Pink Sugar Vs Fantasy

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Pink Sugar Vs Fantasy

Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar is a Floral Fruity Gourmand fragrance for ladies by Aquolina. Pink Sugar was first introduced in 2004. Givaudan and Shyamala Maisondieu produced Pink Sugar. Raspberry, Orange, Fig Leaf, and Bergamot are the top notes; Cotton Candy, Licorice, Red Berries, Strawberry, and Lily-of-the-Valley are the middle notes; and Caramel, Vanilla, Musk, Tonka Bean, and Sandalwood are the base notes.

Pink Sugar, the first scent from the Italian cosmetic company Aquolina, is a fragrance for young girls who enjoy sweets. It has a wonderfully pleasant scent that reminds me of fruity candy floss. The top notes include bergamot, Sicilian orange, and a green fig leaf touch. A faint lily-of-the-valley note joins licorice flower and scarlet fruits in the center. Vanilla, caramel, woodsy, and musky notes make up the gourmand drydown. The perfume was introduced in 2004.


Britney Spears' second fragrance, Fantasy, was released in 2005. This is a love potion encased in a lovely container embellished with Swarovski crystals. Fantasy is a sensuous, gourmand fragrance. It starts with a delightful combination of litchi, golden quince, and kiwi. Jasmine and white chocolate make up the intriguing heart. The foundation is made up of orris root, musk, and woods.

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