Flowerbomb Vs Gucci Bloom

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Flowerbomb Vs Gucci Bloom


The Flowerbomb is enveloped in rich and seductive waves of tea and bergamot blended with citrus and patchouli. With a heart that is floral and decadent with bold, fragrant, and fresh Sambac jasmine, sensuous Centifolia rose, freesia, and Cattleya orchid, an intense bouquet of refreshing and sweet notes is delivered.

As its creamy and fluffy notes delicately caress our skin, the base's patchouli and musk notes envelop us in an exotic smell.


Gucci Bloom

Gucci Bloom is a Floral fragrance for ladies by Gucci. Gucci Bloom was introduced in 2017. Alberto Morillas is the nose behind this scent. Jasmine is the top note, Tuberose is the middle note, and Rangoon Creeper is the base note.

Gucci Bloom: Alessandro Michele's Debut Fragrance: "I wanted a green fragrance, a courageous scent that transports you to a vastgarden filled with many flowers and plants, a bouquet of abundance." The garden is as lovely as women: vibrant, wild, and diversified, with something for everyone. GucciBloom smells like this garden so order to transport you to a location that does not exist," Alessandro Michele says.

ABOUT THE SCENT: Created by renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas with Alessandro Michele's guidance, the scent is designed to unfold like its name. The smell was envisioned by the creative director as a blooming garden full of many sorts of flowers and the rich aroma it emanates.

Authenticity is intertwined via high-quality, concentrated natural components.
Notes bloom out like a concentration of flowers, bringing a novel olfactory experience with the distinct expression of new to the world elements. Natural Tuberose pure is blended with natural Jasmine absolute from India. Jasmine bud extract, obtained using an innovative co-extraction technology that combines natural jasmine quality with captive molecules to provide a pleasant green and petal aroma on the skin. Gucci Bloom also contains undertones of another fragrance note used for the first time in perfumes, Rangoon Creeper.

ABOUT THE DESIGN: Alessandro Michele, an arbiter and seeker of beauty, created a flacon and packaging that expresses the fragrance's ethos dedicated to the multiplicity of women.

"The bottle is not intended to be feminine in order to seduce men, but rather to keep company with the women who wear the perfume." "It's retro and tender because of the color, with clean, slender lines, and it's not made of transparent glass, but of porcelain, a material I adore," he says.

The lacquered porcelain square-shaped bottle is shaded in a vintage powder pink and appliquéd with the Gucci label, which is ribbed and bordered in black. Herbarium, a red-and-white toile de Jouy House print of leaves, cherry trees, and flowers framed in black, covers the exterior and interior of the outer box.

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