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  • Why Does Perfume Attract Males?

Men are naturally attracted to women with a positive and clean outlook and the right scent elevates the already established attraction. Pheromone is an ingredient manufacturers now include in perfumes. Pheromone ingredients in perfumes are commonly androstenone, androstadienone and androstenol. Men are often attracted to fragrances with spicy and wood as base notes. They also find cinnamon and vanilla really attractive.

  • Why Does Perfume Affect Asthma?

  • Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the respiratory tract and it does affect a patient’s quality of life. 

    Perfume chemicals act as respiratory irritants and become the major cause of allergic reaction which includes asthma. Perfumes could be the cause of nasal congestion and is also a trigger for asthma attacks in both primary users and others who breathe it in. It’s best to be aware of asthma triggers and try as much as possible to avoid them.

  • Why Does Perfume Burn?

  • Smelling nice makes a good first impression, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your health. Fragrance allergies are allergies caused by fragrances. People who have this burn sensation when they use perfume mostly suffer from face and hand eczema. 

    Although having burn sensations does not always mean you have fragrance allergy, it could be that you just are irritated by the fragrance. 

  • Why Does Perfume Burn My Skin?

  • Smelling good, they say, is good business. However, some perfumes can irritate the skin and cause redness, itching and burning. 

    Although skin irritation doesn't always mean you are allergic to a particular scent, it still could be a sign of fragrance allergy. An allergy symptom shows up on one spot and gradually spreads and does take time to clear up. While irritation suddenly shows up and clears up faster. 

    It could also be that you’re reacting to the alcohol in the perfume so avoid alcohol based perfumes. You can opt for wax and oil based perfume 

  • Why Does Perfume Burn My Neck?

  • Perfumes that burn the skin are mostly alcohol based and alcohol are irritants to the skin. The neck is a sensitive area of the body and alcohol based fragrances shouldn’t be sprayed there at all. Sometimes, can can develop due to the heat from the burning if it’s an allergic reaction. But if it’s just irritated by the alcohol, the burning will definitely subside. 

  • Why Does Perfume Burn My Armpits?

  • Perfumes are to be worn on pulse points and not in sensitive areas of the body. The contact between your armpits sweat glands and your perfume can cause an intense burning and itching. Especially after a shave, it is advisable to use toilette or deodorant in place of perfume as they’re less concentrated in scent. 

  • Why Does Perfume Burn My Nose?

  • Respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, burning sensation in both nasal passages and wheezing are examples of fragrance sensitivity. Exposure to strong  perfumes affects your airways and can cause you to develop any respiratory symptoms in minutes. The more intense the exposure is, the longer the reaction is. You can either experience one or some of these symptoms or experience all and more.

  • Why Does Perfume Block My Nose?
  • Fragrance sensitivity is becoming common and that’s because perfume has a mixture of chemicals and other natural ingredients. Having a blocked nose is either because your immune system overreacts and you are allergic to fragrances or the fragrance irritates your airways. You could experience coughing, and a stuffy or itchy nose. Having an idea of the particular scent that triggers you to react can help save you next time. 

  • Why does perfume cause headaches?

  • Perfumes contain a variety of chemicals and essential oils balanced with alcohol to achieve a distinctive scent. When perfume is sprayed and inhaled, it could affect your sinuses and this results in pressure buildup that gives birth to a headache. Even soft fragrance perfume can contain chemicals that result in a bad headache. 

  • Why does perfume change color?

  • It may take years but perfume does expire. After an amount of time, the color turns darker and the smell changes. The most common way to tell your perfume has expired is its change in color. Storing your perfumes in a cool and dark place, away from heat and sunlight helps keep the components in your perfumes together, and the scents intact. 

  •  Why does perfume cost so much?

  • Perfumes cost a lot because so much goes into the process. There’s manual labour, ingredients, equipment, packaging, marketing and a lot more to think about before a final price is decided. 

    For a product so high on demand, manufacturers spend a lot to make distinctive fragrances in varieties for your shopping and use. 

  • Why does perfume contain alcohol?

  • Perfume is a mixture of essential oils and other natural ingredients with different aroma, and alcohol is that base that strengthens and aids the process of distillation in order to produce a distinctive scent. The presence of alcohol in perfume is most times inevitable and this makes perfume flammable. Manufacturers are aware of this and always employ users to keep away from fire. 

  •  Why does perfume change smell on me?

  • Sometimes, the concentration of essential oils in the perfume can be a factor. Also changes in the body’s PH level, temperature, pressure, diet, sleep habits and more can change the way you perceive your perfume. 

    Skin type can also change the smell of the perfume as the PH balance of skin differs. 

    •  Why does perfume cause allergies?

    When the immune system overreacts to a certain chemical or ingredients in the perfume, it causes a reaction. This is because the body recognizes the perfume as an invader or foreign substance. And this happens when the body is exposed to the allergen in the perfume. The reaction usually takes few days to surface. This could surface as rashes or itchiness and these symptoms last for days or even weeks. 

  •  Why Does perfume cause migraines?

  • Migraines are caused by olfactory notes and hypersensitivity to certain chemicals. It could also be the fear of smell which is called osmophobia. People who suffer from migraines are sensitive to scents so much that they now suffer from osmophobia. 

    People with the fear of smell tend to perceive some scents in an unpleasant way because of their intensity. 

  •  Why does perfume not last on my skin?

  • Body chemistry and skin type differs. For some, their body chemistry or skin type causes perfume to not last long on their skin.

    The body emits more heat in some areas than others. These areas are called pulse points and they include the base of the throat, inner elbows, one your wrists and behind the knees. 

  •  Why does perfume smell different on everyone?

  • A perfume may smell really good on someone and smells off on you. This is due to some factors like; the PH balance of your body, your skin type (oily or dry skin), your diet and fluctuating hormones affects how perfume reacts on the skin. It’s best to ensure the oil concentration in the perfume is best for your skin. Once you find what’s best for you, memorise your notes and stick to it. 

  •  Why does perfume evaporate?

  • Perfume is a concoction of essential oils in an ethanol or water solvent. The ethanol mixture in perfumes is volatile and aids evaporation of liquid into gas while leaving behind fragrant compounds in the perfume. Then these compounds also evaporate into a vapor of perfume molecules which eventually spreads into the air, diffusing the scent. 

    •  Why does perfume expire?

    Perfumes usually have a lifespan of about three to five years before expiration. The truth is the longer a perfume stays, the lesser the components fall apart and loses its potency which causes it to either change colour or smell. Heat is another factor that can aid the expiration of perfumes faster. It is advisable to store perfumes in a cool and dark place.

  •  Why does perfume evaporate easily?

  • Alcohol aids distillation as liquids evaporate fast while still at normal temperatures and pressures. Volatility is a perfume attribute that helps perfume go into gas phase when sprayed to cover a wide range. 

    Volatile organic compounds in perfumes are gases emitted from liquid and when sprayed, turn into tiny liquid droplets before evaporating. 

  •  Why does perfume evaporate faster than water?

  • Alcohol in perfumes helps evaporate faster than water and having a larger amount of alcohol aids in dispersing all the notes in the perfume. Since perfume molecules reacts to heat by disseminating into the air, you can apply perfumes to pulse points so it releases the scents throughout the day. 

  •  Why does expensive perfume last longer?

  • Expensive perfume has several levels of fragrance which is why it tends to last longer. Expensive perfumes usually have top notes, mid notes and base notes which unravel by the hour. The top notes is what you smell immediately you spray and for another 30 to 1 hour while mid notes is what you perceive after about three hours of spraying then the base notes is what’s left on you after a long day.

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