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J'adore ad

At the introduction of perfume, it was targeted at females. Over the years, it has moved from being a female product to being one desired by both genders. No wonder why there are male and female versions of many perfume brands. Today, there are thousands of perfume brands that compete with one another and sometimes make users indecisive as to which brand to go for. This is where advertising comes in.

Somehow, perfume brands find a way of making people choose them through ads that give users a tip of the iceberg of the perfumes they are investing in. Thus, in this article, I am going to talk about perfume ads that have stood out among the rest because of the widespread popularity they are or were able to gather. Let’s go.

Valentino Voce Viva’s Lady Gaga ad

Lady Gaga is just the right personality for making a perfume stand out, and Valentino Voce Viva surely is aware of the advantage of using this personality for the advert. The personality of Lady Gaga is one that is the epitome of uniqueness and one that is not afraid to be different. In the ad, you see a new persona in Lady Gaga who wears a lush red ball gown and an elegantly packed blonde hair as she beautifully sings a raw version of ‘Sine From Above’ from her album titled Chromatica.

Aside her usual aura of being in vogue, Lady Gaga displays a more sophisticated aura in this commercial which makes one see her in a new light. Also, the images of Lady Gaga are entwined with those of some other models which portray diversity and femininity. To be candid, it is among the most beautiful perfume ads I have seen in a long while.

Giorgio Armani Code

The Giorgio Armani code stars Ryan Reynolds in a cinematic storyline for the Giorgio Armani fragrance. The ad encourages every man to incorporate the fragrance as a timeless and classic staple necessary for everyday routines as it offers authenticity at its core.

Also in the advert is a red light which creates not only suspense but also a feeling of creative imagination plot of the movie-like ad. The role of Ryan Reynolds as an agent in the ad gives audiences the understanding of the seductive nature and the mystery of Armani Code.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle “She is not there”

In this ad, Keira Knightley, the Pirates of the Caribbean star, brings to life the delicate but seductive scent of a Mademoiselle which is what the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, of the Chanel line of fragrance, packages in its sensual bottle. This ad is not only magical but also mesmerizing just the way the face of the ad is.

CK One by Calvin Klein 

CK One by Calvin Klein has been able to gather worldwide popularity through its iconic and outstanding adverts over the years. It is the first unisex fragrance to have such worldwide popularity through its “One for all” advert which has a broad mix of both genders and different colors showcasing the love they have for this perfume. The advert centers on revolution for young persons with the message of inclusiveness for all. No wonder why it is a fragrance for many generations.

Moschino Toy 2

Devon Aoki, a supermodel, is the face of this ad. In the Moschino Toy 2’s advert is an embodiment of the brand’s empowering and edgy spirit. The ad is one that is capable of sending warm shivers down your spine as it is dedicated to showing the sensual nature the fragrance carries. Moreover, the black and white images in the ad convey what a strong and independent woman is like.

J’adore Dior “The future is gold" 

What is a perfume ad without a popular face? Of course, J’Adore Dior ad is not left out in the trend of engaging the face of a celebrity to attract loyal customers. In this ad, Charlize Theron in a gold handmade dress portrays the pure elegance, style, and class the perfume gives to the wearer. 

The J’Adore ad from 2014 which stars actress Charlize Theron is one of the best perfume ads I have come across. The ad exhumes a gold that glitters with the epitome of glamor. However, it has a structure that is very similar to the commercial of Dior’s Sauvage starring Mr. Depp. Just like Mr. Depp of Dior’s Sauvage, Ms. Theron in the ad for Dior J’Adore strips herself of every unnecessary thing and comes out inhibited and victorious. From these similar ads, it seems the brand has a theme they are trying to drive home through their perfume ads. Indeed, the ad fulfilled its purpose.

The ad ends with the lead character on a rooftop at sunset as she glimmers and sparkles just the same way you would glimmer and sparkle if you were wearing the J’Adore fragrance.

IDÔLE by Lancome 

The face of the ad is Zendaya who displays the fantasy of ultimately breaking free by riding a shining steed through a busy city. As she rides through the busy city, one could see the power and freedom she exudes with her flowing gown which billows over the back of her white horse in all its brightness. Every woman desires that feel of freedom which is what Zendaya displays in her dripping beauty, as she champions the perfume, IDÔLE by Lancome, in this advert, thus ensuring anyone’s attention is not left out.

Final Words

To wrap up this article, I would say perfumes are a reflection of luxury which explains why perfume ads make use of popular faces or personalities that the audience can resonate with. Hardly will you see a perfume ad without a celebrity showing or telling what the perfume stands for just as evident in the sample ads given above.

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