Dolce Gabbana Dolce Perfume Review

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Dolce Gabbana Dolce Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume has been a popular choice among women since its launch in 2014. With its bright and uplifting floral scent, it has become a staple in many fragrance collections. In this article, we will be reviewing Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume, sharing our thoughts on its longevity, sillage, and overall appeal. So, if you're considering adding this fragrance to your collection, keep reading to find out if it's worth the investment.

  • Perfumer: N/A
  • Year launched: 2014
  • Scent Accord: Floral
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Papaya Flower and Neroli
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Amaryllis, Narcissus, and Water Lily
  • Base notes: At the base, Cashmeran and Musk


  • Longevity: 5 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Moderate


The packaging of Dolce & Gabbana Dolce perfume is a beautiful and feminine design that perfectly complements the fragrance. The bottle is made of clear glass with a green hue, which gives it a fresh and natural look. The cap of the bottle is pink and is molded like a flower, which adds to the overall feminine theme of the packaging. The bottle has a little black cute bow at the neck, which is a perfect finishing touch to the design. 


Dolce & Gabbana's Dolce is a fresh and elegant scent that is sure to turn heads. The beautiful bottle itself is eye-catching and sets the tone for the fragrance inside. The opening notes are a strong floral scent, but as it dries down, it becomes a powdery and musky aroma that is very fresh and sophisticated.

One of the standout notes in this fragrance is papaya, which gives it a tropical vibe that is perfect for summer days. The scent of the whole papaya tree can be detected, including the trunk, leaves, and flowers. Néroli adds a citrus and green touch to the fragrance, creating a beautiful and balanced scent.

As it dries down, the fragrance transforms into a forest and waterfront aroma, complete with vivid vegetation and the scent of fresh water. Narcissus is a beautiful and dense note that adds a green and vegetable scent to the perfume. The Vitória-Régia note is sublime, with its aguapé aroma summing up the fragrance perfectly.

The fragrance becomes more subtle at its farewell, leaving a clean and fresh aroma on the skin that is connoted to the purified. The woody touches are noticeable and the musk adds a sensual touch to the fragrance, making it very feminine and perfect for any occasion.

The water lily dominates the scent, giving it a juicy and fruity quality. It has a very fresh and clean scent, perfect for making you feel well-groomed and office-appropriate. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dolce & Gabbana's Dolce is a unique and recognizable fragrance that is perfect for anyone looking for a fresh and elegant scent. The mix of tropical and forest scents gives it a distinctive character that is perfect for summer days, but can be worn all year round. The bottle's design is as beautiful as the fragrance itself, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a new signature scent.

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