Tom Ford Oud Wood Original Vs Fake

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Tom Ford Oud Wood: Distinguishing the Authentic from the Imitation


In the realm of fragrances, Tom Ford's Oud Wood stands as a distinguished Amber Woody creation, captivating both men and women since its launch in 2007. However, with the popularity of this fragrance, the market has seen the emergence of counterfeit versions. This article delves into the nuances of Tom Ford Oud Wood, helping you differentiate between the original and the fake.

Oud Wood: The Authentic Aroma


Tom Ford Oud Wood, a creation by perfumer Richard Herpin, is an olfactory journey that marries the richness of Amber and the woody allure of Oud. Launched in 2007, it has become a staple for fragrance enthusiasts seeking a sophisticated and timeless scent.


  • Top Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Brazilian Rosewood, Cardamom
  • Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Sichuan Pepper
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, Amber

The Olfactory Experience

Oud Wood unfolds with the captivating blend of Agarwood and Brazilian Rosewood, creating an initial impression that is both warm and exotic. The heart notes introduce the woody embrace of Sandalwood and the subtle spiciness of Sichuan Pepper. The fragrance concludes with the lingering sweetness of Vanilla and Tonka Bean, anchored by the enduring richness of Amber.

Discerning the Fake: Oud Wood Original vs. Fake

Packaging and Bottle

Authentic Tom Ford fragrances, including Oud Wood, boast meticulously crafted packaging and bottles. Pay attention to details such as the label, font, and overall quality of the packaging. Counterfeit versions often exhibit inconsistencies in these aspects.

Scent Discrepancies

The counterfeit market may struggle to replicate the intricate blend of Oud Wood accurately. Genuine Oud Wood reveals a harmonious interplay of notes, while a fake version may present a disjointed or overpowering aroma. Test the fragrance on your skin and trust your senses.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection

Longevity: Authentic Oud Wood is renowned for its impressive longevity, lingering on the skin for hours. A fake version may lack this staying power, dissipating quickly.

Sillage: Genuine Oud Wood exhibits a moderate yet noticeable sillage, creating a captivating trail. Counterfeits may either lack this trail or produce an overpowering effect.

Projection: The projection of authentic Oud Wood strikes a balance, enveloping those in close proximity without being overwhelming. A fake version may project unevenly or excessively.

Making the Choice: Authentic Oud Wood or Imitation?

In the world of fragrances, the choice between the original Oud Wood and a counterfeit version boils down to a keen eye for details and an appreciation for the authentic olfactory experience. Whether you opt for the rich and enduring aroma of genuine Oud Wood or risk a potentially disappointing imitation, the decision is ultimately a personal one, guided by a passion for the artistry of perfumery.

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