Santal 33 Vs Noir 29

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Santal 33 vs. Noir 29: A Fragrance Face-Off

Santal 33: A Woody Aromatic Classic


Launched in 2011, Santal 33 by Le Labo has become an iconic fragrance in the realm of woody aromatic scents. Crafted by perfumer Frank Voelkl, Santal 33 is a unisex fragrance that explores the warm and rich facets of sandalwood, offering a timeless and sophisticated aroma.


Top Notes: Cardamom, Iris
Middle Notes: Violet, Ambrox, Australian Sandalwood
Base Notes: Papyrus, Cedarwood, Leather, Musk

The Olfactory Experience

Santal 33 opens with the spicy allure of Cardamom and the powdery elegance of Iris, creating an intriguing initial impression. The heart notes introduce the creamy and woody character of Australian Sandalwood, enhanced by the floral and earthy notes of Violet and Ambrox. The fragrance concludes with a complex blend of Papyrus, Cedarwood, Leather, and Musk, adding depth and longevity.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection

Santal 33 is renowned for its impressive longevity, lingering on the skin for an extended period. The sillage is distinctive, leaving a trail that exudes warmth and sophistication. The projection is bold, making Santal 33 a fragrance that commands attention without being overpowering.

Suitability and Occasions

The rich and woody profile of Santal 33 makes it well-suited for evening wear and cooler seasons. Its unisex appeal allows it to transcend occasions, from casual outings to more formal events where a touch of timeless elegance is desired.

Noir 29: An Aromatic Elegance


Launched in 2015, Noir 29 by Le Labo is an aromatic fragrance designed for both women and men. Crafted by perfumer Frank Voelkl, the scent unfolds a sophisticated olfactory journey, combining fig, bay leaf, and bergamot with a complex blend of cedar, vetiver, musk, and subtle tobacco and hay undertones.


Top Notes: Fig, Bay Leaf, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Cedar, Vetiver, Musk
Base Notes: Tobacco, Hay

The Olfactory Experience

Noir 29 opens with a harmonious blend of fig's sweetness, the herbal essence of bay leaf, and the citrusy brightness of bergamot. The heart notes reveal a refined combination of cedar, vetiver, and musk, adding depth and sophistication. The fragrance concludes with a subtle interplay of tobacco and hay, providing an intriguing and memorable finish.

Longevity, Sillage, and Projection

Noir 29 boasts notable longevity, allowing the fragrance to linger on the skin throughout the day. The sillage is moderate, leaving a tasteful trail that captures attention without overwhelming. The projection strikes a balance, making it suitable for various settings where a refined and aromatic presence is desired.

Suitability and Occasions

The aromatic elegance of Noir 29 makes it a versatile fragrance suitable for both daytime and evening wear. Its complex yet balanced composition adapts well to different occasions, from casual outings to formal events, adding a touch of sophistication to any setting.

The Verdict: Santal 33 vs. Noir 29

While both Santal 33 and Noir 29 offer captivating olfactory experiences, they cater to different preferences and occasions. Santal 33's timeless woody allure embraces warmth and sophistication, ideal for evening events. On the other hand, Noir 29's aromatic elegance combines versatility with a refined presence, making it suitable for a range of occasions.
Ultimately, the choice between Santal 33 and Noir 29 depends on individual preferences, whether drawn to the classic sandalwood richness of Santal 33 or the aromatic complexity of Noir 29. Both fragrances promise a distinctive sensory journey crafted by the expertise of Le Labo perfumers.

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