Cologne vs Deodorant

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Over the years there been this fierce constant debate between the lovers of Cologne and the lovers of Deodorant. For neutrals, they don’t really care to know which is better; what they simply care to know is the difference between the two. For me, this is a fair question that deserves a fair and simple answer; and this is the question we will have to answer in this post today.

If you are one of those neutrals that have been left in an age long limbo, puzzle or curiosity trying to figure out the different between the two; well I will have to say today is the lucky day that you  break that long curious wait. So set aside your anxiety and take this short ride with us to learn the answer of the difference between Cologne and Deodorant. The post will also help you learn when to use them, where to use them and how to use them. 

Cologne vs Deodorant

Normally, for anyone that want to exhume a commanding confidence based on the use of fragrance protection; then the use and different between cologne and deodorant. The first this you have to know about cologne and deodorant is that both share one thing in common; which is to make the body smell good. When it comes to grooming routine, both have virtually different function. In simple terms, cologne is used to add a pleasant scent and make you smell better; while deodorant is used to cover or remove unpleasant odor on the body.

Technically, what this mean is that you don’t need to have a body odor to use cologne, because it is not its job. In the other hand you will need a deodorant to cover up a body odor, because that is the job it was created to do. Also, cologne is more expensive, compare to the inexpensive deodorant due to its lesser production cost.



The primary use of deodorant is to neutralize and hide natural body odors. The fragrance production concentrations attribute of a deodorant is are usually very low, range the range of 1-3%, or slightly high for some brand; since there is no standardized measurement for the industry.  The best way to use a deodorant for effective result is to apply it directly to body areas where there is excess sweat; specifically the armpits. Deodorant is produced with ingredients like alcohol, baking soda, anti microbial agents and aluminum compounds.

This means they are designed with the capability to dry the skin and kill or stop the growth of bacteria causing odor. Though there are deodorants with antiperspirant properties that inhibit the skin’s ability to produce sweat; but this doesn’t make it the same direct antiperspirant products. Antiperspirant is a unique grooming product on its own and not same as deodorant. There different type of deodorants, some are alcohol based; while some are all-natural based. 

How to use a Deodorant

One habit deodorant users have to stop is the habit of using deodorant on cloths. This action has no logical effect in stopping odor, which is the primary work of a deodorant; because it is the body that smells, not the cloth. When the body sweat and bacteria’s around your surrounding attack it; the chemical from the bacteria reacts on the sweat to cause unpleasant smell deem as body odor. So the best way to use a deodorant is to spray it on the skin, especially the armpit. 

Also, the routine of applying a deodorant gains the best rest when it is applied immediately after shower. This process is encouraged; because the body is free or less of bacteria at that point; and this makes the work of the deodorant more effective and its fragrance more noticeable. It also increases the longevity of the deodorant. The best time to use a deodorant is when you are engaging in a physical activity that will make you sweat a lot. Another time to use it is when the weather is hot and induce a lot of sweating. 



Colognes is any fragrance that is made for men. There three categories of cologne which include Parfums , Eau de Parfums,  Eau de Toilotte, Eau de Colognes and Eau Fraiche; but that is an entire different topic on its own. The primary use of cologne is to help you smell nice with pleasant scents. Technically, it is cologne’s job to make you smell better.

As general norm suggests, people tend to show more admiration and give you more attention when you smell pleasantly. This can be citrus, acquatic, floral, honey, woody, rosy, soapy scent etc; all of which are linked to nature. People love this scents; especially because it is a rare occurrence to them. Because this natural scents are use to make varieties of cologne, people tend to transfer the same admiration they have for the natural scent they love to the person wearing it through their cologne. 

Typically, the fragrance concentrations in a cologne ranges from 5-40% range, depending on the category. For instance, Parfums is 20-40%, Eau de Parfums is 15-20%, Eau de Toilotte is 5-15%, Eau de Colognes is 2-5% and Eau Fraiche is 1-3%. Also, their alcohol level is usually close to 60-70%

How to use a Cologne

The best body parts to applied cologne are on the neck (pulse), wrists, inner elbows and chest. Aside the upper body areas, you can spray it on your cloth for intense sillage and longevity. It should be noted that cologne should be used on a dry skin immediately after shower; and when applying 3-5 squirts should do the job. Too much may become over powering. The best time to use a cologne is during social engagements, romantic meeting, office or casual usage at home.


Knowing the use and different between cologne and deodorant is an important part of grooming routine. Now that you know cologne is used to add a pleasant scent that and make you smell better; while deodorant is used to cover or remove unpleasant odor on the body, it is right you take advantage of this information to guaranty best result for the two products. This will also help you understand, when to use them, where to use them and how to use them. For me to you, I say Hasta la vista. Go and have yourself a blast.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cologne be used as deodorant?

Yes. Especially as emergency use; but it is still important you know the difference and act on it accordingly.

Is Cologne good for armpits?

This is not advisable as it may cause armpit irritation when done repeatedly

Where do you apply cologne?

Cologne is best applied on the neck (pulse), wrists, inner elbows and chest. 

Is Cologne better than deodorant?

It is hard to give a straight answer; because both don’t have the same function. While cologne help you smell better; deodorant helps you cover body odor.

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