David Yurman Delicate Essence Perfume Review

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David Yurman Delicate Essence

David Yurman is an American jeweler who has given a lot of eye-catching offerings. In addition to his jewelry line, he has also made a name for himself in the world of fragrance. One of his most popular scents is the Delicate Essence perfume, which has been designed to capture the essence of femininity and grace. In this review, we'll take a closer look at what makes this fragrance so special and why it's worth adding to your collection.

  • Perfumer: Harry Fremont
  • Year launched: 2011
  • Scent Accord: Floral 
  • Perfume Gender: Feminine

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with African Orange Flower, Pink Pepper, and Lotus
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Rose and Peony
  • Base notes: At the base, Amber, Woody Notes, and Musk


  • Longevity: All day
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Wide


The packaging of David Yurman Delicate Essence is simple and elegant, with a pink and sleek glass bottle and a silver cap. The name of the perfume is written in white in front, which adds to its simplicity.


David Yurman Delicate Essence is a fragrance that is part of the David Yurman line and shares the same classic DNA structure as its predecessors. However, this flanker stands out as a softer, more romantic and delicate version of the original. At first, the fragrance is dominated by trose, lily of the valley and peony, which gives it a more floral aroma.

Compared to the original gold bottle DY perfume, Delicate Essence is less bright and effervescent. Instead, it has a subtle, powdery finish and a slight ozonic hairspray/shampoo type vibe that is not present in the original. In terms of its relationship to other David Yurman fragrances, Delicate Essence is like the younger, more pastel-hued sister of the original, with a more romantic vibe.

The David Yurman Gold Bottle Original Formula is the more expensive perfume and wears slightly more brightly and loudly than Delicate Essence. The original has a champagne-like quality to it, with a more effervescent reaction on the skin. On the other hand, Delicate Essence is a softer, more floral, and more powdery version of the original. Both are beautiful fragrances and have a place in one's wardrobe, especially if one likes this type of DNA.

David Yurman Fresh Essence, with its green juice, is the closest to the Gold Bottle Original Formula. However, it has a slightly more casual and outdoorsy vibe and is more green and fresh than the original. It shares the same potency, sillage, and aura as the original, but without the high-end dental polish smell that makes the original more effervescent. 

Lastly, David Yurman Exotic Essence takes the David Yurman perfume DNA and moves it to a more autumnal, woodsy vibe, making it a better choice for more business or formal events. It shares the same DNA as the other fragrances, but has a deeper and more grounding scent profile.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the David Yurman line offers a range of fragrances that share a common chord of fragrance notes, giving each perfume its unique signature. Delicate Essence stands out as a softer and more romantic option that is a good fit for those who appreciate a more floral and powdery fragrance. However, those who prefer a green and fresh fragrance may gravitate towards Fresh Essence, while those who prefer a more autumnal, woodsy scent may prefer Exotic Essence.

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