Britney Spears Prerogative Perfume Review

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Britney Spears Prerogative Perfume

Britney Spears has been a force to be reckoned with in the fragrance industry for over a decade. With 36 perfumes under her belt as of 2022, she launched her most ambitious fragrance yet: a gender-neutral fragrance called Prerogative from 2018. The perfume is designed for the woman or man who defies inhibitions and societal limitations, and it is meant to fuel confidence and determination. The fragrance has been described as an Oriental Amber Vanilla scent with enticing apricot, goji berries, and pink pepper. In this article, we will review Britney Spears Prerogative perfume and see if it lives up to the hype.

  • Perfumer: N/A
  • Year launched: 2018
  • Scent Accord: Amber Vanilla
  • Perfume Gender: Unisex

Fragrance Notes

  • Top notes: Opens with Pink Pepper, Goji Berries, and Apricot
  • Middle notes: At the heart of the fragrance lies Red Lily, Saffron, and Coffee
  • Base notes: At the base, Amberwood and Sandalwood


  • Longevity: 5 hours
  • Sillage: Moderate
  • Projection: Moderate


The packaging of Britney Spears Prerogative is as unique as the scent itself. The bottle is black and pink, with a sleek, modern design that is both edgy and sophisticated. The bottle tilts to the left, giving it a sense of movement and dynamism. The packaging is as rule-breaking as the scent within, and it is designed to appeal to both men and women. Britney Spears has always been a trailblazer, and Prerogative is no exception. The packaging is innovative and eye-catching, and it reflects the confidence and determination that the fragrance is meant to inspire. 


Britney Spears Prerogative is a celebrity fragrance that boasts a fruity and sweet scent with a touch of coffee and saffron. While the fragrance can come off as light and powdery, it has a moderately strong projection and lasts anywhere from 4-6 hours. 

Despite its mixed reviews, Prerogative's warm and gourmand charm has won over many fans who enjoy its sweet and spicy scent cloud. Although the perfume can be a great option for layering with other fragrances, Prerogative aso offers a wonderful experience when worn on its own.

The fragrance opens with a delightfully fruity and sweet aroma, followed by a warm woody amber with coffee notes in the drydown. The apricot note becomes more prominent as the scent settles, adding a touch of sweetness.

Overall, Britney Spears Prerogative is a good option for those who prefer fruity and sweet scents with a warm and gourmand touch. While it may not have the same creativity as other celebrity fragrances, it still has a unique and charming scent that many enjoy wearing on cold winter days or during work hours.

Final Thoughts

Britney Spears' Prerogative is a unique and ambitious fragrance that reflects the singer's support of the LGBTQ community and her desire to create a scent that appeals to all. The fragrance is a gender-neutral scent that is designed for anyone who defies inhibitions and societal limitations.  The fragrance is sweet and spicy, with a warm and sensual undertone. 

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