J'adore Vs Miss Dior

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J' adore is a fragrance with a sweet,  floral and citrusy scent while Miss Dior has a floral, woody and powdery scent. Both fragrances are produced by Christian Dior.



J'Adore is a fragrance for women launched in 1999 as a Floral Fruity fragrance. The perfumer of this fragrance is Calice Becker and this fragrance is available as a Eau De Parfum.


Miss Dior is a fragrance produced in the year 1947 as a women's fragrance. The perfumers of this Chypre Floral fragrance are Paul Vacher and Jean Carles. This fragrance is available as a Eau De Toilette.



Top notes:Peach, Bergamot, Melon, Mandarin Orange, Magnolia and Pear.

Heart notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Orchid, Lily of the valley, Violet, Tuberose and Plum.

Base notes: Blackberry, Cedar, Vanilla and Musk.


Top notes: Galbanum, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Aldehyde and Gardenia.

Heart notes: Neroli, Narcissus, Lily of the Valley, Carnation, Rose, Iris, Jasmine and Orris Root.

Base notes: Amber, Labdanum, Leather, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Vetiver.



J'adore scent unfurls with a hint of white floral scent of magnolia combined with a fruity and citrusy smell from the Bergamot, Melon, Peach, Mandarin Orange and Pear, followed by some more white floral notes thats adds a feminine and natural scent to the fragrance and it remains till the dry down of the fragrance. 

 At the base of the fragrance, a musky note combined with a sweet vanilla smell and some cedar is perceived. 


Miss Dior scent unfurls with a burst of floral notes combined with a citrusy note from the Bergamot, this combined scent is followed by more floral notes that adds a more sensual feel to the fragrance. At the base of the fragrance, a woody and Amber note takes the stage, giving the fragrance a fresh feel.  



J'adore is a warm weather fragrance due to its fresh, floral and fruity scent. This fragrance is also a day time fragrance and is best worn in summer.


Miss Dior is a summer fragrance and also a day time fragrance. It is perfect for warm weather due to the sensual feel the floral scent gives the fragrance. 



J'adore is a popular fragrance known for its long lasting scent. This fragrance lasts for about 8 hours on the skin before fading. 


Miss Dior is a Fragrance with a long lasting scent. As an EDT, this fragrance lasts longer than expected, it lasts for about 6- 8 hours. 



J'adore is a fragrance with a moderate sillage that lingers in air for a noticeable period of time. MISS DIOR 

Miss Dior has a moderate sillage that lingers for a noticeable period of time.



J'adore has a moderate projection of about an arm's length. 


Miss Dior is a fragrance with a moderate projection. It proects at about an arm's length and doesn't overpower. 



J'adore price ranges from about $100 for 1 oz to $160 for 3.4 oz. 


Miss Dior for 3.4 oz goes for $1600 and may vary depending on where the fragrance is purchased.  


J'adore and Miss Dior are both floral fragrances although one of the fragrance has a more citrusy and sweet scent, both fragrances still have similar scent. In terms of Longevity, J'adore lasts longer than Miss Dior and it also comes at a lower price than Miss Dior which makes it more affordable.


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