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  • What Does Prada Amber Smell Like?

Its patchouli undertones are what made it resemble Coromandel. It opens with a green tint and smells of flowers and spices. It has a light powdered texture and a little chocolate scent
  • What Does Prada Amber Pour Homme Smell Like?

Prada amber pour homme smells like soap. The smell is not overpowering. It doesn't smell strongly enough to draw attention from everyone. It just gives you a fresh bathroom-fresh scent that lasts for about seven hours. The smell is still strong for the first one to two hours, then it fades but leaves you smelling lovely for the remaining hours.
    • What Does Prada Black Smell Like?

    Prada black has a delicious vanilla smell. It smells like powder. Suitable in both casual and formal settings, around 6 to 10 hours. It is a magnificent perfume that practically any adult male may wear, achieves everything you want a smell to do, and may even do it better than anything that came before it.
    • What Does Prada L'Homme Smell Like?

    Prada L'Homme is powdery. Although unisex, it has a pleasant and clean scent that is somewhat manly. It doesn't actually yell. When people are close by, you simply smell nicer, and they can attest to this. It smells good when first applied, but if applied too frequently, it can be sickening. The drydown smells like iris after a pleasant opening. It doesn't last for a long time
    • What Does Prada Milano Smell Like?

    Prada Milano has a lovely, clean masculine scent. Though it does not shout, People can tell that you simply smell nice when they get close. When first applied, it smells pleasant, but if used too regularly, it can be nauseating. It has a nice opening, the drydown has an iris scent. It does not last for very long.
    • What Does Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Smell Like?

    Prada Luna Rossa smells somewhat like sauvage. It has a pleasant smell. People tell you how much they adore it when you wear it. Only downside is that it lasts for two to three hours. The first note is a clean, fresh, and soapy lavender scent
    • What Does Prada Luna Rossa Ocean Smell Like?

    The initial note of Prada Luna Rossa is Sweet bergamote. It gradually becomes slightly powdery but not significantly so. It's fresh, but not the kind of fresh you get right out of the shower; the Iris makes it a little bit too heavy for that.It's a sophisticated perfume for the younger generation. Gorgeous and slightly seductive fragrance 
    • What Does Prada Candy Smell Like?

    Prada Candy has a hybrid scent of baby powder and baby wipes. Has musk as well. Too powdered and sweet. This is not what you want if you want something sexy. Additionally, there is a smell of vanilla and caramel, but it does not initially catch your attention.
    • What Does Prada Candy Night Smell Like?

    Prada Candy Night smells like realistic chocolate with a hint of bitter orange. It is somewhat distinctive because of the neroli, which is also probably what turns off many people about it rather than the patchouli in the base
    • What Does Prada Candy Gloss Smell Like?

    Initially, you only detect the scent of orange blossom; cherry overtones later emerge, giving off a very pleasant cherry vanilla scent. On cotton, it lasts longer, but on polyester, it smells fantastic. Almond and vanilla with a spicy undertone fill the drydown.
    • What Does Prada Candy Kiss Smell Like?

    Prada Candy Kiss is similar to makeup and powder. It's extremely gender neutral. The vanilla smell is hardly perceptible, but it has a really lovely orange blossom and musky aroma.If you layer it with strawberry body spray, it smells fantastic and is pretty light, which I think makes it ideal for summer.
    • What Does Prada Candy Florale Smell Like?

    As its name suggests, it smells floral, but not excessively. Also, it is powdery. It smells like old people's perfume. There is a strong peony scent. Limoncello and musk are present in the base note, which then transitions to a very faint aroma of caramel.The whole composition altogether gives it a floral smell
    • What Does Prada Infusion d'Iris Smell Like?

    Prada Infusion d'Iris has a powdery scent. It smells wonderful and pleasant. When freshly opened, it has a powdered iris scent.The dry down introduces a few woody notes. It has a short lifespan. It has a faintly macho vibe, not overly feminine. It also feels like soap. Anyone can put it on
    • What Does Prada La Femme Smell Like?

    Prada La Femme has an elegant white/yellow floral smell. It has a strong, lingering fragrance that is both clean and feminine. It actually has a recently shampooed hair scent. It is a lovely, expensive-smelling scent that is also elegant, clean, fresh, and honey floral. The tuberose infused with ylang ylang smells amazing.
    • What Does Prada La Femme Intense Smell Like?

    This unisex scent smells quite soapy. It is one of the few scents that may be worn by both men and women because it is both feminine and manly. It doesn't really apply to either gender. It is tasteful, pristine, and safe. It has a pricey and upscale odor
    • What Does Prada L'Homme Intense Smell Like?

    Prada L'Homme Intense has a very seductive and captivating scent. Creamy iris with woods and leather. Iris is present at first, followed by patchouli and sweet amber as it dries. This exudes sophistication and class. It lasts for a very long time. 7 to 8 hours
    • What Does Prada Sugar Pop Smell Like?

    Prada Sugar pop initially has a citrusy scent; later,you detect faint caramel, apple, floral, and powdered vanilla. It has a very pleasant dry down. Although it doesn't linger long, you can still detect a faint scent of it if you put your nose close to the location where you spray it. It is good for the younger generation of women.
    • What Does Prada Luna Rossa Sport Smell Like?

    Prada Luna Rossa does not have a sporty smell. It is a Vanilla and Lavender fragrance. It is a scent for males. One of the top Prada fragrances. It has an upscale smell. A lovely perfume to wear to work or meetings
    • What Does Prada Luna Rossa Black Smell Like?

    Prada Luna Rossa has a sweet vanilla scent. It has a powdery scent. Perfect for both informal and formal settings.Lasts for about 6-10 hours. It does all you want a smell to do, possibly better than anything before it, and is a lovely scent that almost any adult male may wear

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