Who Is The Model For Good Girl Perfume?

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Karlie Kloss

Perfume has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. It can make a statement, evoke emotions, and even become an integral part of our identity. One of the most iconic and sought-after fragrances on the market is Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. Its distinct scent has captivated women worldwide, and the stunning stiletto-shaped bottle has become a coveted accessory on dressing tables around the globe. But who is the model behind the Good Girl persona?


Karlie Kloss is an American supermodel known for her stunning runway presence and philanthropic endeavors. She has been a Victoria's Secret Angel and graced the covers of numerous magazines worldwide. In 2018, Kloss was chosen to be the face of Good Girl by Carolina Herrera, and her captivating image has since become synonymous with the perfume.

Why Karlie Kloss?

The Good Girl fragrance is all about embracing the duality of the modern woman - being both elegant and edgy, sensual and playful. Karlie Kloss embodies these qualities perfectly, making her the ideal muse for the fragrance. Here are some reasons why Karlie Kloss is the perfect model for Good Girl:

Her Striking Beauty

Karlie Kloss's striking beauty is undeniable. Her unique features, such as her striking blue eyes and sharp cheekbones, make her stand out from the crowd.

Her Confidence

Karlie Kloss exudes confidence and poise. She knows who she is and isn't afraid to show it.

Her Versatility

 Kloss has the ability to transform into different characters, making her a versatile model. She can be playful and fun or serious and sophisticated.

Her Philanthropic Work

 Kloss is also a renowned philanthropist. She has worked with several organizations to promote education and empower young women. Her charity work aligns with the message of the Good Girl perfume, making her the perfect model for the fragrance.

What Makes Good Girl Perfume Unique?

Good Girl perfume by Carolina Herrera is more than just a fragrance. It's a statement. The scent itself is a mix of floral and oriental notes, creating a unique and alluring aroma. But it's the striking bottle that truly sets it apart. The bottle is shaped like a high-heel shoe, representing the duality of the modern woman: strong and feminine, edgy and elegant. The sleek black bottle with a golden accent adds an air of sophistication and glamor to any dressing table.


Good Gir by Carolina Herrera is a fragrance that embodies the modern woman - confident, strong, and unafraid to embrace her duality. Karlie Kloss, with her striking beauty, versatility, and philanthropic work, is indeed the perfect model for this iconic fragrance. 

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