, boasting a quality that is on par with the esteemed Creeds.

While Gorse captures the essence of Virgin Island Water, there are  slight variations. The absence of a pronounced lime top note, which is a hallmark of Creed's fragrance, may be a disappointment for those seeking a faithful reproduction. Furthermore, Gorse may not be suitable for individuals who do not appreciate tropical scents or have specific body chemistry preferences.

The scent profile of Gorse is characterized by a strong citrus floral presence, with a noticeable hint of coconut. Its uplifting and bright opening, featuring pleasant lime and citrus notes, gradually evolves into a summery aroma dominated by Gorse and cardamom. However, longevity and projection have been cited as areas for improvement, as the fragrance may not perform as strongly in colder weather conditions or on certain individuals.

Despite these considerations, Gorse has garnered positive feedback for its fresh, unisex appeal. The fragrance is like a refreshing fizzy citrus drink with a splash of coconut. The unique contribution of the gorse flower to the scent adds a consistent and fresh floral quality, enhancing the overall composition.

During the initial stages, a subtle waxiness may be detected, reminiscent of tearing a flower petal or the scent of an unlit candle. However, this aspect quickly dissipates, playing a minor role in the overall experience.

Final Thoughts

Gorse by Laboratory Perfumes has emerged as a noteworthy contender in the fragrance realm, providing an enticing alternative to Creed's Virgin Island Water. Its performance, versatility, and affordable price point have garnered attention from fragrance enthusiasts seeking a high-quality scent. While it may not satisfy all preferences and tastes, Gorse's strong citrus floral profile and unmistakable coconut note make it a refreshing and uplifting choice for those seeking a summery fragrance experience.

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