Prada Perfume Questions

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Prada perfume

Which Prada Perfume Is The Best?

The best prada perfume includes;

  1. Prada amber eau de parfum; it has a woody vibe with notes of mandarin,rose flower,orange, patchouli, Balsam, tonka bean, musk, vanilla and sandalwood
  2. Les infusions iris eau de parfum: it has a classic fragrance with fresh notes of neroli, benzoin,iris pallida, vetiver and galbanum incense.
  3. Luna rossa ocean eau de toilette: it is a sundial perfume with notes of vetiver essence, bergamot essence, iris and citrus
  4. Candy kiss eau de parfum
  5. Prada candy eau de parfum: It has a warm and sweet fragrance with notes of caramel accord ,benzoin resin and musk

Most Popular Prada Perfume?

The most popular Prada perfume is Prada candy eau de parfum. It lasts for about 6-7 hours . It is a sophisticated perfume which was launched in 2011 with Daniela Andrier as the nose behind this fragrance. It has notes of caramel, benzoin , musk, vanilla and sweet balsamic notes. The combination of the caramel and the benzoin gives the vanilla scent to the perfumes 

Who Owns Prada Fragrance?

Prada fragrance is owned by Italian billionaire fashion designer  Miuccia Bianchi Prada. She runs the business with her husband Patrizio Bertelli. She is the head designer and the founder of Miu miu which is its subsidiary. The first Zara perfume which is known as Prada amber was launched in 2004.

Is Prada Perfume Good?

Prada perfume is a good perfume with a unique and sensual fragrance. It is a long lasting perfume and when sprayed it leaves a good impression on those that perceive it. It also gives one a comfortable and luxurious feel when sprayed. Prada perfume comes in different variance with each of the variance having a unique attribute attached to it.

Is Prada Perfume Cruelty Free?

Prada perfume is not cruelty free, they test their products on animals by themselves, through a supplier or even by a third party. Prada perfume is not certified by Peta. Prada is also owned by a parent company (puig) that tests on animals, so neither Prada or the parent company is cruelty free.

What Does Prada Perfume Smell Like?

Prada perfume smell differs with the different fragrance for instance Prada candy has an amber vanilla fragrance, Prada black has a woody amber fragrance, Prada Luna Rossa Black has an amber woody smell and so on but what they all have in common is the luxurious smell and also some fruity notes .

How Long Does Prada Perfume Last?

Prada perfume perfumes are designed to last long. It lasts for an average of about 4-5 hours without fading with each of the different fragrance of Prada having their own period of longevity. After 5 hours the perfume begins to fade but not completely. The period of longevity also depends on how the perfume is applied.

How To Tell If A Prada Perfume Is Real?

Fake perfumes cannot exactly replicate all the properties of the real one. So here are some things to look out for when identifying the real prada perfume 

  • The color of the perfume can help u identify If the Prada perfume is real cause the fake will have a deeper color or a lighter color .
  • There will be no incorrect spelling 
  • The glass container should be of high quality and the perfume should have a serial number and barcode at the end of the perfume box.

What Does Prada Black Smell Like?

Prada black also known as prada Luna Rossa black smells like airy notes of angelica and bergamot combined with the sweetness of amber wood with a strong smell of patchouli and Coumarin passing through it. The sweetness of the amber wood makes the perfume attractive. It is a winter fragrance.

How Much Is Prada Perfume?

The prices of Prada perfume differs according to the different types of Prada perfume and they include;

Prada Luna Rossa black at $85 for 50ml

Paradise EDP at $142 for 90ml

Prada candy at $130 for 80ml

Prada Luna Rossa sport EDT at &100 for 100ml

L'homme Prada EDT at $105 for 100ml

Les infusions Iris EDP at $160 for 100ml

Prada candy florale EDT at $115 for 80ml

Prada candy night EDP at $75 for 30ml

Prada Luna Rossa carbon at $80 for 50 ml and so on.

Where Is Prada Perfume Made?

Prada perfume is made in via antonio fogazzaro, 2820135 Milan Italy and in Spain. The first perfume which is Prada amber which is also known as Prada eau de parfum was launched in 2004 and the latest which is Paradoxe was launched in 2022. Prada perfume has up to 90 perfumes in their fragrance base.

Where To Buy Prada Perfume?

Prada perfume can be bought at their official website (  under the accessories category and also the Prada Italy official website (  It can also be bought at various online stores like, at, Nordstrom, and so on. 

Which Prada Cologne Is The Best?

The Prada best cologne falls on either Prada Amber L'homme cologne or Prada Luna Rossa Carbon. The lavender and bergamot gives Prada Luna Rossa carbon the energetic note it needs and the patchouli gives it its woody note. Prada Amber L'homme has a floral scent that gives the perfume its freshness.

Which Prada Candy Is The Best?

The best is determined by when and how it is used. The best Prada candy for winter is the original Prada candy perfume, the best for summer is Prada Candy Sugar Pop, the best in springtime is Prada Candy Florale, the best for office is Prada Candy Kiss while the best for night time is Prada Candy Night. Each of them have their specific peculiarities that makes them perfect for each situations 

Which Perfume Smells Like Prada Candy?

A lot of perfumes like black sugar oriental lily violet ,flower by Kenzo L'Elixir blanc vanilla, blacksugar korres and so on, but flower by Kenzo L'Elixir stands on top of the list, it was launched in 2015. It has few notes of vanilla and also some powdery notes that are similar to Prada Candy, with a longevity of 10-12 hours and moderate sillage.

What Is The Original Prada Perfume?

The original Prada perfume is known as Prada Amber, it was launched in 2004. The perfume was a big hit because of the amber note in it. It has top notes of cardamom, mandarin and bergamot; middle notes of patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla bean; and base notes of saffron, neroli, suede leather, vetiver and orange blossom.

What Is The Latest Prada Perfume?

The latest Prada perfume is Paradoxe Eau de parfum, it was launched in 2022. It has top notes of bergamot, tangerine and pear accord; middle notes of neroli bud essence, tunisia orange, neroli essence and jasmine sambac; and base notes of benzoin, amber, bourbon Vanilla and white musk. It has a moderate sillage.

When To Wear Prada L’homme?

Prada L'homme is best to wear in summers and spring but not in winter. Prada L'homme is not suitable to wear in winter because the fragrance won't be able to penetrate the cold. And during the winter an heavy fragrance is required, and with people wearing heavy fragrance Prada L'homme won't be perceived 

When To Wear Prada Luna Rossa Carbon?

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon which was released in 2017 is best to wear in winter and autumn. Although, it can also be worn all year round, any time and anywhere. The warmness of the fragrance makes it perfect for the cold temperature in autumn and winter. It is also good to wear on summers because it is able to hold the humidity 

Does Prada Candy Smell Good?

Yes, Prada candy smells good, the perfume has an amber vanilla fragrance. Although with the candy in the name one would expect it to smell very sweet, but It smells alot like a sophisticated perfume than the normal sugary and sweet perfume. Prada candy gives every personality a distinct fragrance.

Does Prada Perfume Test On Animals?

Prada perfume tests on animals. Prada perfumes are sold in mainland China. In China where the products are sold animal testing is a requirement to ensure that the  product is good for human use. Animal testing could be done by their selves, by a supplier or through a third party. 

Does Prada Candy Last Long?

Prada Candy lasts for about 4-5 hours without fading. But after 5 hours it starts to fade little by little. The bottle's cap which looks like an umbrella makes it easier to carry out so in case it fades out you can reapply it.  It has a fruity smell at the initial stage and then the fruity smell slowly begins to fade, with a caramel vanilla scent overpowering the fruity scent.

Is Prada Candy A Good Perfume?

Prada Candy is a good perfume, it has a moderate sillage and a moderate longevity. It has top notes of caramel; middle notes of musk and powdery notes; and base notes of vanilla and benzoin. Prada candy was launched in 2011, it is not overpowering and the scent stays for a long time. It is also a feminine fragrance.

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