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What does it mean when we say ‘intense perfumes’? These are perfumes that linger on your skin all day long. Intense perfumes are determined by the concentration of their fragrance oils.

The more the oil in a perfume, the more its ability to last long. Perfumes with the name extension ‘parfum’ are stronger than other perfumes because they contain about 20-30 percent of concentrated oils. These perfumes are usually expensive, but they are sure worth the money.

Do you have a perfume brand you like so much but does not last on your body? You may have to go for the more intense version which is the ‘parfum’. You can also check the list below to see which perfumes can last for a very long time on your skin. They are worthy of being in your perfumes collection.


Joy Eau De Parfum Intense by Dior

Though it is as soft and gentle as the original, it is made up of more rich and intense notes. Because of its combination of notes, it gives more charming and inviting smell, the kind you remember even at the first spray. Its notes of jasmine and neroli give it a feminine appeal that one cannot deny while its citrus note gives it life. You can get 50ml for as low as £99.

Coco Mademoiselle Intense by Chanel

If you know the original Coco, then this intense version is the perfect blend of its key notes with some other complex notes which makes the intense version deeper and richer. The sensual combination of patchouli, tonka bean, and jasmine is gently overwhelmed by the warmth of amber and vanilla on a light background of citrus and floral fragrances. The note of patchouli smells stronger in this intense version than it does in the original version. The original version is designed by Jacques Polge while the intense version is designed by his daughter, Olivier Polge. Isn’t it impressive that Olivier could rework her father’s design to make it more intense? The bottles are similar for both versions. Check the label when purchasing.

Guilty Intense by Gucci

When Gucci designed Guilty Intense, they designed it with intense scent in mind for those who love strong perfumes. With its vibrancy of juicy mandora and its temperately delicious lychee, Guilty Intense is the best description of intense perfumes. What’s more, Guilty Intense is enhanced by strong woody notes and sensual dark plum that give it a strong powdery scent and a scent laced with feminine intensity. With just little spray, you get to feel the level of its intensity. The 30ml size goes for as low as £63.

Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobs

Rich, bold, and golden, just like its bottle,Perfect Intense by Marc Jacobsencourages you to remain brave, honest, and bold just as you are. It has the sandalwood note perfectly blended with bright floral notes and roasted almonds all of which create a playful and precious perfume that radiates warmth all day long in all seasons.

Tiffany Intense by Tiffany and co

This fragrance retains the notes of its original but in different proportion to increase its potency and projection. Tiffany is an enticing fragrance in that it has a delicious rich and gentle scent that makes others feel your presence even when you have left. It is a suitable evening and summer wear but can be worn any day of the year.

Rose Naturelle Intense by Chloé

Chloe designed Rose Naturelle Intenseas vegan-friendly and a completely natural fragrance. It has a strong scent like other intense perfumes. Let’s talk about its notes that make a good combination which give the perfume a perfect, fresh, and pure fragrance, suitable for use all year round. Is it its woody and emblematic rose combined with smoky oak tinged with vanilla? Or is it the cedar note with a creamy vanilla at its base? All these notes reveal a fragrance that is free-spirited. 

Mon Guerlain Intense by Guerlain

This perfume gives you a representation of the feminine energy of the celebrity, Angelina Jolie. If you want to see what a modern strong woman with a multifaceted personality is like, use Mon Guerlain intense. At the heart of the fragrance lies the warming and gentle vanilla on a base of gentle fruity and floral notes of sandalwood , white musk, and patchouli which give the perfume a daring scent. You can wear Mon Guerlain any time of the day.

Libre Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

Libre is another intense perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. The name, Libre, means ‘free’ in French. This perfume is one that empowers women to live as unapologetically and authentically as they can, giving them an aura of confidence and boldness. 

Olympea Intense by Paco Rabanne

Olympea has an intoxicating blend of salty vanilla and amber that gives the projection of feminine strength, power, longing, and bravery. At the top of the notes are flowery notes of orange blossom and grapefruit flower both of which open the door to the heart of the fragrance where the powerful notes of white pepper and salty vanilla lie. It is best used in the evening, both winter and autumn. When you see the bottle of this powerful, sensuous, and feminine fragrance, you are reminded of an Olympic medal, laced with adorning leaves.

Concluding Words

From the above list, it is apparent that most perfumes are now launching the intense version of the original favorite perfumes all in a bid to make customers have more intense experience with fragrances. These intense perfumes give you more joy and confidence. When you want it stronger and more prominent, go for intense perfumes like the ones I have listed above.

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