English Laundry Abbey Perfume Review

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English Laundry Abbey Perfume

English Laundry Abbey perfume is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance that has earned the brand a decent number of loyal customers. In this review, we will take a closer look at the composition of the Abbey perfume and discuss its performance in terms of longevity and projection. We will also explore the different notes of the perfume and provide our overall opinion of the Abbey perfume to help you decide if it is the right scent for you.

  • Perfumer: N/A
  • Year launched: 2013
  • Scent Accord: Amber Vanilla
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Quince
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Jasmine and White Chocolate
  • Base notes: At the base,  Woods, Orris, and Musk


  • Longevity: 5 hours plus
  • Sillage: Soft
  • Projection: Moderate


The packaging of English Laundry Abbey perfume is a little girly. The baby pink box with the logo in front gives the perfume evokes a pretty girl on a sunday morning. The bottle itself has four sides, which is simple with the brand name in front. It is made of bright pink with a curved glass cap, making it look quite attractive. The overall presentation of the perfume is quite classy and luxurious, making it the perfect gift for any lady.


English Laundry Abbey is a gorgeously saccharine and powdery scent that is very pretty. While it may be a bit overpowering at first, it settles nicely on the dry down. The powdery musk notes are prominent and blend well with the fruity, sharp, and bright quince. The white chocolate note is clear and sweet, although it may seem somewhat artificial. Nevertheless, it adds to the sweetness of the fragrance, making it interesting and dimensional. The woody base notes are a perfect contrast to the musk and add to the clean, soapy scent.

Despite its lovely composition, English Laundry Abbey does not smell super expensive or sophisticated. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the floral notes are a bit underpowering. Nonetheless, the fragrance is still very nice and has its own unique character.

Interestingly, English Laundry Abbey is identical to Elizabeth Arden 5th Ave NYC. While it may be close to Fantasy, it has more white chocolate, which may smell a bit weird on some skin types. 

English Laundry Signature pour Femme is another fragrance from the same brand that is worth considering. It is a beautiful, sweet, and soft gourmand fragrance that is perfect for bedtime. While it may not be complex, it is perfect for the evenings when you are cuddled up with a movie.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both English Laundry Abbey and English Laundry Signature pour femme are wonderful fragrances that have their unique qualities. While Abbey may not be super expensive or sophisticated, it is still a lovely fragrance that is worth considering. Signature pour femme, on the other hand, is perfect for bedtime and summer weather, making it a versatile fragrance to have in your collection.

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