Best Coconut Perfumes

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Coconut has been around for a long time and it’s widely consumed around the world. A thick shell with a white flesh kind of fruit, which is fresh, tasty and juicy. Coconut gives that sea feeling, the ocean breeze on ones face, the sound of the rolling waves and the relaxation that comes with tanned skins. This are the memories coconut reveals to people.

Coconut has some health benefits, they provide antioxidants that fights disease, manage weight and coconut oil serving as a better choice for cooking.

Coconut is also used in beauty industry, like I said earlier it provide antioxidants, in this case it provides antioxidants for removing acne and maintaining skin tone

Coconut is also used in aromatherapy, its natural and tropical fragrance can help in hypnotizing into summer, most especially giving a relaxing feeling.

The Use Of Coconut In Perfumery

Coconuts have a natural and fresh tropical fragrance that’s attractive to people, also one of the best recipe for aromatherapy.

Coconut is used in making perfumes from the oil extracted from it. The oil is extracted from the inner flesh. It is also a good carrier oil suitable for mixing with other fragrances to create a signature perfume.

Some of the best mixtures with coconut are Indian jasmine, vanilla, amber, Ylang-Ylang, orange blossom, pink pepper and musk.

You might experience difficulty getting the best coconut perfumes, not to mention of the terrible mixtures out there.

We've selected a list of the best coconut perfumes from personal experiences and genuine reviews.

This list was painstakingly created for male and female categories. Let’s dig in.

5 Best Coconut perfumes for Women

We'll take you on a tour to discover the 5 best coconut perfumes with their notes, longevity, sillages and projections.

  • Soleil Blanc by Tom ford


Soleil Blanc by Tom ford

Soleil Blanc was created by the popular perfume brand, Tom Ford. It was launched In 2016. Soleil blanc has a luxurious amber mixed with coconut fragrance that gives you a tanned sunny feeling. Its fragrance blossoms under the sun

Top notes : bergamot, pink pepper, pistachio and cardamom.

Middle notes : are jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberous.

Base notes : coconut, amber, tonka beans and benzoin.

Longevity: 3-5hours

Sillage: high

Projection : moderate


  • Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum


Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum

Crystal Noir Eau de Parfum for women was launched by Versace in 2004. It’s a fragrance that is a spicy coconut mixed with an amber flower fragrance. This perfume is a perfect seductive recipe that hypnotizes the people around you and commands attention, It could be worn during summer as the coconut fragrance smells better in heat.

Top notes: pepper, ginger and cardamom.

Middle notes: spicy coconut, gardenia, orange blossom and peony.

Base notes : sandalwood, musk and blooming ambers.

Longevity: 12 hours

Sillage: incredibly strong

Projection: incredibly strong.


  • Kilian Moonlight In Heaven


Kilian Moonlight In Heaven

Kilian Moonlight in heaven is one of the aromatic combination with a sweet tropical scent for women. The perfume was created by Kilian perfume and was launched in 2016.

Top notes: Lemon, gapefruit and Pink Pepper

Middle notes: Coconut, Mango, Rice

Base notes: vetiver and tonka bean.

Longevity: 2 hours

Sillage: moderate


  • Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Guerlain


Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Guerlain

Aqua Allegoria fizz is a new feminine fruity perfume launched in 2019 by Guerlain for women. It has a fruity fragrance that embraces your skin, it also gives a nostalgic smell of nature.

Top notes: coconut nectar and bergamot.

Middle notes: freesia.

Base notes: sandalwood and tonka bean.

Longevity: 5 hours

Sillage: moderate

Projection: moderate.


  • Dolce Garden Dolce &Gabbana


Dolce Garden Dolce &Gabbana

This Dolce Garden is one of the floral addition to the ecstatic feminine collection of Dolce & Gabbana perfumes. Dolce Garden was launched in 2018, it’s a perfect and balanced mixture of seductive flowery fragrances and coconut together. It's a unique collection because it has a creamy coconut sweetness.

Top notes: magnolia, neroli and mandarin orange.

Middle notes: coconut, frangipani and Ylang-Ylang.

Base notes: vanilla, almond milk and sandalwood.

Longevity: 6 hours

Sillage: moderate.

5 Best Coconut Perfumes For Men

This is a list for the social guys, and those who who love the tropics, who are looking to complement their personality with the best perfumes for men.

  • Creed Virgin Island Water


Creed Virgin Island Water

Virgin island water is a men’s perfume that was launched in 2007, created by Olivier Creed and Erwin Creed.

Virgin island water has a rich tropical fragrance that brings back the relaxing memories of the beach.

Top notes: coconut, lime, bergamot and Sicilian Mandarin.

Middle notes: Ylang-Ylang and Indian jasmine.

Base notes: Hibiscus.

Longevity: 6-7 hours

Sillage: moderate

Projection: high


  • Aramis Bermuda Tonic For Men


Aramis Bermuda Tonic is a woody inspired fragrance for men by Aramis, it was created in 2005. Aramis Bermuda tonic has a tropical coconut scent to it, which is suitable for sunny weather. It's an attractive fragrance for men

Top notes: coconut, lime, lemon, bergamot and sea notes.

Middle notes: flowers, iris, rum, eucalyptus blossom, saffron and orris.

Base notes: leather, amber and cedar

Longevity: 2-4 hours

Sillage: strong

Projection: decent.


  • Eternity-Now For Men Calvin Klein


Eternity-Now For Men Calvin Klein

Eternity now is a men’s perfume that was launched In July 2015 by Calvin Klein. It’s a sensational coconut fragrance for the alpha male who love the tropics. It’s masculine but have a sweet fragrance that would attract the ladies around you.

Top notes: coconut, star anise and ginger.

 Middle notes: star-fruits, cedar and patchouli.

Base note: vanilla, tonka bean and Moroccan cedar.

Longevity: 3-5 hours

Sillage: moderate

Projection: soft.


  • Ferrari Silver Essence Ferrari for Men


Ferrari Silver Essence Ferrari for Men

Ferrari silver essence is a warm woody fragrance for men with a subtle coconut scent. It was launched by Ferrari in 2012. This perfume is addictive and it has unique incense notes that makes you stand-out from the crowd.

Top notes: cinnamon, thyme, nutmeg, pepper and sage.

Middle notes: coconut, lavender, birch and patchouli.

Base notes: atlas cedar, incense, guaiac wood and musk.

Longevity: 8-12 hours

Sillage: strong

Projection: slightly high


  • Caribbean Waters Dua Fragrances


Caribbean Waters Dua Fragrances

The last but not the least on our list for the men collection is the Caribbean waters by dua fragrances.

This is one of the best Caribbean beach kind of fragrance. It gives that feeling of summer vacations with its unique coconut sweetness.

Top notes and middle notes of coconut, lime, rum, sugar cane, bergamot and mandarin orange.

Longevity: 5-7 hours

Sillage: harsh

Projection: strong


Q: What perfume has a coconut scent?

A: The listed perfumes for males and females in this article all gives that coconut scent. Either when you spray, or much later.

Q: Where can I buy these perfumes?

A: Most of these perfumes are found in online stores

Q: What is the best coconut perfume?

A: Any coconut perfume could be the best to different people, people sense of smell differs, there will be contrary opinions when it comes to choice of perfume but the list above was handpicked from reviews and deep research.

Q: Best perfume for men

A: There are numerous choices of perfume suitable for guys, the males perfume listed above are the best coco-nutty perfume on the market, from our research.

Q: Should I buy coconut perfume even if I don't like the fruit?

A: Most coconut perfumes, especially the ones listed above gives a summer feeling just from their scent. People who collect coconut perfumes love the natural tropical scent and relaxing feeling it gives. Hence, you don't need to like coconut before buying its perfume.

The coconut flavour is one of the most widely loved fragrances. Collecting perfumes isn't easy as it looks, It's as hard as picking stocks to invest in. Some perfumes look promising with fancy bottles but end up having an odd scent, so you need to take your time and don’t rush

We hope this article would help you discover new exciting coco collections to your perfume list.

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