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Everyday we come across the scent of coffee. That dark, intense and somewhat bitter scent that just invigorates a person. The scent of coffee alone, even without taking it as a drink, is enough for you to stand up and start up your day.

Coffee scent infuses energy, vitality and vigour to anyone that perceives it. It is like a wake up call. A sniff of coffee reminds you that another great day has come. Challenges are better faced after taking coffee, yeah, try it.

Coffee fragrances have been created for a long time now and there are constant remodeling and repackaging. Some coffee perfumes are absolute, makes it feel as if you dunked yourself with coffee. You don't need to tell people you are wearing a coffee perfume, it would introduce itself within seconds.

Then there are coffee combo fragrances. These kind of fragrances blend coffee with a variety of other scents, just imagine coffee and cream or coffee and chocolate. These perfumes are more wearable and less in your face. They are subtle but rich, coffee blend are very much addictive as it gives a comforting and energizing accord.

Coffee scents have been used in many perfumes, either the scent of freshly brewed coffee or the dark and intense smell of the roasted bean. Coffee perfumes are popular with both male and female.


    • Good Girl For Her by Carolina Herrera

    Good Girl For Her by Carolina Herrera

      Launched in 2016, Good Girl For Her is classified in the Amber Floral fragrance category. It was formulated by Louise Turner. In the opening, there is bergamot, lemon, coffee and almond. Right in the center are notes of Tonka bean, Amber, musk, vanilla, patchouli, praline, cedar, sandalwood and cinnamon. For the base, we have the Bulgarian rose, orris, orange, jasmine and tuberose.

        • Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

        Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

          This fragrance is a combined effort of Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp and Honorine Blanc. Launched as a member of the Amber Vanilla fragrance category in 2014, it gives off a soft but spicy accord. A feminine fragrance that is a blend of vanilla, cedar, coffee, jasmine, patchouli, pink pepper, orange blossom and bitter almond.

          • Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah

          Xerjoff Coffee Break Golden Dallah

          Top notes of fresh exotic spices with middle notes of coffee, incense, Cambodian Oud, rose and Amber. The base notes is a blend of hazelnut, Tonka bean and a generous amount of cocao. It is in the Amber Spicy category and launched in 2018.

            • Montale Intense Cafe

            Montale Intense Cafe

              A sweet, warm spicy scent with a hint of musk, Intense Cafe is under the Amber Vanilla fragrance category. It was launched in 2013 and created by Pierre Montale. It has floral notes as its top notes, coffee and rose as the mid tones and the base has vanilla, Amber and white musk.

                • L'Artisan Perfumer Noir Exquis

                L'Artisan Perfumer Noir Exquis

                  An exquisite coffee fragrance created by Bertinarad Duchaufour. Noir Exquis is an Amber Vanilla fragrance launched in 2015. The opening notes are chestnuts and orange. The heart notes are coffee and maple syrup. Sandalwood, vanilla, ebony heliotrope and Tonka bean are the base notes.

                    • Mirabilis by Coquillete Paris


                      This coffee perfume was created by Elise Juarros and Rosa Vaia in 2016. An Amber Vanilla fragrance with fruits, chocolate, coffee and white flowers accords.  Mirabilis by Coquillete is opened by notes of bergamot, cacao, green apple, grapes and pineapple. For the middle notes, jasmine, birch, coffee, rose and patchouli. The base notes are ambergris, vanila, cacao, chocolate and musk.

                        • Cafe by Franck Boclet

                        Cafe by Franck Boclet

                          Bruno Herre formulated this fragrance in 2019 as an Amber Spicy fragrance. The top notes are coffee, bergamot, Mandarin orange and lemon. Coffee also gets position in the middle notes accompanied by pink Lily, rose, orange blossom and rosemary. The coffee notes remains strong till the dry down where sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, oakmoss and Vetiver joins in the base.

                            • Hugo Boss Absolute For Her


                            Hugo Boss Absolute For Her

                              Another Louise Turner perfume, Absolute For Her was released in 2019. It is an Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. The top notes are peach and honey, the heart has notes of coffee and cedar. The dry down has vanilla and Vetiver accords.

                                • Mancera Aoud Cafe


                                Mancera Aoud Cafe

                                  A perfume formulated by Pierre Montale and launched in 2013, this fragrance is an Amber Vanilla fragrance. Bergamot, black currant, peach and fruits are the opening notes for this perfume. Then it proceeds to the heart with coffee, Amber and floral notes. Then it finally dries down to white musk and Oud.

                                  • Dolce & Gabbana The Only One


                                  Dolce & Gabbana The Only One

                                  The Only One is an oriental Vanilla feminine fragrance. It was launched in 2018 as a continuation of The Only line. This coffee fragrance has violet, orange and bergamot as the opening notes. The middle notes are coffee, Iris, pear, vanilla, orange and rose. The dry down has patchouli and caramel as the base notes.

                                  BEST COFFEE PERFUMES FOR MEN

                                  • John VarvatosGivenchy
                                  • Play Intense
                                  • Rochas Man
                                  • Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren
                                  • Mugler A Men Pure Coffee
                                  • Hugo Boss Private Accord
                                  • Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo Signature
                                  • Halloween Man X
                                  • Valentino Uomo
                                  • Replica Coffee Break


                                  is coffee fragrances attractive?

                                  Coffee fragrances are attractive, they are warm, comforting and invigorating. These attributes can be attractive to some people as it gives them a calming effect. But some people just don't like smelling like a pot of coffee while walking down the street. It can prove distracting and offensive to some people.

                                  Can a woman wear coffee scent?

                                  A woman can wear coffee scent. Though coffee is a dominating and intense aroma, some perfumes are made with a more toned down scent. When combined with floral or fruity tones, coffee fragrances are more feminine and way more sexy.

                                  Does coffee scent have great longevity?

                                  Coffee scents have great longevity. They tend to be more long lasting and have great sillage. Even when toned down to the softest fragrance, coffee perfumes last for hours and hours.

                                  What other fragrance can be combined with coffee?

                                  Fragrances that can be combined with coffee: First on the list is cream, lots and lots of cream. Chocolate and cinnamon are next. Other fragrances like vanilla, rose, bergamot and musk accords can be combined for greater aroma.

                                  Where and when can I wear coffee perfumes?

                                  Coffee as an invigorating and energizing accord can be worn for picnics, tea parties and to small gathering of friends. Subtler fragrance can be worn to the office once in a while but not to important meetings, it can be irritating and distracting. Coffee scents are good for all seasons especially spring and winter.

                                  FINAL WORDS

                                  Coffee is and would always be one of the in-demand fragrances in Perfumery. Coffee perfumes are uplifting and cheerful. They remove the gloominess of a rainy day, enhance the activeness of a summer day and put a new vitality on a spring day. These perfumes are made for the bold men and women who are not afraid to be unique.

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