Why Is Creed Perfume So Expensive?

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Creed Perfumes


The Creed perfume brand has been around since 1760 and is renowned for its high-end fragrances. Creed is the only luxury fragrance house that has been passed down through seven generations of the Creed family. Their fragrances are made with the highest quality ingredients and are renowned for their luxurious and timeless scents. With such a high-end reputation, it is no wonder why Creed perfumes are so expensive. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Creed perfumes cost more than other fragrances and why they are worth the price.

The High-Quality Ingredients Used in Creed Perfume

Natural Oils and Extracts: Creed perfumes are made with the highest quality essential oils and extracts. These natural ingredients are sourced from all over the world, and are carefully chosen to create the desired scent. Creed perfumes use a blend of citrus, floral, woody, and herbal notes to create a unique and luxurious scent.

Quality Control and Blending Process: Creed perfumes are blended with precision to ensure that the scent is perfect. The ingredients are carefully measured and blended together to create a unique scent. The perfume is then tested multiple times to make sure that the scent is consistent and that it lasts for as long as possible.

Use of Rare and Exotic Ingredients: Creed perfumes are made with rare and exotic ingredients from around the world. These ingredients are carefully chosen to create a unique scent that is unlike any other. The rare ingredients used in Creed perfumes make them stand out from the crowd and create a luxurious scent that is sure to turn heads.

The Labor-Intensive Production Process

Hand-Blending Process: The labor-intensive production process for making Creed perfumes begins with the hand-blending of raw materials.  This process involves a perfumer blending a variety of essential oils and fragrant compounds together in precise proportions to create a unique scent. The perfumer will often use traditional methods, such as weighing and measuring, to combine the ingredients. The process is highly sensitive and requires the perfumer to have a keen sense of smell and an intimate understanding of the ingredients being used.

Hand-Filling of Bottles and Packaging: After the fragrance is blended, it is then carefully poured into spray bottles and other containers. This process is done by hand and requires the utmost attention to detail and precision. Once the bottles are filled, they are then packaged and labeled with the Creed logo and branding. The final step of the labor-intensive production process is the inspection of each bottle and packaging to ensure quality.

The High Cost of Marketing

  1. Celebrity endorsements are an expensive form of marketing for Creed perfumes, as they often require high fees and a long-term contract.

  1. Creed perfumes use global advertising strategies, meaning they must produce ads in many languages and distribute them in different countries. This requires a lot of time, money, and resources.

  1. Media buying and placement costs are also high for Creed perfumes, as they must purchase advertising space on TV, radio, print, and digital outlets.

  1. Online advertising and social media costs for Creed perfumes are also high, as they must create engaging content, as well as pay for sponsored posts and influencer marketing.

  1. Finally, the cost of packaging, production, and distribution for Creed perfumes is quite high, as they must package the perfumes in a way that reflects the brand's luxury-level quality.


Overall, Creed perfumes are expensive because of the attention to detail and quality ingredients that go into their production. From the use of rare and expensive raw materials to the handmade craftsmanship, Creed perfumes are works of art and the prices reflect that. While some may not be able to afford these luxury perfumes, they are still worth considering for their unique and exquisite scents.

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