Zara Perfume Questions

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Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories brand based in artexio, and it was founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera.
The earliest edition of perfumes was created in 1999 and the newest is from 2021 with a total of 689 perfumes in most fragrance base, they went in collaboration a lot of perfumers. This article is going to look at the most frequently asked Zara perfume questions.

What Zara Perfume Is The Best?

Zara perfumes come in different fragrance and they are all the best, it all depends on when and how It's used.

  • For a floral fragrance Zara Gardenia is the best.
  • For a floral- woody kind of fragrance Zara Wonder Rose is the best.
  • For a winter fragrance Zara Red vanilla is the best.
  • For a very strong fragrance Zara Twilight Mauve and
  • In the terms of longevity Zara Rose Gold the best.

What Zara perfume Smells Like Flowerbomb?

Black Peony is one of Zara perfumes that smells like flowerbomb. It was launched in 2011 and has a floral amber fragrance. The top note is bergamot, the middle notes are  freesia and peach and the base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. Black Peony has a soft sillage and tends to lean on the feminine side due to the nice floral fragrance.

What Zara Perfume Smells Like Baccarat Rouge 540?

Zara Red temptation perfume smells like baccarat rouge 540. It is a fragrance for women and  was launched in 2020. Top notes are orange,saffron and coriander; middle notes are jasmine and praline; and base notes are moss, amber and musk. Red temptation is one of Zara perfumes that has a good longevity.

What Zara Perfume Smells Like Alien?

Zara Violet blossom smells like alien perfume. It was launched in 2019. It has a feminine, floral fragrance and a heavy sillage. The top notes are Lilly and apple; middle note is magnolia; and the base note is tonka bean. It has a longevity of about 4 hours and it doesn't overpower.

What Zara Perfume Smells Like Chanel?

Apple Juice by Zara smells like Chanel. It was launched in 2012. Top notes are grapefruit, orange and apple; middle notes are jasmine, rose, peony and violet; and the base notes are sandalwood, cedar and musk. It has a floral, fruity and delicate fragrance with a feminine touch to it. The fragrance projects the femininity of a natural flower.

What Zara Perfume Smells Like Tom Ford?

Zara Cherry Smoothie perfume smells like Tom Ford. Zara Cherry Smoothie has a sweet fruity fragrance for women. It was launched in 2022. It has top notes of almond, plum and cherry; middle notes of Hawthorn, Heliotrope and Peru Balsam; and base notes of Tonka bean and Vanilla. It has a moderate longevity and sillage.

What Zara Perfume Smells Like La Vie Est Belle?

Zara Red Vanilla smells like La Vie Est Belle. It has an elegant fruity fragrance and was launched in 2015. This fruity fragrance has top notes of tangerine, pear, raspberry and black currant; middle note of praline, iris and vanilla; and base note of tonka bean and patchouli. It has a longevity of about 4+ hours and a moderate sillage. Although it smells like La Vie Est Belle, Red Vanilla has a more fruitier scent than La Vie Est Belle.

Is Zara Perfume Good?

Zara perfumes are really good because they serve as an alternative to various expensive designer perfumes, they smell similar to perfumes like baccarat rouge 540, juicy Couture, La Vie Est Belle, this is her by Giorgio Armani and many more. Zara perfume is also budget friendly as compared to various designer perfumes.

Is Zara Perfume Long Lasting? 

Zara perfumes are long lasting but they don't last the whole day. They have a longevity period ranging between 3 to 7 hours with an average of about 4 hours and they leave a fresh feeling for hours. They don't only last long but also smell fantastic which makes them worth the money spent in purchasing it.

Is Zara Perfume Cruelty Free?

Zara perfumes are cruelty free. They do not perform any animal testing. Testing are done dermalogically under appropriate control measures.

Is Zara Perfume Unisex?

Some of Zara perfumes are unisex but not all of them. A unisex collection of Zara perfume was launched in collaboration with Jo Malone and this unisex collection is known as Zara emotions collection by Jo loves, Cardamom- Gender neutral is also one of Zara unisex perfume and it was launched in 2018.

How Long Does Zara Perfume Last?

Zara perfume lasts for a long period of time. Zara perfume is a quality perfume that lasts for up to 7 hours without reapplying and after that re-application may be required, it has an average of 4 hours  and during this period it gives a fresh feeling . The period of longevity also depends on how it is applied.

Which Zara Perfume Smells The Best?

All Zara perfume smell the best but a few of them stands at the top of the list and they include;

  1. Field at nightfall: It has a woody scent with a combination of jasmine, sandalwood and hedione.
  2. Wonder rose: It has a classic floral fragrance with notes of vanilla, red berries and pear
  3. Lightly bloom: It has a mix of peony, musk and lotus flower
  4. Pink flambe : It has a lively fragrance with notes of praline mandarin and melon.

Why is Zara Perfume So Cheap?

Zara perfume is so cheap because they don't advertise their fragrance like other perfume designers who spend thousands on advertising. The money spent on advertisement by the designer perfumers will then be put into the prices of goods in order to yield profit and this makes their perfume expensive. The reverse is the case in Zara perfume since they don't advertise their products.

Which Zara Perfume Smells Like Creed?

Vibrant Leather is one of Zara perfume that smells like creed. It was launched in 2018. The top notes are bergamot and lemon; middle notes are bamboo and leather; and the base note is patchouli. It has a woody and elegant fragrance and also a moderate sillage. Although Vibrant Leather smells like Creed, Creed has a longer longevity than Vibrant Leather.

Which Zara Perfume Is Best For Women?

Zara's best perfume for women depends on preferences, mood and even season. Some of the overall Zara perfume that is best for women includes Zara Gardenia eau de parfum, Zara Orchid eau de parfum, Zara Rose Gold eau de toilette, Zara Red Vanilla eau de toilette, Zara Twilight Mauve eau de toilette and Zara femme eau de toilette.

Which Zara Perfume Is Best For Men?

Zara perfume for men is not just an accessory but it also reveals more about the person's personality and they include Zara Black Tag and Vibrant Leather.

Which Zara Perfume Is Long Lasting?

Rose gold is one of Zara perfume that lasts long. It has a long lasting fragrance that is very captivating and does not overpower. It has a natural scent and is sold at a good price. It is perfect to wear during the day in winter and spring. It has a good projection . The combination of freesia, amber, magnolia, orange blossom, gardenia and tuberose, give it its green white floral scent.

Which Zara Perfume Smells Like Dior Sauvage?

Zara Aromatic Future perfume smells like Dior Sauvage. It was launched in 2016. The top notes are black pepper and Bergamot; middle notes are cashmere and lavender; base notes are vetiver and ambergris. Aromatic Future has an appealing fragrance like Dior Sauvage. It smells like Dior Sauvage with some similarities in their ingredients. It can be worn in any season and on any occasion.

Which Zara Perfume Smells Like Jo Malone?

Zara Ebony Wood smells like Jo Malone. It has a spicy woody fragrance suitable for both men and women. It was launched in 2019. Ebony wood was formulated in collaboration with Jo Malone. Ebony wood fragrance notes consist of clove, ebony and pink pepper. It has good sillage and it's also long lasting .

Which Zara Perfume Smells Like Santal 33?

Zara Scent #1 is a Zara perfume that smells like Santal 33. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and has been replaced with sandalwood. Scent #1 was launched in 2018 and has notes of cardamom, leather and violet. Sandalwood and scent #1 are similar, which means that sandalwood also smells like santal 33. Scent #1 and Sandalwood both have a strong projection .

When Does Zara Go On Sale?

Zara goes on sale seasonally. For example, during the summer /spring, sales normally start at the third week of June. For the winter semi-annual sales, the sales begin a day after Christmas which is December 26 as seen in the previous records which makes it easier to predict when they go on sale.

Where To Buy Zara Perfume?

Zara perfume can either be bought online and depending on one's location it can be bought by visiting the Zara official stores. Zara perfume could be bought by visiting various online stores like amazon, eBay, jumia and shopee.It can also be bought by visiting their official website (

Where To Buy Zara Perfume In Malaysia?

The name of the store and address to buy Zara perfume in Malaysia includes;

  1. Zara houze : it is a perfume store located at ampang Jaya, selangor, Malaysia
  2. Zara : it is a perfume store located at petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  3. Zara: it is located at Kuala Lumpur, Federal capital territory Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  4. Zara setia city mall: it is located at 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Where To Buy Zara Perfume In Philippines?

Name of store and address of where to buy Zara perfume in Philippine includes; 

  1. Zara: it is located in quezon city, 1105 metro manila, Philippines
  2. Zara: it is located at Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu city, 6000 Cebu, Philippines.
  3. Zara: it's located at seaside blvd,123 pasay, metro manila, Philippines.
  4. Zara: it is located at Mandaluyong,Metro Manila, Philippines.

Where To Buy Zara Perfume In South Africa?

Names of store and address of where to buy Zara perfume in South Africa includes;

  •   Zara: it is located in Century blvd, century city, cape town,7441, South Africa 
  •   Zara: it is located at Magwa cres, Waterval city,Midrand,1683, Mall of Africa, South Africa
  •   Zara: it is located at 83 rivonia rd Sandton city, Johannesburg, South Africa
  •   Zara:it is a perfume store located in Palm blvd, umhlanga ridge 4319, Durban, 4320.

Where Is Zara Perfume Made? 

Zara perfume is made in Spain, Portugal and turkey. The first perfume was manufactured in the year 1999. The fragrances were produced in collaboration with Carlos Benaim, Alberto Morillas, Issac Sinclair, Daphén Bugey, Marine Ipert, Rosendo Mateu, Alex lee, Frank Voelki, Nathalie Lorson, Marc zini, piug, Jo Malone and many more.

Can Zara Perfume Be Returned?

Yes, Zara perfume can be returned as long as they are in their original sealed package, this means that the perfume must be untouched . And it must be returned according to Zara store policy which states that it must be returned within 30 days of purchase and must be returned with the purchase receipt.

How To Buy Zara perfume Online?

The best place to buy Zara perfume online by visiting their official site. It can also be bought by visiting various online stores like, eBay, jumia and even shopper. All this  can be done by using your search engine to search for the online store before being able to select the product you want.

What Zara Perfume Is A Dupe?

Some of Zara perfumes are dupes of other designers perfume and they include;

  • Zara Red Temptation which dupes the smell of Baccarat rouge 540,
  • Zara Apple Juice which dupes the smell of Chanel,
  • Zara Black Peony which dupes the smell of Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb,
  • Zara Vetiver Pamplemousse which dupes the smell of gray vetiver,
  • Zara Gardenia which dupes the smell of black opium,
  • Zara Black Amber dupes the smell of the by dolce and Gabbana, and so on. 

Are Zara Perfumes Worth It?

Yes, Zara perfumes are definitely worth it ranging from the amazing and sophisticated  fragrance that compete well with well known designers perfume to the affordable prices. The affordable prices make them preferable to the designer perfumes. Zara collection is proof that a fragrance can be less expensive and have worth.

How Are Zara Perfumes

Zara perfumes are budget friendly perfumes that serve as an alternative to other original designer perfumes. The perfumes have a similar smell to other designer perfumes and are produced to fit different styles, moods and personalities and occasions. They come with fragrances for men, women and even a unisex collection.

Are Zara Perfumes Dupes

Without ignoring the fact that some of Zara perfumes smell like designer perfume, due to this reason they are regarded as dupes.  Starting with Zara Gardenia EDP which smells like YSL black opium, the Red Temptation which smells like Baccarat rouge 540 and many more. They are also a lot cheaper than the high end perfumes.

Zara Perfume To Buy

The Zara perfume that one should buy should be the one that fits a person's style. Zara has a unisex perfume collection, perfume for male and perfume for females. Perfume for females include Red Vanilla, Red Temptation, Rose Gold, Gardenia and Zara femme. Perfume for males include Black Tag, Zara Lisboa colombo, Zara Orchid while the unisex collection is known as Zara Emotions Collection by Jo loves.

Zara Perfume For Summer

Zara Orchid is a Zara perfume for summer. It has a fruity note of peach and red currant. Zara Orchid has a tropical fragrance which makes it perfect for summer. It has a feminine scent with a floral vibe. It has bergamot, peach , red currant, rose and cedar as its fragrance notes. 

Zara Perfume For Him

Black Tag 2022 is a Zara perfume for males. It is a new fragrance that was launched in 2022. Black Tag top notes are Bergamot and Grapefruit; middle note is pepper and the base note are vetiver, vanilla and musk. It has a woody fragrance. Other Zara perfume for males include Vibrant Leather Oud, Tobacco collection rich warm addictive, Seoul 532-8 and so on.

Zara Perfume For Ladies

  • Zara perfume for ladies also depends on the mood, occasion and style. They include;
  • Zara Red Temptation: it has a sophisticated fruity- floral fragrance, it leaves a long lasting freshness and a sensual vibe.
  • Zara Cherry Smoothie: it has a fruity sensation ,provokes youthfulness when used and has good longevity.
  • Zara Field at Nightfall: it has a burst of refreshing feminine fragrance. It is an enchanting choice and has a natural freshness.

Zara Perfume In Rose

A Perfume in Rose by Zara was launched in 2019. It has a sweet, floral and fruity fragrance. The top note is pear; middle note is rose; and the base note is musk mallow. It has an enormous sillage and a weak lasting period. It also has a feminine rose fragrance.

Zara Perfume With Vanilla

   Zara perfume with vanilla includes; 

  • Red vanilla with fragrance notes of vanilla, patchouli, tonka beans, iris, black currant, praline and pear
  • Zara nuit eau de parfum with fragrance notes of bergamot, vanilla ,amber and rose wood
  • Zara Sweet vanilla
  • Zara woman freesia and vanilla
  • Zara Deep vanilla 


Zara Perfume With Oud

Zara perfume with oud includes Bohemian Oud, Perpetual Oud, Hipster Oud and Endless Oud . Bohemian Oud has notes of oud, leather and black pepper. Perpetual Oud has notes of red rose, pear,oud, patchouli and spicy pepper, musk . It is also one of the richest fragrance in the oud collection. Hipster Oud has a sweet fragrance and notes of red rose , oud and orange blossom. The Endless Oud is a sensual perfume with notes of oud, bergamot and orange blossom

Zara Perfume With Cardamom 

Zara perfume with cardamom includes Gender Neutral, cardamom and blood orange . Gender Neutral was launched in 2018, the  top note is Guatemalan cardamom; middle note is tea; and base note is green notes and an average sillage. Cardamom and Blood orange have a spicy aromatic fragrance. It was launched in 2020. It has a moderate longevity and an intimate sillage. It is mainly for men and has notes of blood orange, cardamom and cedar.

Zara Perfume With Chocolate

Zara chocolate is one of Zara perfumes with chocolate. It has a gourmand fragrance. Zara chocolate has a top note of chocolate; middle note of vanilla and cacao; and base note of musk and amber. Zara chocolate is the perfect perfume for someone who likes gourmand fragrance .

Zara Perfume Like Chloe

Zara powdery magnolia can be likened to Chloe. Powdery magnolia has a floral fruity and fresh note like Chloe. It was launched in 2014 and the top note is bergamot; the middle notes are rose and magnolia; the base notes are amber and musk. It has a vibrant and feminine fragrance.

Zara Perfume Like YSL Libre

Golden decade Zara perfume can be likened to YSL Libre. Both Golden Decade and YSL Libre contain orange, mandarin, lavender and jasmine. It can be difficult to differentiate the scent of both products. Golden Decade was launched in 2021. Top note is mandarin orange ; middle notes are orange blossom, lavender and jasmine and the base note is vanilla. 

Zara Perfume Like Marc Jacobs

Zara Orchids can be likened to Marc Jacobs. Zara Orchids has a floral fragrance which makes it suitable for has a moderate sillage and a moderate projection for the first 1 hour of usage, it has a fresh scent that reveals main note of bergamot, orchid, vanilla and rose.

Zara Perfume Recommendations

Zara perfumes are made to suit different moods and occasions.

For a classic, fruity- floral fragrance Wonder Rose is recommended.

For a woody floral fragrance, Field at Nightfall is recommended.

For a sophisticated fragrance, Lightly Bloom is recommended.

During spring/summer, Golden Decade is recommended.

For a cheerful or lively mood, Nude Bouquet is recommended.

Zara Perfume Dupe List

Zara perfume dupe list comprises of Zara perfume that has similar smells to other designer perfume and they consists of Zara Orchid, Zara Golden decade, zara rose gourmand, Zara Apple Juice, Zara Violet blossoms, Zara Oriental, Zara gardenia, Zara Black Peony, Zara Black Amber  and Zara Ebony Wood.

Zara Perfumes Vs Designer Originals (How do they compare)

As much as Zara perfumes have some similarities with designer originals, they also have differences. Most of Zara perfumes have a similar smell to designer originals. They come at a fraction of the price of designer perfumes, which means they are cheaper. In terms of differences they also have different hours of longevity.

Zara Perfume Alternatives

Zara perfume alternatives include Mugler alien, Baccarat rouge 540, Viktor and Rolf flowerbomb,YSL Black Opium, Chanel Chance eau fraiche, Mancera Rose vanilla, YSL Libre, Dior Sauvage and Jo Malone. All these different fragrances can be used as an alternative for zara perfume because they have a similar smell.

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